The Bluesbox Collection

Customized 1940's Kay Model L3885 Flat Top Guitar

This guitar was somewhat of a mystery when I first bought it. The neck is definitely from a Kay guitar. If you compare it to the 60's era Kay Thinline guitar shown elsewhere in this collection, you will see that the neck and maple fingerboard are exactly the same - except this one is a set neck. This close-up of the solid spruce face reveals that the body has been refinished. The person who did the job tried to duplicate what would have been the original, faux-flame finish, with limited success, but also added a couple of custom features. For instance, the sound hole has been enlarged and a genuine herringbone rosette (which would never have been part of the original instrument) has been expertly inlaid. In fact the restoration work on this guitar (aside from the finish) is top notch. I installed the sound hole pickup so that I can use this guitar as a back-up for my outdoor performances. The dark sunburst theme has been continued on the maple back and sides. The peg head, again, is exactly the same shape as the one on the Thinline, except that it has been refinished and the Kay logo has been lost. The tuners are 40's vintage and appear to be original to the neck. The fact that the tailpiece is the same era as the tuners, and also appears to be original to the body, convinces me that this is a 40's era Kay L3885 which has been restored and customized. This guitar has a wonderful tone and is very easy to play.

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