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BIG RED - 1997 Gretsch Tennessee Rose (Model 6119)

I bought this guitar a couple of years ago to replace the '66 Tennessean I had stolen out of a friend's car back in 1981. It turns out that this is a much better built guitar and has become my favorite for onstage blues performance. It is constructed of maple laminate and weighs a ton, but the large size distributes the weight across my chest making it no problem to strap it on and play it all evening. The f-holes are real and bound, which is different then my old Gretsch. The peghead is unadorned except for the logo, which is inlaid mother-of-pearl. It is also about an inch deeper and stays in tune when I use the whammy bar! It is based on a 1950's Chet Atkins Hollowbody model, although the Hollowbody didn't have the Filtron pickups and were mostly orange in color unless you bought one custom. It is really a fine instrument with an amazing variety of tone variations possible by using the two volume, tone, selector switch and master volume. One thing I always liked about Gretsch guitars is the master volume feature (that's the one on the cutaway) - it allows you to adjust the tone and then adjust the overall volume separately. Here's the back.

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