The History of the Four Horsemen

The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 17: Woman wants in; Sting is Out - It began during an appearance by Ric Flair on Funks Grill. Woman (Nancy Sullivan) interrupted the interview to tell Ric Flair she wanted to "own the Horsemen" (see image above).

It happened a second time during a Horsemen interview when Woman again interrupted an interview to make her offer. But Flair, as attracted to Woman as he was, had other things on his mind.

Mainly, it was Sting. Sting had made himself useful, his youth and enthusiasm adding immeasurably to the Horsemen's efforts in their continuing feud against Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation stable. The problem was that Sting had managed to win a recent "Ironman" elimination tournament and had thus secured a World Title match against Flair to be fought at the upcoming "WrestleWar'90" pay-per-view card on February 25.

In the meantime, there was another card, "Clash of the Champions X", on February 6th and all seemed to be well as the Horsemen promoted the event in which Flair, Arn and Sting were scheduled to face J-Tex members Muta, Dragon Master and "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer.

The night of the Clash, the Four Horsemen came out together for their first interview of the night. Flair said that they had an important announcement to make and handed the mic to Ole Anderson as the spokesman for the group. A stunned Sting was then told that he was out of the Horsemen! Sting couldn't believe his ears and tried to protest but Ole told him to "shut up and listen". He told Sting that he had two hours to go to the promoters and back out of the coming Title match.

As Ole turned away, Sting grabbed his sleeve and was immediately blindsided by Flair. The remaining Horsemen subdued their banished member and Flair told him, "...get out of my life and out of the business..."

He was left laying in the ring

During the main event, which now featured Ole in Sting's place, Sting gave his answer to the threat and it wasn't what the Horsemen wanted to hear. As his friends tried desparately to hold him back, Sting broke free and rushed the ring. After attempting to scale the cage wall, he was hauled down and hustled away only to escape again. During the second assault he injured himself and was clearly limping as his friends pulled him away a second time.

As soon as the match ended in the Horsemens' favor, Flair ran from the rings area and attacked Sting in the aisle. As the end credits roll we see Flair being restrained over Arn's shoulder.

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