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In Your House Chats: July 1996

OnlineHost: Welcome to the WWF on AOL!!!! LIVE coverage of IN YOUR HOUSE!

WWFLive2: Our fist guest tonight will be Gorilla Monsoon!

WWFLive2: We will ba starting in about 10 minutes!! Stay tuned!

WWFLive1: We are just waiting for Gorilla Monsoon to arrive!

WWFLive1: Welcome Gorilla Monsoon!!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Welcome once again everyone to another WWF Pay per view here in beautiful, and I do mean beautiful Vancouver BC. We have a great spectacle instore for you, I'm sure you will enjoy it immensely!

Question: Gorilla, What happened to Jake Roberts and is it true that Yoko will be taking his place and that Yoko lost some weight?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: There is a physical problem with Jake. We receved word from a hospital that he is currently in. It is at this point in time still up in the air as to who will replace him However, there are a great number of superstars here in the WWF more than willing to accept the task.

Question: Gorrilla what if Camp Corrnette gets out out of control what will you do

WWFLive1: Gorilla: I do not this evening, forsee a problem with Camp Cornette getting out of control because they are going to have their hands full. Aside from the lack of continuity on the team of Ahmed, Shawn and Sid, they have a great individual desire to once and for all close the big mouth of James E. Cornette.

Question: Bret Hart returning soon?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Bret Hart....I spoke to Bret last week. He is enjoying himself immensely but misses the competition. I am anticipating Bret's return by Halloween...or before.

Question: Hey Gorilla, what do you think of Marlena's advances of Sable?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Well, from what I can see that Marlena has been doing, I don't really think that they are advances. More of an attempt to distract, if anything.

WWFLive1: I may have to levy some fines or sanctions on Marlena if she keeps it up....or, take away her cigar :)

Question: How about some more ladder matches at Summerslam?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Not too many superstars would jump at the opportunity to sign a contract for a ladder match. It is probably the most dangerous match in all of prof. wrestling and could on any given night, terminate an individual's career. However, that does not mean we are not going to have any, because we are.

Question: When will the Ultimate Warrior be wrestling again?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Warrior will be wrestling again here in the WWF as soon as I receive his $250,000 appearance bond which he must post at my office in order to gain re-entry into the WWF. Let me re-itereate, one more time, that no one specific superstar is above answering to the loyal fans of the WWF.

Question: How soon do expect Brian Pellman to wrestle?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: It's hard to say when Brian Pillman will enter the squared circle. He had some very severe injuries in his near brush with death.I had hopes that that near brush with death might have effected him mentally as well as physically. But it is obvious that he is still a loose cannon.

WWFLive2: here is a question from USWALawler. . .

Question: Gorilla, How do you feel about the Return of Sid? I mean can the WWF take all of these Crazy People? The WWF has Vader, Pillman and Now Sid????? can the WWF take it?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Well, in this modern era of superstars here in the WWF, you have to be a little bit off-line just to survive. IMO, Sid is not as off the wall as he would like you to believe. However, it will be interesting to see how he interacts this evening with Shawn and Ahmed. That will really tell the story.

WWFLive2: Please send your qusetions in for WWF President Gorilla Monsoon!!!!


WWFLive1: Gorilla: As I sit here right now, I do not. So, it is highly unlikely that I will after the show. I am working on it...alot of the matches will be formulated after tonight. I know I have skirted the question very nicely :) but I am getting quite good at that!

Question: Gorilla, why didn't you force the Smoking Gunns to put the titles up tonight against the Body Donnas!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Titles here in the WWF, and that is inclusive for all the titles, only need to be defended every 30 days. So the Smoking Gunns could have had several other matches before having to put their titles on the line once again. I sanctioned the non-title match, not at the behest of Sunny, only because I thought it was a good idea at the time...and I still do.

Question: Gorilla, Chris asks, any chance of Stone Cold getting a title shot soon???

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Anyone who becomes WWF KOTR, is always in line for a title shot. That is a very prestigious accomplishment sought by all the superstars in the WWF. There is no question inmy mind that he will get a crack at gold here in the WWF in the very near future.

