The Bluesbox Collection

1998 Epiphone Emperor Regent

This is a really fine instrument which I use on stage on occasion - especially if I am soloing at a party and really want to look sharp. It plays nicely and has a nice flame on the back and neck. It is made of laminated maple with a spruce top so it is pretty heavy (although not as heavy as the Gretsch) and is outfitted with gold hardware. It really doesn't resemble the Emperors of the pre-Gibson era except for the neck, which is long scale, with block inlays and has the classic Epi tree of life inlay on the headstock - the body style is modeled on the 17" Gibson L5 cutaway archtop. It has a respectable acoustic tone but really sings when plugged into an amp. This is top of the line for the current Epi models. I recently installed the gold Bigsby vibrato tailpiece.

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