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2000 Lark in the Morning Resonator Guitar

I bought this guitar at the Lark store in Mendocino while I was on vacation in the Spring of 2001. It is based on a late 30's model National Trojan resonator. It has a bisquit cone and is very loud despite the fact that it is a small bodied guitar (about 40" long). The top, back and sides are laminated mahogany. These guitars are built in Korea, in the same plant where my Epiphone was made. This close-up view shows the EMG Select pick up I installed recently. There are a pair of piezeo transducers mounted on the top side of the bisquit (at each end of the saddle). The top volume control is for the magnetic pick up (Strat size, which looks like a single coil, but is in fact a dual coil humbucking design), while the lower pot controls the piezeo arrangement. This gives me the ability to blend the two sounds for a variety of tones, from the straight resonator to a kind of jazzy sounding electric guitar. I have started using this guitar for a lot of my outdoor appearances because it is easier to deal with size wise, especially when I use public transit to get to gigs in San Francisco.

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