OnlineHost: thanks for stoping by..WWF President!! We will talk to you after the PPV!!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Sit back, relax and enjoy the event. I will get back with you when it's over.

WWFLive2: ok..we will give the line-up for tonight's card!!

WWFLive2: The Free-for-All match will be first...

WWFLive2: Savio Vaega vs. Justin Hawk Bradshaw!!

WWFLive2: The first PPV match will be The Body Donnas vs the Smoking Gunns!

WWFLive2: And the Body Donnas have an announcement to make

WWFLive2: the second match will be Mankind vs. ????? - It will be annouced at bell time!

WWFLive2: Stone Cold vs. Wildman

WWFLive2: then..The Undertaker vs. Goldust!!

WWFLive2: And finally...the 6-man Tag Team Match!!

WWFLive2: Shawn, Ahmed & Sid will face Bulldog, Vader & Owen!!

OnlineHost: We are moments away from the Free-For-All MATCH!!!

WWFLive2: Get ready for Savio and Justin LIVE on PPV!!

WWFLive2: We will have complete coverage of tonight's event!!!

WWFLive2: Along with PHOTOS!!!! So check out the photos in the In Your House Library!

WWFLive2: We will have Savio and the Hawk in here following their match!!

WWFLive2: We are just waiting for our next guest to arrive!! Stay tuned!

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome referee. . .Tim White!!

Question: Hey Tim, what matches are you doing tonight!

WWFLive1: Tim: From what I understand, the match with Mankind.

Question: Tim did you ever get hit by anyone?

WWFLive1: Tim: Most recently I was hit by Savio...he accidentally kicked me at WrestleMania.

Question: What do you think about Harvey being a Referee

WWFLive1: Tim: I don't like it. He is not qualified.

Question: Tim , who was the hardest wrestler you ever had to referee

WWFLive1: Tim: Right now, thehardest to keep under control would be Vader.

Question: Tim, does Sunny or Sable ever distract you with their body language?

WWFLive1: Tim: They try to distract me, but my job is what is going on in the ring.

Question: Hi Tim, what's the best match you've refereed?

WWFLive1: Tim: There are too many great matches with the superstars to name one. I would have to give you a list of about 100.

Question: TIM, who is your favorite wrestler??

WWFLive1: Tim: I like both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

Question: Hey TIm what do you say about all the criticism referees are getting today about not doing a good job?

WWFLive1: Tim: It's ok for people to critisize, but it's a difficult job to keep order when two monsters go at it in the ring. I try to ref every match to the best of my ability.

Question: Tim what do ya think of Mandkind?

WWFLive1: Tim: He is so unorthodox, even though he does posess wrestling skills, he is hard to work with in the ring.

OnlineHost: Well thanks for joining us Good luck tonight!!!

WWFLive1: Tim: Stay tuned!! This is going to be a great In Your House..

OnlineHost: The Free-For-All is over......

WWFLive2: Justin Hawk Bradshaw has defeated Savio Vega!! .

OnlineHost: Barry Horowitz has just joined us......Welcome Mr. Horowitz!!!

OnlineHost: Send your questions in for Barry!!!!!!

WWFLive1: Barry: Hello to all my fans!

Question: Was the best match of your life when you beat skip or zip?

WWFLive1: Barry: Skip


WWFLive1: Barry: I think Undertaker is an awesome competitor from the dark side and I think he will destroy Goldust....taking nothing away from Goldust.

Question: What do you think of newcomers..Pug & Sincere?

WWFLive1: Barry: I think they are very fair competitors.

Question: What do you think about Harvey changing his decision in the match with Owen Hart?

WWFLive1: Barry: I think the decision was right and very authorative on the referee's part. Plus, it added another victory for Barry Horowitz....hooray!

Question: Barry - it was nice to see some sportsmanship in your match with 'the Pug' - what do you think of all the cheating in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Barry: Well, I don't believe in it, even though I used to do it. I have mended my evil ways.

