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King of the Ring '96 Chats


OnlineHost: Welcome to the WWF on AOL!!!!

OnlineHost: We will be covering the King of the Ring LIVE from Milwaukee!!! We will have complete coverage of the event.....WWF Superstars comments following their match..And photos of the EVENT!!

WWFLive2: Send your questions in for each Superstar!!!!

OnlineHost: Get ready for WWF action LIVE on AOL!!!

OnlineHost: Welcome President Gorilla Monsoon!

WWFLive2: Gorilla: Welcome Everyone to the 1996 KOTR!

WWFLive1: Please send your Questions in for President Gorilla Monsoon!!!

WWFLive2: in Milwaukee. The tension in the air here in the arena is so thick you could cut it with a knife. This will undoubtedly be the greatest King of the Ring in the history of the WWF.

Question: Gorilla, are you afraid of what Pillman might do?

WWFLive2: Gorilla: Well right now in the condition that Pillman is in, I am not too worried about what he can do physically...but mentally I'm not sure that he won't undermine a lot of great work that has gone on here in the WWF. It thought perhaps his near brush with death might have given him an attitude adjustment. However it is obvious that it didn't,. Just like any other WWF superstar, he is obliged to comply with our rules and regulations.

Question: How could you allow Mr. Perfect To be guest ref??????

WWFLive2: Gorilla: I thought I'd covered all the bases on this question. I will spell it out once again. I had already been contemplating a guest referee for this title bout...of which Mr. Perfect was already on my very short list. And in order to Alleviate any further litigation here in the WWF...which is the last thing we need, I agreed to let Mr. Perfect be the guest referee. He will make a competent referee because he knows his way around the squared circle. And even as a guest referee he is obliged to follow the rules here in the WWF. If he does not, life for Mr. Perfect here in Milwaukee could be less than perfect.

WWFLive1: Send your questions in for the President!

Question: Who will face the winner of the championship match?

WWFLive2: Gorilla: Whoever wins the KOTR tonight stands a pretty good chance of being deemed number 1 contender...however there is a long list of WWF superstars who have already met the criteria for being no 1 challenger. So, we will just have to wait, won't we??

OnlineHost: Ok..thanks President Gorilla Monsoon. .

OnlineHost: We will try and get a few comments from President Monsoon following King of the Ring!

OnlineHost: The first match tonight will be the Free for ALL match. . .

OnlineHost: The Body Donnas will have a NEW manager tonight!

OnlineHost: LIVE on the Free for All!

WWFLive1: It will start at 6:30pm ET! We will get comments..from the Body Donnas & Rockers following the match!

WWFLive1: OK..lets take a poll on the match tonight. . .

WWFLive1: Free for All match Body Donnas & Rockers!

WWFLive1: Type in 1 For Body Donnas....2 for Rockers.


WWFLive1: ok..lets check the results! THE POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED.

OnlineHost: **** Poll Results From the Auditorium **** : Total Votes Cast:10 : 1) 6 votes or 60% 2) 4 votes or 40% : 3) 0 votes or 0%

WWFLive1: Wow..60% of the WWF Fans have voted for the Body Donnas!! We need some more voters! You people have to start voting!!

WWFLive1: O.K...the EVENT is about to start!!

Question: Who do you think will win the King of the Ring ???

WWFLive1: Get ready for WWF action...THE KING OF THE RING!!!

WWFLive1: Ok..we are LIVE!!!! The arena is SOLD OUT!!!...Who will be King of the Ring????Find out tonight!!!!

OnlineHost: We have also been informed Brian PIllman is HERE tonight!!! Who knows what the "loose cannon" will do??..Find out here first!

OnlineHost: Savio Vega is here with us!! Please send in your questions for Savio!! Savio Vega is here with us!! Please send in your questions for Savio!!

WWFLive1: Savio will give us a few comments on the Free for All match!!

OnlineHost: The Body Donnas have just introduced their NEW manager.....Its not Sunny.... Its..CLOUDY!:(..yuk ..what a dog!

Question: Who do you think will win Ahmed or Goldust?

WWFLive2: Savio: Ahmed is very mad right now.So before he wins the title, if he wins tonight, he's gonna beat up Goldust!

Question: Who do you think will be KOTR?

WWFLive2: Savio: It's going to be tough matches...but I believe that Vader could be the winner.

Question: What do you think of Brian Pillman, Savio?

WWFLive2: Savio: I never met him, lets see what he can do here in the WWF!

Question: What is your next goal in the WWF?

WWFLive2: Savio: I'm going to try to get the IC...whether it's Goldust or Ahmed Johnson!

