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Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw

Recently I had a chance to talk with Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw. Since his career started in the World Wrestling Federation, Justin has obtained some victories as well as suffered some devastating losses. Does the "Hawk" have what it takes to become a Federation Champion? Can he get over his recent loss to Freddie Joe Floyd and Sycho Sid? Can he win the Battle Royal and get a shot at the WWF Champion?

WWFmatrat: Justin, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: Well, this Texan has a lot of things on his mind. So, make it quick.

WWFmatrat: Let's first talk about Freddie Joe Floyd. After obtaining some impressive victories in the WWF, the whole world saw you get pinned by the underdog Freddie Joe Floyd. Would you say that was one of your most embarrassing losses?

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: Well, for your information, I had no problems with Freddie Joe Floyd. Freddie Joe Floyd was a lucky punk from Oklahoma who had no business being in the ring with me. And you know as well as I do that Oklahomans and Texans do not get along. Anything or anyone north of the Red River I do not like. You forgot to mention the fact that I have humiliated him as well as branded him on national TV. What more can I do?

WWFmatrat: OK, but last week on Monday Night Raw you were disqualified during your match with Sycho Sid. And even though you attacked Sid with your rope, he got up and powerbombed you and your manager Zeb. Would you say that your career in the WWF has taken a turn and gone downhill?

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: Absolutely not! How could you ask such a pathetic question? There is nothin' bad on the horizon for Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw. I will capture the Intercontinental Title or the WWF Title before long. The mistake I made with Sid was a youthful one. I should have stayed on him with my rope. I made the mistake and paid for it. Heck, sometimes boxers get caught with a bollo punch. I got caught with his bollo punch -- the powerbomb! But the one thing we did not find out -- could Sycho Sid pin me? I say he can't! And somewhere down the road we are goin' to cross paths and the outcome will be different.

WWFmatrat: The Battle Royal. Eleven WWF Superstars competing for a shot at the WWF Champion August 19, LIVE on Monday Night Raw. Bottom line, will you win the Rumble?

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: Have you ever been to a saloon in Texas? Well, people's bellies are filled with beer. There is sawdust on the floor and then, everyone goes in to a whompin' and stompin' fight. And they fight until there is one man standing. That's how I grew up and that is what I am use to. This Battle Royal will be no different. They have taken the barroom brawl and put it inside the ring. This type of fight is home to me. I love it and I am going to win it. There is no doubt in my mind that I will win and face the WWF Champion for the title!

WWFmatrat: Let's talk about SummerSlam. Will we see Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw at SummerSlam? And if we don't, is it because of your recent losses?

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: I certainly hope to be at SummerSlam. WWF President Gorilla Monsoon makes those decisions and if he does not put me on the card, it is a big mistake. The losses that I have suffered were youthful mistakes and will not happen again. If there is any justice in this world, then I will be on that card at SummerSlam. As far as who, I really don't care. But, one day I want a shot at the big guns in the WWF. Ahmed Johnson, Vader, Sid and Shawn Michaels -- those are four of the biggest superstars in the WWF. I want one of those guys. I think I deserve a shot at one of the four so-called top guys. Whether it be at SummerSlam or somewhere down the road, I will face these guys and prove to the world that I am the best in the WWF!

WWFmatrat: Well, thanks again Justin and good luck down the road in the WWF.

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: That's right boy, you better be thankful I didn't whoop you upside the head for asking some of these questions! The road that I'm travelling in the WWF will lead me straight to the gold, and I don't care who it is--Vader, Michaels, Ahmed, Sid--come my next chance, they fixin' to get knocked out by the Lariat!