Question: Barry if you could tag with one person who would it be and why

WWFLive1: Barry: Shawn Michaels, the wrestling style is similar.

Question: Barry what do think of Sunny taking over the Smoking Gunns

WWFLive1: Barry: I don't!!

OnlineHost: Thanks Barry for stopping by!

WWFLive1: Barry: I'd like to thank all my fans for their supportiveness. Shalom to everyone! God bless you...thank you!

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Justin Hawk Bradshaw!!

WWFLive2: Justin and Zeb are hear!!

WWFLive1: Justin: Our match was a statement to Savio Vega.

Question: Congrats Justin! How did it feel to finally brand your first victim on a PPV? - RAZ

WWFLive1: Justin: It felt great to make a statement to the whole federation that I'm here and I am going to stay for awhile.

Question: Hawk, Chris asks, who would you like to tag with here in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Justin: I don't want to tag with anyone. I am having plenty of success as a single.

Question: Who do you think will win the 6-man tag team tonight on In Your House tonight and why?

WWFLive1: Justin: I am not here to make predictions. I was here only to beat Savio.

Question: How did it Feel to get beat by Freddie Joe Floyd?

WWFLive1: Justin: Sweat Love did you see that last match with Freddy Joe? Ask him how it felt to get branded and humiliated.

WWFLive1: Zeb: He ought to feel lucky to be in the same ring with Justin!

Question: Zebekiah, do you plan on expanding your stable or just staying with one wrestler?

WWFLive1: Zeb: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Question: Justin: Rumors are flying that your cousin "The Widowmaker" is coming in to tag with you. What are your feelings on this and how close are the two of you??

WWFLive1: Justin: The only thing I am thinking about today was beating Savio. I will deal with other issues as they come.

Question: Hawk - Who's next?

WWFLive1: Justin: Zeb makes the matches and whoever Zeb says, I will beat next.

Question: HAWK DO YOU LIKE SUNNY??????

WWFLive1: Justin: Sunny has been on more laps than a napkin. She's not my type.

WWFLive1: Zeb: She made the best move she ever made when she dumped those low life, miserable, bogus Body Donnas.

Question: What do you think of Marlena, Zeb?

WWFLive1: Zeb: I like her cigars.

Question: Do you intend on getting a finishing move soon?

WWFLive1: Justin: What have you been watching you goofy imbecile???

Question: How did you get your nickname "Hawk"?

WWFLive1: Justin: Because a Hawk is a predator, same as me.

Question: Why do you cheat?

WWFLive1: Justin: I don't cheat, I simply come to fight.

Question: Zebakiah what happened to Jacob and Eli Blue

WWFLive1: Zeb: I fired them. I sent them back to the hills. You can take them out of the hills, but you can't take the hills out of them They were holding me back.

Question: Zeb, were you once a wrestler?

WWFLive1: Zeb: Yes, I was. I'm thinking about going back in active competion. I don't think it would be that hard to whoop half of them myself.

Question: Is it true you want the Gunns, Zeb?

WWFLive1: Zeb: No, I don't want the Gunns. They are shooting blanks anyway.

WWFLive2: Thanks for joining us tonight!!!

WWFLive1: Zeb: I hate each and everyone of you....the only reason I am here is because I was forced to.

WWFLive2: The Body Donnas and Smoking Gunns are in the ring!!

WWFLive2: The Body Donnas are in control as we speak...

WWFLive2: We will keep you posted as the matches unfold!!

WWFLive2: In the Free-for-all..Justin defeated Savio..

WWFLive2: And right now..Billy is in the ring against Skip

WWFLive1: Stay tuned!! Lot's more superstars to come

WWFLive1: We are just waiting for our next guest to arrive!

WWFLive1: Marlena is here!!

WWFLive1: Please send in your questions for Marlena!!

WWFLive1: Marlena: Hello my little lowly extras.

Question: Marlena, are you actually interested in Marc Mero?

WWFLive1: Marlena: That's not where my interest lies.

