Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Action Shots from Wrestling World magazine, October 1963

Marc P. Friedland was kind enough to lend Solie's his copy of this now-defunct magazine. (Note: Solie's is aware of the existence of a magazine called "Wrestling World" - this however, is a different publication.)

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The photo at the top of the page shows two scenes from a match pitting football great Alex Karras against the legendary Dick the Bruiser.

Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard brutalize Pedro Morales against the ropes.

"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers looking the worse for wear after a match in Houston, Texas.

Partners Bruno Sammartino and Bobo Brazil are setting Handsome Johnny Barend for something in this shot.

In this shot, Emile Dupre tries to cut off the wind of hated bad guy, Hans Schmidt.

Here is The Great Mortier preparing for battle.

John Paul Henning takes it on the chin as the Great B0olo unleashes a Haymaker.

As Gorgeous George (with back to camera) acknowledges the crowd behind him, Jerry Graham tries to see past the blood in his eyes.

Poor Buddy Rogers just can't seem to get a break! Here he is being choked out in the corner by the evil "Killer" Kowalsky.

Talk about evil! "Tough" Tony Borne, (the father of NWA, WCCW and WCW wrestler "Maniac" Matt Borne) gets nasty on a dazed and bleeding Sir Nelson Royal while Borne's manager, Leo Newman gets in a few licks of his own.

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