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1975 Harmony model H6645 flat top

This guitar has some small historical significance because of the fact that it was made in the Harmony factory in Chicago, IL in 1975. Later that year, Harmony closed that facility and moved all of its production to the Orient. So this was one of Harmony's last US produced products.

It is a mini-jumbo size flat top (in fact, the dimensions of the body are almost exactly the same as my Guild F30, shown elsewhere in this collection). As was true of most of the lower end Harmony guitars, it is made entirely of solid birch. Birch does not produce the fine tone of rosewood, maple or mahogany, but it does give the guitar very good volume. The "binding", sound hole rosette and fingerboard position markers are all painted on. The fingerboard itself is also birch, with a rosewood veneer on top. The back and neck are painted what I would call "off-black" - a very dark gray color, as is the "Martin shaped" peg head. This peg head shape was typical of later Harmony guitars. After the folk boom of the sixties died out, and as more competition from oriental guitar producers appeared, Harmony tended to abandon their own unique designs in favor of copying the Martin, Gibson and Fender styles. In fact, in later years, Harmony produced some oriental Martin copies that were quite well made, and also made solid body Strat copies. This close-up shot of the sound hole shows the Harmony manufacturer's label, proclaiming this instrument as "Made in the USA". If you look closely, you can also make out the faux finish on the birch top, which was painted to resemble close grained spruce.

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