Question: Do intend on managing other wrestlers besides Goldust?

WWFLive1: Marlena: Only if they are worthy.

Question: Marlena what do you think of Sable?

WWFLive1: Marlena: I think she is an exotic woman.

Question: What are in those gifts to Sable?

WWFLive1: Marlena: That's for Sable to know.

Question: Marlena are you going to line goldust up for another title shot soon?

WWFLive1: Marlena: Yes, after I take care of the business at hand.

Question: Why do you smoke a cigar?

WWFLive1: Marlena: Because I enjoy it immensely. My cigars are as much a part of me as you're taking in oxygen.

Question: Marlena, what is your opinion of Mark Mero?

WWFLive1: Marlena: He belongs in a B film


WWFLive1: Marlena: need only watch me each and every time I am with Goldust to answer that question.


WWFLive1: Marlena: Absoulutely...stay tuned.

Question: Are you going to set your eyes on Sunny, and if so can we watch?

WWFLive1: Marlena: Sunny is so bright...I'm interested in more exotic things right now.

OnlineHost: Thanks for taking the time to chat Marlena..Good luck tonight!


WWFLive2: Justin defeated Savio.....The Body Donnas defeated the Smoking Gunns!! AND Mankind is in the ring against....HOG!!!!

WWFLive2: Hog replaced Jake(who was sick and could not make it tonight)

WWFLive2: Mankind has just got HOG with the Mandable Claw!!

WWFLive2: It is over..Mankind has just defeated HOG!!

WWFLive2: Up next is Stone Cold Steve vs. Wildman Marc Mero!!!

WWFLive2: Stone Cold is now entering the ring!!!

WWFLive2: Stone Cold is in control at the moment

WWFLive2: Sable is in Wildman's corner!!! Looking good.

WWFLive2: Yes..Marlena is in the AOL Room

WWFLive2: We are LIVE on the PPV!!

WWFLive2: Marlena has just left the AOL Room

WWFLive2: Stone Cold and Wildman are battling inside the ring as we speak..

WWFLive1: Stay tuned!! We are just waiting for our next guest to arrive!

WWFLive1: WWF Fans, don't miss all the great music and video we uploaded in the Bodyslammin' Gallery this week! Also, lots of new photos!!

WWFLive2: Monday Night Raw LIVE tomorrow night!!

WWFLive2: The main event has been announced... Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson will face The WWF Tag Team Champion Smoking Gunns for the Tag Team Title!!

WWFLive2: Marlena has just strolled to ringside and handed Jerry Lawler an envelope!!

OnlineHost: The Body Donnas have just joined us!!

Question: Congrat on beating those fools....Are you gonna get a title shot?

WWFLive1: Zip: We better.

WWFLive1: Skip: We need all the people to get behind us and keep us motivated.

Question: Congratulations on your victory over the Gunns. Where is cloudy?

WWFLive1: Skip: Kloudi is home...she's a good friend, but her job was just to play mind games with Sunny. Now the games are over, and it's time for Zip and I to get serious.

Question: Skip and Zip, Chris asks, do you guys think that Sunny helps or hurts the Smoking Gunns?

WWFLive1: Skip: She does help as a distraction, but in the end, she's going to play them for fool just like she done me,my brother, and Phineas I. Godwin

Question: Do you wish Sunny would manage you again?

WWFLive1: Skip: At first I was upset, but now with the people behind us, Zip and I need no one but you guys.

Question: Are you going to show yourselves tomorrow on Raw when the Gunns defend their title?

WWFLive1: Skip: You never know where Zip and I are going to turn up, but we definitely will be watching.

Question: Do you feel that the key factor in your title reign was Sunny ?

WWFLive1: Skip: No, I feel the key factore was Zip and myself's wrestling ability.

Question: Skip, your a legend, Chris asks, do you miss the days of singles action!

WWFLive1: Skip: There is nothing I like better than teaming with my brother.

Question: How do you feel on the situation that occured with Sunny and Phineaus?

WWFLive1: Skip: Sunny got what she deserved.

