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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 3: A Dasterdly Attack! - This episode began with Magnum TA (image above) who had reserved a private room to issue a videotaped challange to Tully Blanchard just minutes prior to a match with his partner, Dusty Rhodes against the Minnesota Wrecking Crew for the National Tag Team Titles.

Ole and Arn crashed the interview and beat Magnum within an inch of his life. After Arn got in one last kick to Magnum's ribs, they shoved the cameraman down and left for the ring. Leaving his downed equipment, the cameraman checked on Magnum who was out on the floor.

Meanwhile the Wrecking Crew were in the ring waiting for their opponents. David Crockett is ready to announce the contest. Dusty shows up for the match but he's asking for a few minutes to find his missing partner. Before Crockett can answer the Wrecking Crew attack Dusty and beat on him mercilessly. Terry Taylor hits the ring but Ole and Arn break off their assault on Dusty to beat Taylor and toss him out.

Finally, incredibly, Magnum makes it to the ring! He's already so badly mauled that he immediately succombs to the Wrecking Crews renewed attack. He and Dusty are lying in the ring together by the time more help arrives and drives off Ole and Arn. Dusty was not so badly injured and was able to get to his feet with help.

Magnum was a different story. The extent of his injuries were such that he was taken from the arena on a stretcher. Later that evening he the courageous young wrestler finished his videotaping while sitting on a hospital gurney! Only now he was vowing revenge against the Minnesota Wrecking Crew!!

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