Question: Do you want a rematch with Stunning the score is 2-2 you know...

WWFLive2: Savio: Of course, why not? I'd like a street fight match or another Caribbean match...what ever.

Question: Savio, Who do you think will win between the tag champs and the Godwinns?

WWFLive2: Savio:That's a tough one....I hope the Godwinns are gonna win.

Question: Savio, are you proud of ending the GREAT career of one Ted DiBiase in the WWF?

WWFLive2: Savio: Of course!

OnlineHost: Sunny is here!! She would like to comment on the new manager!

WWFLive1: And man.....did Sunny look good tonight:))

WWFLive1: Well..its over..The Body Donnas have just defeated the Rockers!!!

WWFLive2: Sunny: I don't know what these guys are thinking with this beast they call a chick, but there is no way she even remotely compares to me!

WWFLive2: Sunny: Sable? Hardly! You should see her up close, she's got the wrinkles of a 40 year old woman..

Question: Will you stay with the Gunns?

WWFLive2: Sunny: As long as they've got the gold and Billy makes me happy.

Question: Any Suprises from you tonight Sunny?

WWFLive2: Sunny: You never know what I'm up to!

Question: So, Billy is like your boyfriend?

WWFLive2: Sunny: I didn't say that...but he seems to be the one with the lip locks lately.

Question: Are you going to do another photo shoot for RAW Magazine?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Yes...this month we have a really cool photo shoot scheduled. Make sure you keep buying the magazines to catch it.

Question: Sunny, What do you think of the Ultimate Warrior?

WWFLive2: Sunny: I don't.

Question: Sunny why did you break Phenneas's heart?

WWFLive2: Sunny: why not? I break everyoneís heart. Maybe I should be the Heartbreak Kid!

Question: How do you and Marlena get along?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Marlena and I have a wonderful relationship. Two women with more power than any man in the WWF. What more can you ask for?

Question: Sunny, Who will win, Shawn or Bulldog?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Definitely Bulldog. Shawn's a pervert for hitting on another man's woman.

OnlineHost: Ok..thanks Sunny for joining us..We will talk to you later after the WWF Tag Teams.

OnlineHost: Ok...Everyone welcome the Body Donnas..and their NEW manager Cloudy:(((

OnlineHost: Congratulation on your win tonight..Can you comment on the match?

WWFLive2: Skip: The Rockers definitely are a tough team. And I thought the people got the best match on the KOTR and got one heck of a bombshell in Cloudy.

WWFLive2: Zip: Match was great!

WWFLive2: Cloudy: I'm gonna lead my boys to the top...I'm gonna help them train and get them all ready...they are already like new men if you know what I mean : ) : )

Question: Body Donna where did you find that Beast, Cloudy?

WWFLive2: Skip: First of all, you don't call the woman a beast, just because she has a hormonal problem and may have gotten a few tattoos when she served our country.

Question: Body back time for Sunny ?

WWFLive2: Skip: It was payback to Sunny for 6 years of headgames. We're showing we can play our own games now.

WWFLive2: Cloudy: There is a storm a-brewing.

Question: Great job Guys...When will you guys get a titleshot?

WWFLive2: Cloudy: Well, Iím pushing for one right away! Where's that hunk of a man, Monsoon?

WWFLive1: OK..thanks again Body Donnas...and Cloudy:(..Boy is she ugly:(

WWFLive1: Or is that a he/she?

WWFLive1: Well....the Body Donnas have just won the Free-for-All....

WWFLive1: We will try and get the rockers in here for a comment....

WWFLive1: AND get ready ..the King of the Ring is about to START!

WWFLive1: The first match will be ..Semifinal match between Austin and Wildman!!

WWFLive1: This just in Owen Hart will be a guest commentator for The King of the Ring!

WWFLive1: Hmmmm..Owen at ringside..that seems like trouble!!!

WWFLive1: Stone Cold has just entered the Ring...This should be a great match!

WWFLive1: The WILDMAN & Sable have just entered the ring...

OnlineHost: Welcome The Rockers!!

WWFLive2: Please send in your questions for The Rockers!!

WWFLive1: Hello Rockers..a tough loss...can you comment on the match..& Cloudy?

WWFLive2: Marty: I think we kicked their butt...and we will do it again.

WWFLive2: Leif: And that Cloudy...grrrrrrrrrr :)

WWFLive2: Marty: Next time we're bringing a valet...a midget named Partly Cloudy :)

Question: Who do you guys think will win the king of the ring?

WWFLive2: Leif: I think Stone Cold Steve Austin is a real cool guy.