Question: How different was Kloudi's training than Sunny's?

WWFLive1: Zip: Kloudi could bench press more than Sunny.

Question: Skip, are you planning on recruiting a new Body Donna?-Phoenix661

WWFLive1: Skip: No.

Question: Donnas who wins on Raw, Gunns or Shwan and Ahmed?

WWFLive1: Skip: We don't have any love for any of the four, but I have to give the advantage to the Gunns, because they have been a team longer.

Question: Skip do you think Sunny will leave the Gunn if they lose the belts

WWFLive1: Skip: In a stinkin' second.

Question: Why did you try and help that turncoat Sunny when she pretended that she collapsed?

WWFLive1: Zip: YEAH! WHY???

WWFLive1: Skip: Because my heart is bigger than my brain.

OnlineHost: Ok..thanks for joining us Body Donnas..Maybe we will see you both tomorrow night???

WWFLive1: Zip: I want to say thank you to everybody...especially RasslinGal.

WWFLive2: Ok..and Update on the matches at In Your House!!!

WWFLive2: Stone Cold defeated Marc Mero...and the Undertaker is punishing Goldust at the moment!

WWFLive2: UPDATE on the matches thus far...

WWFLive2: the Body Donnas defeated the Gunns(Non-title Match)

WWFLive2: Mankind defeated HOG(Hog replaced Jake)

WWFLive2: Stone Cold defeated the Wildman Marc Mero

WWFLive2: The Undertaker and Goldust are still battling in the ring as we speak!

WWFLive1: Don't forget to check out the new photos in the IYH gallery later tonight!!

WWFLive1: Also, Marlena asked us to remind you to check out her Director's Cut in the Beyond the Pages area!

WWFLive1: We are just waiting for our next guest to arrive!

WWFLive2: Update....Undertaker has just Tombstoned Goldust...

WWFLive2: However..Mankind busted through the mat, he pulled the Undertaker in.. the the Undertaker busted through the mat and attacked him from behind

WWFLive1: Steve Austin is here!! Send in your questions for Stone Cold Steve Austin!

OnlineHost: Welcome Steve Austin..Congrats on beating Wildman..

Question: Steve, Are you hoping to reunite with Pillman??--DEE

WWFLive1: Steve: Stone Cold is on a roll as a singles wrestler right now.

Question: Steve, Who's next?-Dennis

WWFLive1: Steve: Whoever the Federation wants to be the sacrificial lamb.

Question: Are you done with Mero now that you beat him twice?

WWFLive1: Steve: I should think so. How many times do I have to beat a man before he realizes he is a second rate athlete?

Question: Steve, will you be on the Summerslam card? If so, vs. who?

WWFLive1: Steve: I have no idea.

Question: What are your plans for Austin 3:19? :-)

WWFLive1: Steve: I haven't written that verse yet.

Question: Was winning the King of the Ring your greatest moment in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Steve: I don't think Steve Austin's greatest moment has come yet... but it will.

Question: Hey Stone Cold its cool what you did to Aldo and that pleminary on superstars...are you going to that this week?

WWFLive1: Steve: As a matter of fact I am, but this time it will be top notch talent.

WWFLive2: Ok..Steve..thanks for joining us tonight and Congratulations again!!!!

WWFLive1: Steve: See ya next time.

WWFLive2: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome Paul Bearer!!

WWFLive1: Paul: Will it ever end?? Will it ever end!! Once again my UT put Goldust down in the tombstone and once again Mankind appeared out of nowhere and pulled my UT through the floor of the ring into the darknes. Smoke was pouring out of the hole in the ring..all my UT's creatures of the night were chanting "Rest in Peach" and to everyone's surprise My UT came though the floor of the ring behind Mankind's back. And OH, what a surprise that was. My UT chased Mankind out of the ring. They fought down the aisle. They fought back through the corridors and ended up in the boiler room in the basement of the General Motors Place. It took 4 referees, 6 officials to get them apart. I don't know what is going to happen next, but I promise you that Mankind will pay in full and he will Rest In Peace.

