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WWFLive1: Faarooq: Im happy to be answering some questions on AOL...I will answer questions for my many fans out there online who are looking for some answers.

Question: Faarooq, how did you get started in Professional Wrestling?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Basically in Tampa after I had a stint in TV work, I decided that they needed someone out there of my caliber, physique and that mean streak that a prof wrestler needs. So, I put that all together and gave prof wrestling a shot 10 years ago.

Question: Who is responsible for training you in wrestling? Or did you just do it yourself?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: No, I was fortunate to be trained by a master. Hiro Matsuta a Japanese trainer. We all know how hard the Japanese trainers are. I am very fortunate to have been trained by the best.

Question: How did you come up with the name Faarooq?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Well, I had always wanted to give myself the name that I believe is me. Faarooq is a name that is a descendant of a long line of fighting people. There were warriors in my family and I am also led to believe that Faarooq revolves around the spirit of a tiger and that's the way I fight.

Question: I have heard you played College Football? Where did you play? Did you ever consider Professional Football?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Yes, I played 4 years of college football at Florida State Univ. 3 time all-american, Heisman trophy candiate, Lombardi candidate 4 time player of the game and I could go on and on....I played 4 years of prof. football. 1 year in Canada and 1 year in Tampa Bay.

WWFLive2: Here is a question from WarriorPS. . .

Question: Faarooq: WHy did you choose Sunny as your manager?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Judging first of all from the scenery, was there any doubt...I don't think I would have chosen Clarence Mason over Sunny. Faarooq is all man first of all....and I happend to think she looks quite well on my arm and she is a very good manipulator.

Question: What you did to Ahmed is horrible. Do you regret what you did?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: LOL I regret NOTHING! This is WAR. I was brought up fighting...in the streets, in football and it will continue in prof. wreslting. I have but one regret, that I didn't kick him in the heart.

Question: We all saw you beat Savio last night on Raw, what will be your strategy against Sycho Sid?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: There is no strategy...I don't make strategy out when I get in the ring. There is but one thing that is already figured out when I get into the ring...that is Pain for my opponent. That is the strategy for Sid.

Question: What do you feel is the biggest difference between WCW and the WWF??

WWFLive1: Faarooq: About 1500 miles. And, it makes no difference if it's WCW or WWF. It all means the same to me.

Question: Faarooq, How do you feel about Vince McMahon?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Vince McMahon is a business man and an honest man. Is is up front, not a coward and I like that.

Question: When you left WCW, do you have any hard feelings toward them?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: No. I was brought up fighting. I can take losing as well as winning because I know I will win most of the time. If I lose, I know it was my fault. The hard feelings from WCW were from the beatings that I put on everyone when I left.

Question: FAAROOQ, Who has been your toughest opponent in your career?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Well, I have had so many...each one I take as the toughest to that date. I always consider the next one coming to be the toughest. I beat them one at a time.

Question: What match has ben the greatest you have been in or witnessed?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I have witnessed alot of great matches...hard to say which one. For myself...both tag team champions...and of course becoming heavyweight champion. That is my plan now.

Question: What wrestler besides yourself past or present do you admire most?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I have no admiration for anyone else but myself.

Question: Faarooq, How do you handle the traveling?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I have flunkie that I make drive while I sleep!

Question: FAAROOQ, Do you think Sunny is doing a better job managing you than Teddy Long did?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Of course! Are you kidding??? Is there anything that I can compare that to? No! I don't think so!

Question: If you were not in Prof Wrestling..What would you be doing today?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Working with NASA building rockets.

Question: What wrestler would you like to wrestle but never had a chance to?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I never even thought about that. That doesn't cross my mind...it's like pulling names out of a hat for me. Whoever comes out is fine with me.

Question: Tell us about your training schedule.

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Of cours Prof. wrestling requires a rigorous training schedule. Fortunately for me, I don't have to do that much...when you've got it, you've got it. Watch the other guys train hard to get where I am....it's so good to be gifted.

