The Bluesbox Collection

1920's Fancy Supertone Grand Concert Guitar (Harmony)

This is one of the prettiest little guitars in my collection, and plays and sounds as good as any parlor size guitar I own. This close-up of the face shows the gold stenciled decorations and pin bridge. The body is solid birch, the v-shaped neck is mahogany. Here is the back. These tuners and the bridge pins are the only unoriginal parts on the guitar. The original tuners helped me to establish the age of the instrument, but were badly bent and some of the gears were starting to strip, so I replaced them with these. There was no markings of any kind on the guitar to firmly establish the manufacturer. There was evidence that a paper label had once been glued under the sound hole. I am basing my assumption that it is a Supertone on the fact that this guitar is exactly like a Supertone guitar that is owned by a friend of mine. In fact, the missing label would conform in size and shape to the Supertone label that can be seen on the Hawaiian theme guitar elswhere in this collection.

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