WWFLive2: Thanks again Paul Bearer..

WWFLive2: the 6-man Tag Team match has just begun

WWFLive2: Shawn is taking on Vader inside the ring!

WWFLive1: That's it for Paul Bearer! Please stay with us!

WWFLive2: Sycho Sid has just entered the Ring..

WWFLive2: update at In Your House....

WWFLive2: Vadr is battling Shawn at the moment..

WWFLive2: Shawn is in trouble..

WWFLive2: Vader is in control..

WWFLive2: Vader is choking Shawn ..

WWFLive2: Looks like Shawn and his team are in trouble....

OnlineHost: We have just been joined by PIG!!!

WWFLive2: Welcome Pig!!

WWFLive2: Can you comment on HOG losing to Mankind?

WWFLive1: PIG: I feel that Henry did very well in his singles match against Mankind. I don't think he knew what he was getting into with Mankind, but then, who does. All in all I think he did very welll to represent our family and all the hillbillies around the world. And now it's time to concentrate on getting the world tag-team titles back..that is our focus right now.

Question: How do you feel about Sunny now??

WWFLive1: PIG: I finally realized that what she wanted was not me, just the belts. I don't like her very much right now.

Question: PIG: I was at the Chicago show and you waved to me!!!! Your cool!!! Will you slop Sunny again?

WWFLive1: PIG: Sure I will!

Question: PIG, what do you think about the lack of competition in the tag team ranks right now? Do you wish more teams would come in?

WWFLive1: PIG: I wish there was more of a field of tag teams in the WWF. The only team that I am really interested right now though, is the Smoking Gunns.

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us PIG!!!!

WWFLive2: UPDATE at IN Your House..

WWFLive2: Camp Cornette has just defeated Shawn, Ahmed & Sid!!

WWFLive2: Vader pinned Shawn after Cornette held Shawn's leg..And the Vader hit Shawn with a VADER BOMB!! However, Shawn, Sid and Ahmed attacked Cornette's troups after the match... A melee broke out...However, Camp Cornette was victorious!

WWFLive1: Ok, we are just waiting to see who else we can get on here tonight!

WWFLive1: We are hoping to get someone from Camp Cornette to join us!

WWFLive1: Stay tuned!!

WWFLive1: Just a reminder....tonight we will have photos uploaded into the In Your House Gallery!

WWFLive1: Also, if you haven;t already, check out all of the new sounds and videos in the Bodyslammin' Gallery!

WWFLive1: We have a few more superstars to come tonight!

WWFLive1: Stay with us!

WWFLive2: FINAL RESULTS fron Vancouver!!!!

WWFLive2: Free - For-all match....the Body Donnas defeated the smoking Gunns

WWFLive2: Mankind defeated HOG!!!Hog replaced Jake.

WWFLive2: Steve Austin defeated Marc Mero

WWFLive2: The Undertaker defeated Mankind!

WWFLive2: AND Camp Cornette defeated Shawn, Ahmed and Sid!!

WWFLive2: We will try ang get a comment from Jim Cornette

WWFLive2: Stay Tuned!

WWFLive2: We will also try and get a comment fron Sycho Sid and Gorilla Monsoon!!

WWFLive1: Have you played WWF Trivia yet?

WWFLive1: Check out the WWF trivia game in the Cool Stuff area!!

WWFLive1: Ok folks we have Sycho Sid here!

WWFLive1: Sid: Being my first match back, it was a close one. I wish I could have went back and put a little more thought into it with the Cornette Camp.

Question: Are you going to challenge Vader?

WWFLive1: Sid: That's up to WWF...I welcome all challengers and Vader is one of those! I'm sure I will be up for it.

Question: Sid, where have you been? and welcome back....

WWFLive1: Sid: I have been home...I had a fractured vertebrae and I had to take some time off.

Question: Sid, Great Job tonight!!!! What are your next plans?

WWFLive1: Sid: Things are happening pretty fast...I'm going to have to think about it. Both titles are in the hands of friends of mine. Coming back I will have to work to get my status up to where I deserve a title shot.

