The Bluesbox Collection

Japanese Hollow Body Electric of unknown origin (c.1980's)

This is another project guitar I bought on eBay. When I received it, it only had a body and a neck. This close up of the face shows the elaborate pickguard I carved to cover the myriad of holes that had been made by previous owner(s). The original guitar had two surface mounted pick-ups. There is a control access hole under the lower cover, which I carved to match the outline of the original. I installed this EMG Select blade pick-up (my favorite - cheap with a great sound) and the controls below, capped by a Gibson style speed knob. The top is very thin, 3-ply laminated spruce. The back and sides are laminated maple as is the neck. The fingerboard s rosewood with pearl inlay position dots. The headstock shape is reminiscent of a Guild guitar. There are no manufacturer's marks of any kind on the guitar, but there is a stamp on the back of the head indicating that the guitar was made in Japan. I am guessing that it was made in the 1980's because of it's Japanese origin and the fairly high quality of the instrument.

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