Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Autographs from the Collection of Marc Friedland

These autographs were collected by Marc P. Friedland in and around his home town of New Haven, Connecticut in 1962 and 1963.

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The photo at the top of the page shows an image of Arnold Skaaland with his autograph on the photo. Skaaland became even more famous later in the WWWF as the manager of longtime WWWF Champ, Bob Backlund.

The autograph of Bruno Sammartino would be treasured by any 12 year old wrestling fan, and most every adult fan as well. Sammartino was possibly the most beloved World Champion ever. He still holds the record for selling out Madison Square Garden the most times for cards on which he appeared in the main event.

The tag team which is credited with popularizing that form of match was the Kangeroos. Here are the autographs of team members, Al Costello and Ray Heffernman, along with that of their manager, Wild Red Berry

Waleddek Kowalski, better known as "Killer" Kowalski, was one of the most feared men in the sport. He came by his nickname after a match against Yukon Erik, in which he severed his opponent's ear when he caught it accidently between his knee and the mat. Kowalski was horrified at what had happened, and apologized profusely to Erik, who told him, "Use it to make your reputation!" Kowalski then started bragging about the incident during interviews and before he knew it, "Killer" Kowalski was born!

Tony Altimore was a member of the Sicilians tag team, whose chief claim to fame is that the other member of the team was the (later) legendary manager, Captain Lou Albano!

Bobo Brazil was one of the first black TV stars, due to his appearances on wrestling programs all over the country. He was famous for his hard head, oftentimes defeating his opponent with a massive Headbutt! He was sometimes known as the World Negro Champ, though it is doubtful that this was a real wrestling title.

Another great black wrestling star was Sailor (or Seaman) Art Thomas. Thomas was also active all over the country, but especially in Chicago and the Northeast.

Here are the autographs of the wrestling greats Fred Koury and Roger Duprey.

Wrestling was full of great ethnic stars such as Enrique and Miguel Torres, Irish Pat Barrett, Jose Perez, and Tony Manousos.

Midget wrestling star Little Beaver consented to sign Marc's book.

A wrestler who started in Chicago in the late 50's and continued to be a star clear in to the 1980's in the Texas WCCW promotion was "Maniac" Mark Lewin

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