Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the AWA

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Classic Wrestling Images from Championship Wrestling from Florida

This was an independent promotion started by Jim Downing in Tampa in March of 1943. Later it was run by several legendary promoters including "Cowboy" Luttrell during the 50's and 60's and Eddie Graham through the mid-80's. Here Gordon Solie made his name as a wrestling announcer and some of the great NWA angles were started in this local promotion including: JJ Dillon's involvement with Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes vs. Kevin Sulivan, Angelo Mosca vs. Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo as a tag team.

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In the scene above, "Bad, Bad" Leroy Brown (with Gordon Solie holding the mic) announces to the world that, under the influence of Kevin Sullivan, he has changed his name to "Akeem Elijah" and was now the bodyguard of "Exotic" Adrian Street. Later he would the late Ray Candy(a.k.a. Kareem Muhammad) to form the Zambuie Express. The 6'2",310 pound Brown and the 6'4",340 pound Candy captured the Florida tag titles from Scott McGhee and Mike Graham. Tragically, on September 6,1988, Brown died at a Savannah,GA hospital at age 38. Candy died at age 43 due to a massive heart attack in Decatur,GA on May 23,1994. (Thanks to Ray Luciano for the above information)

Speaking of Adrian Street, here he is looking scary in a fright wig. Surprise! Here he is looking even scarier without the wig!

Did I say Street was scary? Check out this shot of Kevin Sullivan!

When Sullivan wanted to get rid of Dusty Rhodes, he inlisted the aid of the Purple Haze, seen here with his back to the camera. This shot from another program reveals the Purple Haze to be "Maniac" Mark Lewin (seen over Sullivan's shoulder).

Sullivan's activities prompted Rhodes to get some backup of his own. Blackjack Mulligan was first intorduced to the TV audience during a meeting in a poolhall.

Mulligan's entry into the promotion didn't set well at all with another of Sullivan's allies Angelo Mosca. Mosca and Mulligan were old enemies from numerous other promotions. One of their first encounters under the CWF banner ended up out in the street, in the bed of a pickup truck!

Mosca, in turn, brought in an old nemesis of Dusty Rhodes, "the Outlaw" Bobby Duncom. He is shown here with his tag team partner Ox Baker (on the right) as they make mincemeat out of a jobber.

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