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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

OnlineHost: Tonight's guest is the KING of the Ring Champ!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

OnlineHost: Get ready for Stone Cold Steve Austin!

OnlineHost: Ladies and gentlemen..please welcome Stone Cold Steve Austin!

OnlineHost: Congratulations on winning the '96 King of the Ring!

WWFLive1: Steve: It's your pleasure to have me online...send your questions in.

Question: You said in a prior AOL interview that if Pillman came to the WWF you would consider teaming with him. What is the status now??

WWFLive1: Steve: I think obviously Pillman needs to get healthy again. Other than that, I am concentrating on singles at the moment but maybe sometime down the road.

Question: Steve, how is your mouth..stitches?

WWFLive1: Steve: It healed up fine...I still have a knot in my lip but that will probably go away.

Question: Steve, how do you get along with Vince McMahon?

WWFLive1: Steve: I get along with him just fine.

Question: Why did you forfeit the match to Aldo on Superstars?

WWFLive1: Steve: Well I think everybody who watches wrestling knows I would have beat him had I decided to wrestle him. I don't feel I should waste my time with Aldo Montoya.

Question: Do you still think Jake is washed up...He has been very consistant over the years?

WWFLive1: Steve: Years ago he was consistent...consistently hitting the bottle. These days he's consistently thumping his bible. Next time he gets in the ring with me he's going to pay.

Question: Why do you shave your head?

WWFLive1: Steve: Why not?

Question: What are your thoughts on Marc Mero and your upcoming match?

WWFLive1: Steve: I think Marc Mero is a great athlete...I think Sable will end up being a distraction to him. I beat him the first time, I don't know why I wouldn't beat him the second time!

Question: Steve, If I may call you Steve, You NO DOUBT deserve a push in the WWF...Do I smell The Intercontinental Title..Even the WWF Championship Title..I think you should tell Vinnie Mac that you're the best heel to hit him since BDC..

WWFLive1: Steve: Truthfully, I don't know what's in store for me. I'm just going to wait and see what happens.

Question: Are you a beetter wrestler know that DiBiase is gone?

WWFLive1: Steve: Definitely. I never like to split time with anybody in the ring or in front of the microphone.

Question: STEVE, What do you like to do besides wrestling?

WWFLive1: Steve: Deer hunt, bird hunt, fish, ride motorcycles and 4 wheelers!

Question: What is the best match you have ever been in?

WWFLive1: Steve: That's hard to say...a few with Ricky Steamboat and a few with the Hollywood Blonds against Rick Steamboat and Ric Flair.

Question: STEVE, Who did you look up to when you got into wrestling?

WWFLive1: Steve: Dory Funk Jr. Cowboy Bob Orton Jr., Adrian Adonis, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair when he was in his prime and Dick Murdoch...just to mention a few of my favorites.

Question: How do you think the Warrior's suspension will effect the WWF?

WWFLive1: Steve: I don't have a clue.

Question: Who is the one wrestler today that you admire the most?

WWFLive1: Steve: Probably myself :)

Question: Who is your best friend in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Steve: My travel partner is Goldust, and Duke Droese...other than that I pretty much stay to myself.

Question: What are your feelings about WCW?

WWFLive1: Steve: They seem to be on somewhat of a roll right now...I don't think that they can sustain the momentum they have right now. Their production values are still pretty low. They are still a second-rate program.

Question: Besides yourself, who do you see as the dominant force in professional wrestling today?

WWFLive1: Steve: Obviously Shawn Michaels in the WWF.

Question: What would you be doing today if you wern't in wrestling?

WWFLive1: Steve: Televangelist...:)

Question: If you could run a wrestling ognization what would you do different?

WWFLive1: Steve: I wouldn't run my own wrestling organization.

Question: How many hours a day do you train for wrestling, Steve

WWFLive1: Steve: I'm at the gym about an hour and a half per day...that's about it.

Question: Stone Cold, who can claim responsibility for training you, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time?

WWFLive1: Steve: I went to Chris Adams Wrestling school in TX ...I more or less learned everything in the ring.

Question: Steve, who do you consider the most underrated wrestler in the business?

WWFLive1: Steve: It's tough to say....I don't know.

Question: If you are so proud to be the king of the ring why don't you wear the crown

WWFLive1: Steve: If I go to the ring in a pair of black trunks, black boots, I think anyone can tell that I don't put alot of stock in costumes...I leave all the glitzy glamour stuff to the other guys. I didn't get into wrestling to sell dolls, I got into wrestling to wrestle and that's what I do.

Question: What do you think of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leaving the WWF?

WWFLive1: Steve: I think they made the best business decision that they could make. I don't know the technicalities...but I guess they did what they thought they had to do.

Question: What are your thoughts on Sid returning to the WWF?

WWFLive1: Steve: I wonder what will happen this time...

Question: Stone Cold,what are your perspectives of The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels?

WWFLive1: Steve: I think he's a great athlete and a great wrestler...I'd like to wrestle him one of these days at a major pay-per-view.

Question: What advice do you have for aspiring wrestlers trying to break into the business?

WWFLive1: Steve; Go to college. Get a real job.

Question: Are you ready for another battle with Savio a.k.a. the Caribbean Kid?

WWFLive1: Steve: Well, I think I have already proven that I am a better wrestler than Savio...I would just as soon move on to another victim.

Question: Why are you so conceeded? You have only one major title?

WWFLive1: Steve: That's a pretty stupid WCW I was the World Television Champion twice, I was a US champion twice, and I carried Brian Pillman single handedly to the World Tag Team Titles. So, obviously you don't know what you are talking about.

Question: Steve, what do you think about the ECW?

WWFLive1: Steve: It's a little one-dimensional. Alot of guys work very hard up there but in the end, every show is pretty much the same.

Question: Do you think the Goldust character has gone over the edge?

WWFLive1: Steve: That depends on what you think over the edge is.

Question: STEVE, How have you changed over the years as a wrestler?

WWFLive1: Steve: I don't know that I have really changed...It's just that I got held back in WCW. It got to be a little frustrating. After a serious arm injury, in recovery and being with a new federation I feel like I am starting all over again.

Question: Do you think that you will ever look for another manager?

WWFLive1: Steve: Definitely not!

Question: Steve, are you friends with Mankind?

WWFLive1: Steve: Yes, in fact I am.

Question: Does Steve Austin have any regrets in or out of wrestling?

WWFLive1: Steve: Yes, I should have told WCW to piss off before they fired me over the phone.

Question: If you whip Mero at In your House..whats next?

WWFLive1: Steve: I have no idea.

OnlineHost: Good luck at In Your House!

WWFLive1: Steve: Austin 317 says I'm going to whip Mero's ass!

OnlineHost: Well....just a little bit conceited..wouldn't you say?