Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Snapshots from the Collection of Marc Friedland

These snapshots were taken by Marc P. Friedland and others in and around his home town of New Haven, Connecticut in 1962 and 1963.

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The photo at the top of the page shows the Tolos Brothers getting ready to enter the ring (photo by Ken Mazur).

Here's a great shot of Vitorio Apollo (left), Pedro Morales (right) and possibly, Pete Sanchez tending to each other after a bruising battle. Morales, of course, later became World famous as one of the all time great WWWF Champions. Apollo was also known as "Argentina Apollo - the Whirlwind of the Pampa". Here is another shot of Apollo roughing up an opponent in the corner.

Here's Handsome Johnny Barend ahowing off for the crowd before a bout.

Skull Murphy (left) and Brute Bernard cut a ringside promo with announcer Ray Morgan in this shot taken in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Here's Bernard strangling opponent Bobo Brazil on the ropes as Murphy and the referee look on.

This photo shows "The Italian Superman" Bruno Sammartino with Jerry Graham in the background of the shot. Here's another shot of the good Dr. Graham. Here's Bruno again, applying his famous Back Breaker to Carl West during a match in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

"Killer" Buddy Austin was famous for his variation of the Indian Death Lock. Here he wields it to deadly effect on Pedro Rodriquez. Austin is the one sitting up. In another match Gregory Arque feels the sting of Austin's finisher.

The incomparable Gorilla Monsoon menaces his opponent in this photo. Later in the match, that opponent, Bruno Sammartino, made Monsoon beg for mercy when he applied his dreaded shoulder Claw. In yet another match, Monsoon applies an Airplane Spin the hard way on Pedro Morales. In this scene, Monsoon appears to have just twisted the neck of an unknown opponent.

Hans Mortier is given a word of advice by his manager, Wild Red Berry. Berry also managed the Kangeroos tag team. Here he is seen holding their Australian flag.

Gordo Chihuahua and Pedro Rodriquez crowd the Great Scott in their corner in this photo from the New Haven Arena.

The Shadow holds his arms in the air as a token of victory after a match.

Several correpondents have now confirmed that this is Klondike Bill

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