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Diamond Dallas Page Interview

from Extreme Sports Network

For those of you who don't know: The Extreme Sports Network will soon have our very own web page, until then I prefer to go through Solie's because I enjoy Earl's publication & Forums...On the radio show, we talk all sports, but the highest rated segment is Pro Wrestling....As a result we interview various wrestlers every month. Next week we will interview Hall & Nash, but here is my favorite guy Diamond Dallas Page who was on our show this week. Here is part of the interview. Enjoy!


HITMAN: Welcome back to the Extreme Sports Network, you got the Hitman, the Coach and Kari the Sports Chic hanging out with you and joining us right now on The Cheap Seats is Diamond Dallas Page from the WCW....DDP, How ya feelin man?

DDP: I'm alright, DDP's head's alright...

HITMAN: DDP, Starcade went on last month; I'm watching the show, you were beating up on Eddie and out of no where Scott Hall comes out, does his thing to you and Eddie gets the pin. What's going on?

DDP: Well, since then we (Hall & DDP) have spoken...I would have to say it was very heated at first, but you know we do have a lot of history together and what is basically trying to be explained to me is this...we can help you or we can hurt you; there's been a lot of things that have gone down between me, him (Hall) and Kevin (Nash) over the years. What I was trying to explain to them was, listen, you do your thing I'll do mine. They're (NWO) persistant and a lot of things have been said behind closed doors that I'm not at liberty to talk about. Right now I have to say I'm swaying that way, mainly because, Do I want to end up going against the NWO or do I want to be part of a team.....basically NWO IS A TEAM and WCW is not... What he (Hall) really explained to me more so than anything was "Hey idiot, what has the WCW really done for you'....'We know you want to stand on your own and do your own thing.... you can do that here; or if you don't know what it is, then we are going to force it upon you". I was really pissed off at the way he (Hall) went about doing it, but eventually I'll be wearing that U.S. strap and right now the way I see things, I know I will fight Eddie Guerrero at the Clash: I have a rematch with Eddie and from what I understand there will be no outside interference at all which virtually puts the title around my waist.

HITMAN: That explains a lot. This past Nitro is it safe to say you were with Scott Hall, Monday?

DDP: Yes.. I've already been the World Television Champion. I knew it was laid out there for me. With me and Regal out there it would have been a incredible match because that's one guy that has taught me a lot... "I've leartned a lot from myself", so I do know how his style is, so we would have complemented each other very well. The match just wasn't what I was looking for right now.

HITMAN: Who called for the meeting?

DDP: I called for the meeting, I've been approached by them plenty of times and then when it was time to do something then I pulled Scott out of the situation and we sat down and talked. I think right now things are going the way I want them to. I'm a fixer. I gotta fix things.

HITMAN: Gotcha. We have Diamond Dallas Page joining us on the Extreme sports network...One of the NWO guys turned his back on Hogan, of course I'm talking about the big fella, The Giant...

DDP: Looking at it from where I stand, it probably wasn't his choice anyway. He forced himself in a position to go the other way. I don't think the Giant fits in the NWO anyway. He's 7'4, 450 pounds that can do anything in the ring. He was going to be behind Hogan the whole time....I think him (Giant) being pushed into a corner set that whole thing into the fire. The Giant is another guy walking on his own now. Maybe that's not so good for him either.

HITMAN: Clash of the Champions, as you mentioned, is coming up in a couple of weeks, your fighting Eddie Guerrero.....Is this the final battle between you and Eddie?

DDP: I would've thought our last match was good-bye, but I'm glad the promoters booked this match between Eddie and me. I thought something else was coming up on the horizon, but I'd rather finish this unsettled business before I go anywhere. I heard an interview with Eddie, that he found a whole new respect for me as well he should. The Burrito Boy I do have a respect for, but it's no where the respect he has for me! I had him in our last match and if it wasn't for Scott Hall, he would have been deceased.

HITMAN: Before I let you go when are the fans going to find out about the future of Diamond Dallas Page?

DDP: It will all come out as we come along...I'll give you an inside scoop, I look pretty good in black. That's all I'll say.

HITMAN: DDP we appreciate you jumping into the Cheap Seats on the Extreme Sports Network!!

DDP: Hitman, its been YOUR pleasure!

-End of interview-

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