The History of the Four Horsemen


The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 7: The "Security Guard" Incidents - Tully gets his belt...for a while - Meanwhile Tully Blanchard's ongoing quest to win Magnum TA's NWA U.S. Title was about to bear fruit (although it hardly seemed that way at the time). Magnum had just put his patented belly-to-belly suplex on the challanger (he won many matches that way, usually within seconds of the opening bell). In the course of the move, Tully's leg struck the referree and rendered him senseless (see the image above).

After failing to get the pin, Magnum, turned his back on his stunned opponent and went to help the referree. At that moment, Blanchard's valet Babydoll, dressed as a Security Guard, emerged from the crowd at ringside and handed Tully a weapon. Blanchard used the foreign object on the Champion, and secured the pin. Tully Blanchard was the new U.S. Champion. Now all of the Horsemen "wore gold" (actually Tully's belt was silver).

Later that month Blanchard was wrestling an exhibition match against a jobber when Magnum showed up dressed as a Security Guard and, surprising Babydoll, handcuffed her to the bottom ringrope. The he confronted Tully in the ring.

As soon as Blanchard figured out the ruse he attacked, but Magnum was ready for him. Moments later Tully fell victim to the belly-to-belly once again. Magnum left him lying in the ring

Thus goaded, the Champion accepted Magnum's challange for a return Title match. Unfortunately for Magnum, the match ended in a double countout after a grueling 52 minute battle. Their next confrontation was the celebrated I Quit cage match during which Magnum TA regained the U.S. Title. Using the jagged end of broken chair leg (which Baby Doll had thrown into the cage) he forced Blanchard to submit by grinding the point into a cut over his eye!

Over the next year they would have many matches, and the U.S. Title changed hands several times. Eventually Magnum lost it for a final time to the "Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff during a "best of seven" series of matches. Shortly after that, a despondent Magnum TA suffered the automobile accident which destroyed his right arm and ended his wrestling career.

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