The History of the Four Horsemen

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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 11 : Ole's Departure and The Redemption of Lex Lugar - When Lex Lugar had been recruited by the Horsemen in early 1987, it was clear that Ole Anderson was on his way out. At first Lugar was called an "associate" member and for a short time there were 5 wrestling members of the group. But Ole was beginning to spend more time with his young son, who was involved in High School athletics, and the other members started complaining about his lack of commitment to the group. During a showdown on WTBS TV, Tully Blanchard and Arn attacked the older Anderson "brother" and left him laying on the set.

At an arena show, Ole was punked by Arn and Dillon but he got right up and headed back to the dressing room where he confronted Ric Flair. In moments the thugs descended on him and left him lying in the bathroom

Lugars membership was put in jeopardy almost immediately when it became obvious that he had his own agenda - he wanted to be the NWA World Champion. He and Dillon clashed verbally on several occasions although he usually followed the manager's directions. In fact it was a chair, thrown into the ring by Dillon, that helped Lugar defeat Nikita Koloff for the U.S Title in a match in Greensboro. Ironically, it was also a Dillon-supplied chair that proved to be Lugar's undoing when Dusty Rhodes used it to secure a victory (and the Title) over the "Total Package" at Starrcade '87.

After his loss to Rhodes, Lugar began questioning Dillon's plans and frequently disobeyed his manager. Finally, during a Bunkhouse Stampede match in Miami when both Lugar and Dillon were left in the ring, Dillon asked Lugar to step out of the ring and allow him to win the Stampede. Lugar tossed Dillon over the top instead and signed his exit papers from the Horsemen. Needless to say he was immediately attacked by the other Horsemen and left lying in the ring - much as Ole had been treated earlier.

It was only fittng, therefore, that Lugar would ask Ole to be his partner in order to get his revenge. This set up a grudge-cage match pitting Ole and Lex against Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard.

Ole went at it with a vengence and the Lugar/Anderson team dominated the match. Here Lex Lugar presses Flair in a gorilla slam. Try as they might the Horsemen were having a lot of problems with the powerful young star. Ole's ring generalship was superb. The steel cage was taking it's toll on Ric Flair.

Lugar was everywhere at once overwhelming his more experienced opponents. Dillon entered the ring and had succeeded in turning the tide in this no disqualification match when Dusty Rhodes decided to get involved and evened up the odds. A pitched battle ensued (even Arn Anderson came in) which eventually saw the team of Lugar and Anderson take the victory.

Having gained his revenge, Lex then set out to get his friends back. During a match for Barry Windham's Western States Heritage against Tully Blanchard it looked like Windham was going to win the contest with a clean pin. Fearing what this defeat would do to the Horsemens reputation, JJ Dillon rang the bell and then entered the ring.

Having observed this farce from the backstage area, Lex Lugar rushed out to the ring to tell referree Tommy Young what had happened. In a highly unusual move, Young decided to watch the instant replay on the ringside monitor. Having seen Dillon's deception with his own eyes, Young restarted the match!

Tully surprised Windham and had him rolled up as Young crawled back into the ring and began the count. Lugar wasn't about to let this take place and followed the referree in and stopped the count. Windham was disqualified for outside interference, but retained his belt.

The remaining Horsemen ran into the ring and, after knocking Windham aside, went after Lugar. As Barry regained his feet, Ric Flair invited him to join in the attack against Lex! Windham declined and helped Lugar fight off the Horsemen instead.

Outside the ring, the two former friends reconciled and agreed to join forces against their common enemy - the Four Horsemen. Ironically, the next member the Horsemen recruited would be Barry Windham himself, and they would do it during a match in which the then Tag Champs, Windham and Lugar, were defending their belts against the former Champs Blanchard and Anderson...but that is a another episode

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