1966 Gibson ES125-TC

This guitar is amazingly light and the neck is super fast. The color is a faded cherry sunburst resulting in a sort of "burnished gold" look that is very pleasing to the eye. Here is the back. It has one P90 pickup mounted near the bottom of the fretboard and gets a very nice mellow jazz tone when plugged directly into my old Roland amp. The ES-125 was introduced in the late thirties with a full-depth body and no cutaway. Later on it was changed to a cutaway, still deep bodied - like an ES-175 with a dot neck. In still later years Gibson went to the thinline body (about 2") and made both cutaway and non-cutaway versions. What is remarkable about this guitar is that it is fully hollow and has a pleasing and surprisingly loud acoustic sound. This guitar is now sharing stage duties with the Gretsch Tennessee Rose described elswhere.

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