The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 1: The Conception - It all began with an interview (image above) segment during the Spring of 1985 (unfortunately I don't know the exact date of this tape but I believe it was in March or April) featuring Ole Andersen and his (then) Tag Team Partner, Thunderbolt Patterson (they were the NWA National Tag Team Champions at the time).

Ole informed T-Bolt that he had decided to form an alliance with his "cousin" (actually, his son-in-law) Arn Andersen. When T-bolt objected, Ole said (in effect) "I won't touch you today - but the next time we meet, watch out!".

During a later program, Arn was matched up against the "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez (who had run-in on an earlier match in which Arn had attempted to break a jobber's leg). Ole, who was there to provide color, ran-in and interfered when the match began to go against Arn.

As the Andersens continued to pound on Fernandez, Thunderbolt came in to protest David Crockett followed T-Bolt up to the ring area with a microphone, expecting to get an interview.

Suddenly, Arn attacked Thunderbolt from behind. As the TV crew and Crockett scrambled to get out of the way, Arn dragged T-Bolt into the ring. Ole just looked on, he seemed hesitant to attack his partner, but then Thunderbolt came to life in the ring and finally, Ole joined in the attack.

This last scene shows an airborn Ole Andersen attempting to break Thunderbolt Patterson's leg (unsuccessfully, as it turned out because Fernandez came back in and got in the way). Later, Ole handed Arn T-Bolt's Tag Team belt and declared that the re-born "Minnesota Wrecking Crew" were the champs and if T-Bolt didn't like it he could get a partner and challange them!!

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