Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Collection of Marc Friedland

Photos of Marc Friedland with his favorite Wrestlers

These photos were taken of Marc P. Friedland with various wrestlers in and around his home town of New Haven, Connecticut in 1962 and 1963.

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The photo at the top of the page shows Marc shaking hands with the legandary Bruno Sammartino on March 29, 1963 at the New Haven Arena.

Marc had his picture taken with the Fabulous Kangaroos on September 24, 1963 at the New Haven Arena.

Here's Marc with Vittorio Apollo in New Haven, sometime in 1962.

The Great Hans Mortier was one of the most hated men in the game and was famous for his "Unbreakable" Full Nelson. he posed for this photo with Marc in 1962. His manager (and that of the Kangaroos), Wild Red Berry appeared to be somewhere else in his mind when this photo was taken.

Gordo Chihuahua, looking somewhat put-upon, also posed with Marc at New Haven Arena in 1962.

Here is the full image of the photo (sans signature) shown at the top of the Autographs page. Arnold Skaaland was by all accounts a nice guy, but not really championship caliber. He later managed the great scientific wrestler, Bob Backlund, to several World Titles.

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