The Bluesbox Collection

1920's Harmony (?) Flat Top Catalog Guitar

This appears to be one of the earlier Harmony guitars, before the Stella brand name came to the company. This close-up of the solid spruce top shows the tortoise shell pickguard, which is held on with screws, and the adjustable, archtop-style bridge which may or may not be original. At first glance, I assumed the bridge was a replacement, but then I noticed that the neck attachment is also similar to a typical archtop, with the lower part of the fingerboard "floating" above the face - so I could be wrong about that. The back of the guitar shows the sunburst theme continued both on the body and the neck. This close-up of the back reveals that it is bookmatched fiddle-back maple, as are the sides. The peg head shape is what convinced me that this is a Harmony. I own one old arch top, which is clearly a Harmony Patrician in a different guise, that has this same exact head shape. I have also seen this shape used on many other Harmony manufactured house brand instruments.

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