WWFLive2: Marty: Leif Cassidy :)

WWFLive2: Leif: My personal vote for KOTR is Cloudy.

Question: Leif, how was the kiss?

WWFLive2: Leif: She needs a tic tac.

Question: Leif: Which show do you like better The Brady bunch or The Partridge Family?

WWFLive2: Leif: They are both really groovy

Question: Marty, who do you see winning the Bulldog/Michaels match?

WWFLive2: Marty: Who's Michaels?

WWFLive2: Leif: Who cares

Question: Aren't you ever distracted by Sunny when you wrestle the Smoking Guns?

WWFLive2: Marty: We haven't wrestled the Smoking Gunns...dumb ass!

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us guys..Tough loss!

WWFLive2: Leif: Everybody keep rockin', I'm groovin outa here to watch Nick at Nite with all my favorite programs.

WWFLive2: Marty: Anything can happen here in the WWF especially when the Rockers are involved. Now I'm going to get my KC and the Sunshine band 8 tracks and groove a little cuz that's the way I like it :)

WWFLive2: Thanks Rockers!!

WWFLive1: Thanks again guys!!!!

WWFLive1: Earth to the Rockers ...Earth to the Rockers?????????

WWFLive2: Folks, stay tuned because we have a lot of superstars to come!!

WWFLive2: Also, we will be polling for a name for the Newsletter!!

WWFLive2: The choices for the newsletter...written by WWFBBanks :)...will be: WWF In Your Mailbox, Full Body Press, and In Your Face think about it and we will ask you to vote later on!

WWFLive1: update on the match. . .

WWFLive1: Austin & Mero are going toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring! Sable is at ringside..AND she looks great!

WWFLive2: O.K., we're just waiting for our next guest!

OnlineHost: Barry Horowitz has just joined us!! Please send in your questions for Barry!

Question: Welcome Barry..Can you give us a comment on the Mero vs. Austin match?

WWFLive1: AUSTIN just beat MERO

WWFLive2: Barry: It was a fantastic feat of athleticism! And, a classic wrestling match.

Question: Hi Barry. So who do you think will win KOTR?

WWFLive2: Barry: hmmmm....I think Stone Cold Steve Austin. It doesn't mean I like him, but I'm going by wrestling ability, not friendship.

Question: Barry, What do you think of the call by Harvey Wippleman in the match between you and Owen Hart?

WWFLive2: Barry: I thought it was a fantastic call, by the book.

Question: Dear Barry, Was Shawn Mad at you for restraining him on RAW last Monday?

WWFLive2: Barry: No, not at all. I think he was kind of glad I was there...then maybe I don't He was glad because he didn't get to finish what he intended to do. But he will finish it tonight.


WWFLive2: Barry: I don't see it in the near future. I rely on basic matches...solo.

Question: Barry, Who do you think will win, Undertaker or ManKind???

WWFLive2: Barry: I think the UT because as all the fans know, he is from the dark side and the dark side is unpredictable. But let's not count Mankind out because I think he is from his own dark side.

Question: Barry who is the next wrestler you have your eye on to try and defeat?

WWFLive2: Barry: Zip

Question: You know Owen Hart beat you fair and square and if he didnít let go of the Sharpshooter you would of broke your legs. donít you?

WWFLive2: Barry: Not necessarily. Maybe my back :)

WWFLive1: Well thanks Barry Horowitz.....Good luck in the WWF!!

WWFLive2: Barry: Thanks to all my supporting fans...Shalom to everyone.

WWFLive2: Marc Mero and Sable will be on next!

WWFLive1: Update on the Vader vs. Jake match.....

WWFLive1: Jake has upset Vader..Jake DDT'ed Vader..AND while he did it..Vader pulled the referee down ..And he disqualified Vader! Jake Roberts has advanced!! So...Jake Roberts will take on Stone Cold to see who will be KING OF THE RING!

WWFLive1: O.K...the WWF Tag Team Title is about to start..between the Godwinns & Gunns!

WWFLive1: Winners thus far at King of the Ring...Free for all---Body Donnas!

WWFLive1: Semifinal action ....Austin defeated Mero...

WWFLive1: And in other Semifinal action....Jake Roberts defeated....Vader

OnlineHost: Welcome The Wildman Marc Mero and Sable!

WWFLive2: Wildman: The word disappointment is an understatement at this point...All I ask is for a rematch against Stone Cold.

Question: Where did you go wrong in the match?

WWFLive2: Wildman: I think Stone Cold slowed me down with the concrete floor. At that point of the match, I was seeing double.

Question: Are you satisfied that you made it to the semifinals?

