The History of the Four Horsemen

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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 10: The Anti-Horsemen - Their Enemies Unite: The Horsemen/Garvin Wars

The Horsemen/Garvin wars began with Ric Flair shooting off his mouth (not an unusual occurrence). During an interview in May of 1987 he had the temerity to suggest that "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin's "main squeeze" (and manager) Precious was secretly in love with him (Flair). Precious immediately denied the charge and issued a challange to Flair to bring a partner and meet the Garvin "Brothers" (actually Ronny is Jimmy's uncle) in a tag team match.

The Horsemen put off the confrontation for several weeks but the match was finally signed for late in June (see image above). Flair had selected the youngest (and newest member of the Horsemen, Lex Luger as his partner.

From the get go Flair found himself in trouble. Precious looked on with satisfaction as her boys made mincemeat out of the competition.

As things went from bad to worse, Flair decided to change tactics and went after Precious. He chased her into the waiting arms of JJ Dillon who threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. As he tried to leave the ring area he ran straight into Dusty Rhodes who quickly relieved him of his burden.

Back in the ring, Flair and Luger had tossed out the referee and were setting Jimmy up for a broken leg. Ronny caught Flair on the top turnbuckle and thwarted that plan. Jimmy got loose and dropped Flair on his head. Ronny promptly counted him out, but referee Scrappy McGowan had recovered and he ruled that the Horsemen had been disqualified for manhandling him.

Jimmy Garvin demanded and got a shot at the World Title in a cage match against Flair. The next weekend Flair went on TV and revealed that Dillon had written a stipulation into the contract which stated that if Garvin failed to win the match, he (Flair) would get a "Dream Date" with Precious!!

The match was held on TV on July 7th and again Flair found himself largely overmatched. A furious Jimmy Garvin pounded on the Champ as Precious cheered him on. Unfortunately, in the course of a leapfrog, Garvin came down wrong and injured his knee. As Precious looked on in horror, Flair took him apart.

In moments it was all over and Precious entered the ring to see to her man, only to be seized by Flair. Ronny, who entered the cage right behind Precious, took care of Flair while Precious comforted her fallen knight.

The next weekend Flair made a spectacle of himself, demonstrating what he had planned for Precious, by molesting a manaquin on National TV as he gloated about the coming "Dream Date". Here we see the Nature Boy primping for his "date" just before answering the door.

Precious had apparently let herself in because Flair found her with her back to him in the entryway. Flair was surprised and fans delighted when the "blond bombshell" cold cocked him!! As "Slick Ric" lay unconscience on the floor of his livingroom, "Precious" turned her attention to the lurking JJ Dillon and promptly shoved him into the pool. Only then did she turn toward the camera and reveal "herself" as Ronny Garvin in drag!!!

The next week Flair was furious with Ronny Garvin and was openly challanging him.

Here again we enter the scene as JJ Dillon is getting involved in a match. This one pits challanger Arn Anderson against the Western States Heritage Champion, Barry Windham. As Windham is about to get the pin, Dillon hops up on the apron to distract the referee (see image above).

Windham knocks the ref out of the way tryng to get at Dillon. As they struggle on the apron, Tully Blanchard emerges from the crowd with a chair and brains Windham with it.

As Windham lays unconscience on the floor, referee Tommy Young counts him out.

JJ Dillon immediately grabs the Title belt and runs into the ring with it. As he and Arn are celebrating, Young is telling the announcers that the title can't change hands on a countout. When he tries to inform Dillon he gets shoved to the mat.

By now Windham has regained his composure and explodes all over the Horsemen. In a later interview regarding the match he is interrupted by "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin who pledges the help of himself and his "brother" Ronny in fighting the Horsemen threat.

That alliance proved to be a good thing a few weeks later when the elder Garvin objected to Ric Flair's treatment of young Rocky King. Flair had already won the match against the young wrestler but refused to release the Figure Four Leglock.

Garvin hit the ring and challanged Flair to pick on someone his own size. The "Hands of Stone" were proving to be too much for the Nature Boy. Time and time again Ronny Garvin was getting the better of him.

Flair decided to retreat from the ring as Garvin grabs the belt, but is back in a flash with reinforcements. All four of the Horsemen (Tull, Arn, Flair and Lex Lugar) hit the ring.

Bobbing and weaving, fists flying every which way, Garvin managed to hold them all off for several seconds. Eventually their superior numbers overwhelm him and he goes down.

Before the beating can really get under way, Lugar spots Garvin's friends approaching and signals his comrades to split just as Jimmy Garvin arrives with the troups, including Windham, Dusty Rhodes and the Rock & Roll Express.

A week later Flair is the guest commentator for a match pitting the Garvins against the Midnight Express for the US Tag Team Titles. As the match heats up he throws down his headset and approaches the ring. Jim Cornette implores him not to interfere in the match but Flair shoves him aside, strips off his coat, shirt and jewelry, and attacks Ronny. Garvin almost immediately rolls him up and pins him!!! Ronny celebrates his victory as Flair freaks out.

Two weeks later Garvin has a match with Arn Anderson which turns out to be a set-up. Flair hits the ring and attacks Ronny again. Dusty Rhodes is nearby and decides to get involved. The rest of the Horsemen run-in and Dusty gets racked for his trouble. Rhodes' and Garvin's allies (including the Windham Brothers and the Rock & Roll Express) have to break it up.

The next weekend Flair, too cocky as usual, accepts Ronny's challange for the World Title August 25, 1987 in Detroit, MI at the Joe Louis Arena.

The match turns out to be a disaster for Flair. Here Garvin stands poised to execute what would be the winning move, a Sunset Flip from the top turnbuckle which results in a pinning combination for the challanger.

The next weekend Garvin showed off the NWA World Title belt for his screaming fans and talks about being the Champ for a long long time. Unfortunately it didn't last long at all. Flair regained his title from Ron Garvin at Starrcade '87 in a no DQ, no time limit cage match on November 26, 1987 in Chicago.

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