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2000 Olympia ODMCE Millennium Edition

You might very easily say that this guitar seems out of place in my collection, and you would be correct. This is one of only 2 dreadnought style guitars I own (I am generally not overly fond of dreadnoughts), and it is almost brand new. So, why did I buy it? Well, mostly because it is a Limited Edition guitar (only 300 were made), that makes it a collectors' item.

Olympia is the imported brand of the Tacoma Guitar Co., of Tacoma, WA. Apparently Tacoma designs the guitars which are then produced in Korea. It is actually quite a nice instrument, for all it's being a dreaded dreadnought :-) The top is solid spruce and has a laser etched image of Mount Olympia (in Washington State) at the soundhole. This image also reveals the Tacoma style bridge which is designed to emphasise both the treble and bass tones. Under the top is Tacoma's scientifically designed bracing system. The back and sides are laminated mahagony. The back has a sunburst finish as is seen here. This closeup of the 12th fret shows the mountain at sunset inlay that is another exclusive feature of this model. The headstock is rosewood-faced and has the Olympia logo inlaid in mother-of-pearl. This guitar has a typical, boomy dreadnought tone, though it is a little crisper sounding then most of the Martins I have played. It is NOT a Martin, however (or even a Tacoma!) - the depth of tone is somewhat lacking. Still, it has a nice sound and has great playability.

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