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1920s (?) Supertone Hawaiian Motif Guitar

In keeping with the Hawaiian music craze that swept America from just before the First World War until well into the 1930's, the face of this guitar has a lovely, hand painted Hawaiian scene. Most people think these are stenciled, but in fact, although the outline of the scene was stenciled on, the scene colors were then painted by hand - kind of like paint by the numbers. There is a different scene on the sides. The checkered binding is the real thing - not painted on, and the workmanship is excellent. Otherwise the guitar is cheaply constructed, as usual in the twenties and thirties, entirely out of birch, including the neck and fingerboard. The binding is both on the front and the back. These brass tuners are a clue to the dating - solid brass tuners virtually disappeared from the market after the 1920s. Dating is imprecise, however. The only thing for sure is that the guitar was built prior to 1941, because that is when Sears Robuck retired the Supertone brand name in favor of Silvertone. But it is pretty well documented that these guitars went out of production well before that date.

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