The History of the Four Horsemen

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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 6: Revenge is sweet... - Of course it wasn't all a bed of roses for the newly christened Four Horsemen. You can't expect to make enemies like Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA without suffering an occasional setback. A few weeks later, Arn, Ole and Tully were up to their old tricks, attempting to maim a jobber during a Six-Man tag match (see the image above).

Dusty and Magnum decided to extract some revenge for the brutal attack on their protege Sam Houston. Magnum hit the ring and was soon joined by Dusty and Big Ron Bass who had been recruited for the occasion.

After clearing the ring, the invaders concentrated their attention on Ole Anderson, who had orchestrated the attack on Houston. The three of them pinned Ole down, held him spreadeagle, and then invited the youngster to try and break his leg!

The attempt was unsuccessful, but it gave the Horsemen something to think about.

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