The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 2: The $1500 Suit and the $1000 Challange - Around the same time, in another part of the NWA realm, Ric Flair (pictured above) was just beginning to have trouble with an upstart US Champion named Terry Allen (aka Magnum TA). While Flair was getting ready in the ring for a match against rookie, Sam Houston. Magnum was invited to join the broadcast team and provide some commentary. Flair saw that the announcers were talking to Magnum and actually broke off the match in order to confront his rival and to remind the broadcasters who was the star!

Back in the ring, young Houston had come to fight. He, in fact, established his reputation as an up and coming wrestling talent that day in front of a national TV audience. Flair would back him into the corner to deliver his trademark chops only to have the youngster come back strong with shots to the jaw. After several such exchanges, Flair suckered Huston into launching himself knee-first into the corner buckle. He then took the younger wrestler "to school", softening him up for his patented finisher - the Figure 4 Leglock.

Flair won by submission but wanted more. Releasing the hold, he pulled Huston's left boot off and then slapped the hold back on!

That was plenty for Magnum, who stormed the ring and pulled them apart

The next week, Flair tried to buy Magnum off by presenting him with a $1500 italian suit. Flair left the suit with David Crockett and headed to the ring. Moments later Magnum came out to ringside, picked up the suit, and went to the ring. He started out telling the Nature Boy how nice the suit was, then he proceeded to rip it to shreds right in front of the Champion!

As Magnum turned away Flair attacked, but TA was ready and caught him in his signature belly-to-belly suplex. As the Champ lay gasping for air, Magnum picked up the belt and strolled over to the broadcast position. He left the belt with Tony and David saying "Tell Flair the next time I hold this belt it will be mine."

Flair got his self back together and stormed the booth, raging against Magnum as a thief! "Get that belt back here!" he shouted. David pulled the belt out of the podium and handed it to Flair saying "See - he didn't steal the belt..." Flair stalked away.

Several weeks passed as Magnum demanded a match for the title. Flair ignored the demands and yet bragged that he could beat Magnum in 10 minutes. As Flair was being interviewed prior to a TV match, Magnum walked up, plunked a $1000 on the podium and challanged Flair to beat him in 10 minutes. Flair looked non-plussed at first but recovered and accepted the challange.

Moments after the match began the Andersons came out to join the announcers. As the match went on in the ring, began to spin the tale about how Ric Flair was an Andersen "cousin" and so they had an interest in seeing that Flair got a fair shake.

The match see-sawed back and forth. Ole would be bragging on Flair one moment and the frantically shouting encouragement the next as Flair lost the advantage time after time. Finally, Magnum caught Flair in a Figure-4 and held him there until the time had expired.

As Tony shouted "Flair didn't beat him!" the Andersens stormed the ring. They and Flair attacked him three on one and at one point tried to break his arm.

Magnum's friends, including Buzz Sawyer and Sam Houston eventually drove off the attackers.

Magnum had several Title matches with Flair over the next few weeks. In most cases, the Andersens interfered thus causing Flair to be disqualified. Magnum TA never did win the World Title.

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