1960's Kay Thinline Flat Top

This is a student model made from the late 50's through the mid-60's. I believe this is one of the later ones. The guitar appears to be made of rather thick birch, although the fingerboard is maple. The body is just a hair under 3" deep and is the same from top to bottom with no taper. All of the ornamentation is painted on, including the "binding", fret markers and musical note motif "pickguard". The guitar arrived without a bridge or tailpiece - I just happened to have this flat metal Kay tailpiece laying around - and it just happened to be the same as what would have been on it originally. Here is the back. Note that the 14 fret neck is bolt-on. This is actually a boon in some ways, because it allowed me to shim it and adjust the neck angle for better playability. The tuners are Kluson - I don't believe they are original. The peg head is typical Kay with painted logo decoration. This is not a great guitar, by any means, just a nice piece of 60's Americana from Kay.

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