The History of the Four Horsemen

The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 19: Magic and a Monster! - Perhaps the strangest Horsemen angle ever was the brainchild of Ole Anderson who conceived of a "mysterious stranger" called the Black Scorpion who would bedevil the new World Champ over the next several months. This came about because Ric Flair found himself further and further out of the Title picture, a situation that needed to be remedied by the Horsemen. Flair faced non-title opponents like Ricky Morton, for instance, while other Horsemen, like Ole found other things to do - such as introducing a shortlived masked team he dubbed the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (see image above).

So the Black Scorpion was born and began to appear where ever Sting was, usually preceeded by the disembodied voice of Ole shouting "Sting!" In most cases this would happen towards the end of a Sting match. The mysterious stranger would appear at the opposite side of the arena then dissappear before the increasingly frustrated Champion could get his hands on him. One such appearance took place at Halloween Havoc in October of 1990 and set the stage for some very weird happenings later in the evening. The Black Scorpion grabbed a young female stagehand and dragged her into a boxlike structure on one of the platforms and covered them with a curtain. This was observed by Sting on the opposite platform but by the time he fought past security and pulled the curtain off the box, the Scorpion and the girl had vanished in a puff of smoke only to reappear a moment later on the platform that Sting had just left!! Sting reversed course only to have the frightened young lady tossed into his arms, thus distracting him while the Scorpion made his escape. I am throwing this picture in just to show you what the two announcers on the program, Jim Ross and Paul E Dangerously (ECW's Paul Heyman) looked like so many years ago. Heyman did a pretty funny bit throughout the program acting spooked over all the mysterious goings on.

Later on the program, the Horsemen (Flair and Arn) faced Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed) for the WCW World Tag Team Titles. Here, Ric Flair traps Butch Reed in the corner then lays some chops into the chest of the big guy. It was a wild and wooly match that ended up out on the floor where both teams were eventually counted out.

The main event pitted World Champion Sting against big Sid Vicious. This was Sid's first attempt to win a World Title and naturally he tried to make the best of it. Here he catches Sting in mid-flight then applies a back breaker. But Sting was at the height of his powers and came roaring back. In fact, he proved to much for the challenger, coming at him from all directions until Sid decided to flee the ring! Just at that moment, the Horsemen showed up at ringside but Sting had other fish to fry as he pursued Sid right out of the arena! Back at ringside, referee Nick Patrick was trying without success to send the Horsemen away when Sting was seen chasing Sid back to the ring. Once inside, Sting went for a scoop slam but overbalanced and fell to the mat where Sid pinned him!

Sid is celebrating his win in the ring when a second Sting shows up!! Note the rope tied to Sting's right arm in this shot, the "real" Sting had been tied up backstage and the phoney Sting who supposedly lost the Title was actually Barry Windham, who had just returned from a short tour of the WWF as "the Widowmaker". The "real" Sting quickly splashed Sid in the corner then rolled him up for the pin.The referee, who was tipped by Pee Wee Anderson about the deception, performed a second count and Sting retained the Title.

For now the Horsemen had been thwarted, but they had a prospective new member and the Black Scorpion wasn't quite through with Sting yet!

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