1950's Silvertone Flat Top (rebuilt)

I acquired this Harmony built guitar in pieces and had to reconstruct it. I am pretty sure this model was originally set up for a tailpiece with a floating bridge (there are holes, for instance, where the tailpiece would have been mounted) but a previous owner had tried to install a pin bridge, using wood screws to hold it on. The bridge was coming off the body when I received it, there was no other hardware, the nut was missing, as was the pickguard. The solid birch top has been refinished at some point and was a pretty good job (it actually has a nice flame) except for a blemish near the lower left corner of the bridge. It looks like someone might have put some masking tape there and then pulled the lacquer off with the tape. The area has been refinished but is not well blended into the rest of the top. I considered stripping and re-refinishing the top, but decided to leave it as is. The first thing I did was to replace the bridge and glue it down properly. I also installed a Bridge Doctor, to strengthen the top. I made this pickguard to match what was on it originally (I could tell the style because of the original screw holes).

The back and sides retain the original finsh - though it has been oversprayed rather badly with lacquer. It appears that the "binding" was repainted before the oversray was put down. The Silvertone logo is intact on the peg head. These tuners are period replacements. The "block inlays" on the fingerboard are painted on. As far as I can tell, this guitar is made entirely out of solid birch. This instrument is almost identical to the 1975 Harmony flat top seen elsewere in this collection, except for size of the sound hole, the shape of the peg head and the neck is a little chunkier. It has a big, full-bodied sound and I have set it up to play very nicely.

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