The Bluesbox Collection

Mid 1950s Kay Model K11 archtop

This was Kay's answer to the the Gibson L7C - actually, it's not a bad attempt. A full size 17" archtop, manufactured from 1953 through 1959. Beginning in 1958, this model sported what has been called the "Kelvinator" headstock, so we know this one was made in the '53 to 57' period. The top is solid carved spruce - though a bit on the thick side (no chance of this top caving in!). The back and sides are solid maple, as is the neck. The tuning gears are Kluson Deluxe. The headstock is painted to resemble some kind of inlay, but the block inlays on the fingerboard are real mother-of-pearl. The neck is fast and has excellent action.

This instrument has excellent acoustic tone - considerably better then my Gibson L50 - with good volume.

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