Question: As a respected athlete, do you feel the WWF is only out to sell gimmicks?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: That is one stupid question...if you watch me wrestler, Undertaker, Vader...that's prof. wrestling. Theres no gimmick in that. Become a prof. wrestler and you'll find out.

Question: You seem to be atough individual, do you think wrestling is going back to the old style of wrestling?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Wrestling never left the old style as far as I am concerned. That's the way I was trained. That's the way I will continue to wrestle. Hardnosed.

Question: Over the years, what has changed in Prof. Wrestling?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Me.

Question: What do you like to do when you are not wrestling?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I bring home stuffed dolls of everyone I hate and kick them around the house.

Question: What is the name of your finisher?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: By now, all of you sittin at home can feel the pain of my finish. It's called the Tiger Bite.

Question: Being a role model for kids, what advice do you give them?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: My advice is this: Stay away from me!

Question: Do you still keep in touch with other wrestlers in the past?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Yes, I send flowers to them...and I weep with their families, because when I get through beating them mercilessly I send them flowers...

Question: What about Tag Teaming with someone?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Yes, I have thought about splitting myself in half and tagging out to me..that's the only way I can see it right now.

Question: What has been you greatest moment in Prof Wrestling? Being WCW Champion?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Note that I continuously have great moments because every time I look in the face of one of my opponents and put the Tiger Bite on them that is the greatest moment and I am always getting better.

Question: What is your opinion of Shawn Michaels? And do you think he will beat Mankind at In Your House?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I really don't care who wins or loses, I will say one thing for Shawn Michaels, he is still the WWF Champion...that speaks alot.

Question: WHy do you where that silly little thing on your head?... Could it possibly be to cover up your receding hair line, OLD MAN?!?!?!?!?

WWFLive1: Faarooq; I wear it so I can irritate dumb and very easily agitated fans like you!

Question: If you win the IC Title..You will be the second Afro American to win it. How will that make you feel?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: It will make me feel like....you know I just can't even think of how that will make me feel...because I really want to be the Federation Champion and the IC title is a stepping stone to that.

Question: Will you team up with Butch Reed again sometime?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: No.

Question: Farooq, will you challenge Bret Hart when he comes back?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I will challenge anyone.

Question: When your wrestling career is over, How do you want to be remembered?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: As one wrestler that tried to make as painful as possible for his opponents and was well loved by his fans.

Question: What do you think of Camp Cornette? Will you like to join?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: You speak of Jim Cornette as if he looks like Sunny...I don't think so. I have no feelings of Jim Cornette and I have no plans of being with him.

Question: When will you get a shot at Shawn Michaels?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I certainly hope so. Because when he gets out of that ring with me, they will have a new dance for him.

Question: FAAROOQ, You rule! How long will it take for you to get the respect you deserve in the WWF? Especially from Gorilla Monsoon.

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I believe the respect is already there. It doesn't take long. And...we'll rule together.

Question: Faarooq once you win the tournement who will you defend against first?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: I sure hope it's Ahmed Johnson...I am a kind man. And getting the job done, I have been taught...once you start something you must finish...need to take that other kidney out!

Question: You have known Vader for a long time? Will you face him again?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Maybe. He's known me for a long time...and we both know what we are capable of doing. I hope the better man will win if that happens.

Question: What is your opinion on the wrestlers in the WWF as of right now?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: THey are alot more meaner and better athletes...great athletes. That's what it takes to be a prof. wrestler.

Question: Looking back over your career any regrets?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: None...none at all.

Question: Do you miss Football?

WWFLive1: Faarooq: Not at all. Because I get to beat up more people in prof. wreslting.

WWFLive2: Well..that will do it...Thanks Faarooq for joining us tonight!! Good luck next week in IC Tournament!!!

WWFLive1: Faarooq: It's been a pleasure, I must say that I am so loved. If you truly want to see the athlete at his best...Monday night you will get your chance. It's what prof. wreslting is all about.

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