The Bluesbox Collection

USA Strad Parlor Guitar (c.1960's)

This guitar appears to have been sold by an appliance dealer in Tennessee, probably in the 1960's. It is contructed entirely of solid birch, including the fingerboard and the bridge. The close up of the face shows the painted on pickguard. I have covered it with transparent pickguard material to make it functional. The tailpiece is a typical 60's Harmony model - I assume the guitar was made by Harmony or Kay. The action was pretty high when I received the guitar, so I have reset the neck. The back has a slight "quilted" figure, not uncommon in birch guitars. The peghead shows the USA Strad logo decal along with the distributors decal and a sticker proclaiming that it has a steel reinforced neck. Under the sound hole is a "Made in U.S.A." stamp. The tone of this guitar is not great, but like a lot of birch intruments it is quite loud.

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