The Bluesbox Collection

1930's Regal Concert Guitar

This guitar was quite a challenging project when I received it. The neck and bridge were both about to fall off, there were several separations around the top and back, and there was a horrendous split on the left upper bout. The latter injury had been repaired, sort of... A previous owner had glued a 1/4" slab of wood under the entire upper bout, there was glue all over the place - and yet the split was still there, and it was getting worse - the guitar was a mess! The nut needed replacement. And yet, the neck was pretty straight, the body was sound, or would be with a few repairs, and despite all of it's scars, it wasn't a bad guitar to look at.

After removing the bridge and neck, I glued the bridge back down and installed a bridge doctor. The previous "repair" under the face was troublesome, but once I decided that there was nothing I could do about it, I rationalized that the extra wood under the upper bout wasn't likely to affect the sound much anyway, so I left it alone. I did repair the split - it was a simple matter of working some glue into the opening, then wiping off the excess, and also various cracks and separations. After a day or so, all of that was set, so next I tackled the neck. Since it was completely off the body, I took advantage of that and reset the angle before gluing it back in place. To cover the crack in the face, fashioned these mirror-image pick guards. The screws that help hold on the bridge, seen in this shot, are original. I found that out when, by coincidence, someone sent me photos of an almost identical guitar the day I received this one! Here is the back. The peg head sports the only intact Regal logo decal on any of my numerous Regal instruments.

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