WWFLive2: Wildman: I'm not satisfied. I came prepared. I came in tip top shape. I am very disappointed but I will be back tomorrow.

Question: Who do you think will win now Austin or Jake?

WWFLive2: Wildman: I think Steve Austin is the man to beat.

Question: The Wildman versus the Loose Cannon...what do you think Mark?

WWFLive2: Wildman: I was very happy to see Brian Pillman in the WWF and welcome the opportunity to fight him.

Question: Marc, If you could pick one WWF Superstar to be your tag team partner who would it be and why?

WWFLive2: Wildman: I really have become good friends with Ahmed Johnson. I look forward to him beating Goldust tonight and hopefully being my tag team partner in the future.

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us..Wildman..and Sable..good luck in the WWF!

WWFLive1: The Gunns and Godwinns are locked up in a tight battle!!

WWFLive1: And with Sunny in her Cowgirl outfit..she looks great:)

OnlineHost: Don't forget June 30th we will have Trivia Championship night! At 9pm ET!!!

WWFLive1: Be could win a chance to go to SummerSlam!!!

WWFLive1: An update on the match..

WWFLive1: The Smoking Gunns have just defeated the Godwinns!!!

WWFLive1: The Gunns have kept their title!

WWFLive1: Update on the matches!!!

WWFLive1: The Body Donnas were winners..

WWFLive1: Steve Austin won in semifinal action..

WWFLive1: Austin will face Jake, who defeated the King of the Ring finals later on in the show.

WWFLive1: And the WWF Tag Team Champion Smoking Gunns have defeated the Godwinns!

WWFLive2: Next match is Warrior vs. Lawler...should be interesting!

WWFLive1: Lawler has entered the ring..AND He cannot shut his trap!!

WWFLive1: He sure is bragging...about beating the Warrior!!

WWFLive1: Well.. here comes the WARRIOR!!!

WWFLive1: We will try and get a comment in from the Godwinns in a few minutes!!

WWFLive1: O.K...get ready Sunny and the Gunns are in the AOL room!!

WWFLive2: Hey sunny is here!!!

WWFLive2: Sunny: the Gunns are right next to me

WWFLive2: Iím now sitting in Billyís lap. No, Billy, not in public!!!! PHINEAS IS JUST A BIG DUMB IDIOT AND HEíS BEEN LOOKING AT TOO MANY PIGS LATELY--IE:SABLE

WWFLive1: Update at King of the Ring!!!

WWFLive1: The Warrior has just defeated Jerry Lawler!!!

WWFLive2: Sunny will be right back to answer some more questions!

WWFLive1: Mankind has just entered the ring!

WWFLive1: Update so far...The Body Donnas defeated the Rockers

WWFLive1: Steve Austin defeated Marc Mero....Jake defeated Vader....The Gunns defeated the Godwinns....and The Warrior has defeated Lawler!

WWFLive2: Sunny will be back in a moment to take some questions! Send your questions in for Sunny!

WWFLive1: Ok..the Undertaker and Paul Bearer have just entered the Ring..

WWFLive2: Keep sending in your questions for Sunny, she will be here in a moment!

WWFLive1: Who will win the battle of the Mind Game!!!

WWFLive2: It's a little nutty here backstage...lots of excitement!

WWFLive2: Sunny: Hey yall! Sunny is in the house!

WWFLive1: Hi Sunny..welcome Back!:)

Question: Sunny, like your outfit! Were you afraid of Cloudy?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Thanks babe, I made it myself. Am I afraid of Cloudy? I'm afraid to look at Cloudy!

Question: Sunny - Do you consider yourself a goldigger!

WWFLive2: Sunny: I consider myself an ambitious young career woman that just so happens to have the gold.

Question: Billy and Bart, why the new bad attitude?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Billy and Bart don't have a bad attitude, it's a winning attitude. Everyone knows, nice guys always finish last.

Question: Sunny who do you think is the second most beautiful person in the world(of course without a doubt you're the first) ?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Professional body builder Roland Kickenger.

Question: Sunny, who do you like better, Marlena or Sable?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Definitely Marlena. Sable's got the brain of a shriveled pea.

Question: Sunny any plans to do a Playboy shoot soon?

WWFLive2: Sunny: If I ever pose for Playboy you will all be the first to know via WWF on America Online.

Question: it true you exposed yourself in St. Louis?

WWFLive2: Sunny: Impossible! I use double stick tape to keep everything secure so it's a figment of your imagination.

WWFLive1: Thanks Sunny..

WWFLive2: Sunny: See you all....I will be on in the chat room tomorrow! Talk to you then!

