The History of the Four Horsemen

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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Part 8: Set Back! How Tully lost the NWA TV Title - We come into this part of the story in the middle of a Television Championship match between challanger Nikita Koloff and champ Tully Blanchard. In the scene above Nikita and JJ Dillon are having a tug-of-war. The prize is Tully's body!

Despite Dillon's best efforts, Nikita is too strong for him. Dillon gets pulled into the ring and before he can react, Nikita slams their heads together.

After Dillon rolled out of the ring, Nikita picked Tully up for a belly-to-back suplex and succeeded in knocking out the referee.

Now both competitors are down. On the left of this photo Arn Anderson can be seen crawling in to hand something to Tully. We see in this scene that Tully has a set of brass knuckles!

Squirreling the weapon away out of sight, Tully allows Nikita to pick him up then lets him have it. By then the ref had gotten back into the ring but before he can count Nikita out Barry Windham interferes and stops the count.

JJ Dillon comes in right behind Windham. While Tully and Barry slug it out, Nikita clothelines Dillon. As Dillon rolls back out of the ring, Nikita spots the brass knucks on the mat and retrieves them.

The he uses them on Tully. This time there is no one to stop the count .

Here we see Windham celebrating with the new Television Champion.

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