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Art & Lutherie "Ami" Parlour Guitar

The label inside proclaims this guitar to be "environmentally friendly" since it uses no rainforest products. In fact, the all Canadian woods used to build it are actually listed by their percentage of volume! The sides and back are made from Wild Cherry (42%). The sides are a 3 ply laminate while the back is solid. The X-braced top and 1-piece neck are solid Maple (33%). The fretboard and the bridge are made from Walnut (13%). That leaves 8% Cedar and 4% Spruce - which I figure must be the internal bracing, the foot and heel plates. The set neck on this guitar is also bolted on (you can see the single 3/8" bolt when you look in through the soundhole). The neck is easy to play. I am thinking about changing the tuners, but haven't made the decision yet, since these seem to work pretty well. Individual sealed tuners would add some heft to the peghead, so that would probably improve the tone some. The transparent pickguards seen here were designed, fashioned and installed by yours truly after the fact.

The rosette around the soundhole is stenciled on very precisely. The fit and matte lacquer finsh on this guitar are superb - I can't find a single flaw anywhere on it. The top is bound but the back is not. These guitars are handmade in the little French-Canadian village of La Patrie in the provence of Quebec, Canada. This the budget brand of the Godin company, which also makes Seagull acoustic guitars. It is small (only about 36" long) and very sturdily built - a perfect travel instrument. I have recently installed an under-saddle pick-up on this instrument.

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