Question: Do you respect Shawn Micheals more now he has 'opened the gates of hell and let this man out' for the second time ?

WWFLive1: Sid: Of course.

WWFLive2: Thanks for joining us Sid..Welcome back!!!

WWFLive2: Boy..Is he a big dude!!!

WWFLive2: Thanks.......again Sid!

WWFLive2: We will have the WWF President in here in a few minutes..Stand-by

WWFLive2: Everyone please welcome WWF President Gorilla Monsoon!!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Once again, the WWF at In Your House far surpassed everyone's expectations, including mine. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Question: What are your comments on the 6-man Tag Match?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: In a 6 man match, anything can happen. It's a tough job for the refs. There was a lot of double teaming and triple teaming. It was, IMO one of the best 6 man tags I have seen in a long time.

Question: Gorilla, is the Mankind--Undertaker match at Summer Slam going to be a falls count anywhere match?

WWFLive1: Anyone who didn't get excited during that match, needs to see their cardiologist. Hopefully we will find a nice, dark, dingy smelly boiler room somewhere, throw these individuals in, and see what happens. It's the only way you will settle this.

Question: What's up Gorilla? What's the main event at Summerslam?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: If it was up to Cornette, he would like to be the main event. I have not made that decision though. A win over the WWF champion over any format is certainly important, but it was not a one on one confrontation.However it certainly warrants my giving it some thougt. I will have alot of time to do that as I drive from Vancouver to Seattle. But to answer more directly, the only match sanctioned so far is UT vs. Mankind. And believe me, lake Erie will never be the same.

WWFLive2: Thanks again WWF president Gorilla Monsoon!!!

WWFLive2: Ok...folks..The Informer has just joined us!!

WWFLive2: The Informer has just joined us LIVE!!

WWFLive1: Informer: I got one ear to the wall and one finger on my keyboard.

WWFLive1: Rumors are bouncing off the walls that Sunny might very well be debuting her new singles wrestler tomorrow night on RAW. Even though I can't confim this story at this point, I saw Sunny talking to a certain individual in a secluded area of the General Motors Place and if this individual does turn out be her new singles man, the Federation is in for a rude awakening. And yes, you have seen this individual before. I am also speculating that tomorrow night on RAW the SummerSlam match that the world anticiapates will be made by Gorilla Monsoon. And it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Vader.

Question: Informer, who are the 3 x-champs?

WWFLive1: Informer: In terms of the 3 x champs returning, I am also confident that in some shape we will be seeing one on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night.

Question: What are some speculated matches for Summerslam?

WWFLive1: Informer: Here's another rumor that you are going to hear first from the Informer. Even though he has not yet been introduced, one of my informers have informed me, the Informer, that Sunny is already lobbying her new man to get a shot at the IC title at Summerslam.

Question: Will Sid get any title shots soon, will Sunny manage him?

WWFLive1: Informer: I believe, before the year is out, that Sid will get a well-deserved title shot. However I am not going to speculate on which title. I don't however, forsee Sunny managing him.

WWFLive2: Thanks for joining us tonight Informer!

WWFLive1: Informer: Before I leave, let me tell you this...yes, I have been informed by my informers that there is a working relationship between Mankind and Goldust and we have not seen the end of it. Until next time, this has been the Informer.

WWFLive2: Ok..the Final Results from tonight's In Your House!!!

WWFLive1: Don't forget to check out the In Your House Gallery!

WWFLive1: We have already started uploading photos from tonight's event!! Check them out!

WWFLive1: To find the photos, go to the Photo Library and click on In Your House Gallery. Also, join MatRat live from TV tapings in Seattle tomorrow night!

WWFLive1: You never know who may join him in the chat room!

WWFLive2: FINAL RESULTS: Justin Hawk Bradshaw defeated Savio Vega...The Body Donnas defeated the Gunns.. Mankind beat HOG, Austin beat Mero, Undertaker beat Goldust, and Camp Cornette won! Goodnight!

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