Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Publicity Photos from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Marc P. Friedland was kind enough to lend Solie's these publicity photos of various wrestlers.

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Shown in the photo above, Red Bastien was a beloved figure, and is still active today as the current president of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Here is one of Marc's favorite wrestlers (and mine) Argentina Antonino Rocca, was famous for his flying feet. he practically invented the drop kick! This photo is autographed by Rocca.

Marc's real favorite was Cowboy Bob Ellis who was once the World tag Team Champion with partner Johnny Valentine. Ellis challenged "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers for the NWA World Title on several occasions, but just couldn't get past Roger's trickery. This photo is also inscribed and autographed by the subject.

Dickie Steinborn was a favorite with the ladies in his early career. Later, he donned a mask and was one of three wrestlers (along with Jodie Hamilton and Tim Woods) who called himself, "Mr. Wrestling".

Here is a publicity shot of the great Abe Jacobs

Bearcat Wright was a popular favorite of the early sixties.

For those of you who think that the WWF invented hot chicks in wrestling in the 1990's - take a look at this photo of the beautiful Ann Casey from 1963.

Perennial Womens' Champ the Fabulous Moolah posed for this publicity shot in, also in 1963. She started out as a valet called "Slave Girl" Moolah, but soon moved into the ring as a great wrestler. Her most famous matches took place in the 1980's against Wendy Richter, who was managed by POP Diva, Cindy Lauper. She is now seen occasionally on WWF TV.

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