WWFLive1: OK..the KING is here...Everyone welcome Jerry "The King" Lawler!!

WWFLive1: Ok..King..Can you comment on your entrance and your match?

WWFLive2: King: Probably one of the reasons that I was unsuccessful in my match with the Warrior was because I was so distracted by the hideous abominations sitting at ringside. I've never in my entire career seen such an ugly audience. And they kept yelling at me trying to get my attention. These are the kind of people who probably talk back to their TV at home. One girl at ringside had the nerve to ask me out! I told her, "I don't date outside my species."

Question: Lawler why must you be so rude to people.? you wont get respect unless you give it.

WWFLive2: King: Because I am truly the King, if it feels good, I do it. I park in handicapped spaces. Live in a glass house and I still throw stones. I serve corn on the cob to old people with dentures. I make scary faces at babies. I tell little children the truth about Santa Clause...I like to give lost people directions and leave out a turn or two. And I absolutely refuse to have a nice day. I am the king and I do what I please.

Question: King, you got your tailed kicked tonight..Remember when you kissed your own foot--thanks to Bret Hart?

WWFLive2: King: Did you idiots see the tape on my hands? When I arrived in this hick-town, I pulled into a fast food restaurant to get a cup of coffee and the moron at the drive thru spilled the scalding hot coffee on my hands, and even though I was in excruciating pain and should never have even wrestled, I still gave the Ultimate Warrior the toughest battle he has ever had. If I had been 100% I would have won easily.

Question: King, don't you think you should hang up your boots and retire? Got an answer for that Big mouth?

WWFLive2: King: The only think I am going to hang is the Ultimate Warrior. I framed him on Raw and after you frame a picture you hang it.

WWFLive1: Thanks for joining us KING!

WWFLive2: King: I gotta go now, but I've got more plans for the Ultimate Warrior tomorrow night on Raw to find out what they are.

WWFLive2: The Godwinns will be joining us next!!

WWFLive1: WELL..the Pig farmers are Here!!!!

WWFLive1: Howdy Hillbilly Jim, PIG & HOG!!!!

WWFLive1: Send your question in for the Hillbilly family!

WWFLive1: Can you guys comment on the match?

WWFLive2: Hillbilly: First of all, I think we proved something even though we did not win. Henry and I are very happy that PIG tonight showed that Sunny no longer has any kind of spell on him.

WWFLive2: HOG: I'm glad that PIG has finally come to his senses. And he hasn't forgotten where he came from. A country boy can survive.

WWFLive2: PIG: I talked to HOG and Hillbilly and I finally realized that Sunny was only after the belts...the Gunns should really think about what they have gotten into with Sunny.

Question: Hey Henry, why do you stay with Phineas if he always messes up?

WWFLive2: HOG: PIG did good tonight, the Gunns hit him with the boot and blood is thicker than water.

Question: What do all three guys think of Cloudy?

WWFLive2: PIG: I can guarantee that I will not fall in love with it.

WWFLive2: HOG: But, it does have a pretty mouth! :)

Question: What is next for the Godwinns?

WWFLive2: Hillbilly: The Godwinns are going to keep on doing what the Godwinns do best and that's go to the ring every day and scuffle the very best they can! And our big goal is to become the WWF tag team champions for the second time.

OnlineHost: Thanks Boys..good luck down the WWF Tag Team road!!!!

WWFLive1: An update on the matches thus far!!!

WWFLive1: Body Donnas defeated Rockers...Austin defeated Wildman...Jake defeated Vader

WWFLive1: The Gunns defeated Godwinns...Warrior defeated Lawler!!!

WWFLive1: Ok..we have Paul Bearer here..welcome Paul

OnlineHost: Can you comment on the match between Undertaker vs. mankind?

WWFLive2: Paul: Oh I can't believe it. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that this match would have ended like it did.

WWFLive2: Mankind stole my sacred urn. And all I was trying to do was to get it back. And then when I was on the apron of the ring, Mankind put his mandible claw on the UT. My only choice was to retaliate by hitting mankind with my urn. Who would have ever thought that Mankind would move and I would hit my own UT with our own urn. But what a match it was. My UT and mankind went at it from pillar to post the entire match. I knew that my UT had Mankind beat. But there will be another time, another place, another match.

WWFLive2: So Mankind, here is your warning. You will go down at the hands of the grim reaper. Rest in Peace!

WWFLive1: An update on the match between Ahmed vs. Goldust...

WWFLive1: Ahmed started strong...However, Goldust has battled back and is in control with a sleeper

OnlineHost: We will try and get Mr. Cornette in here for a few comments


WWFLive1: WE have a NEW Intercontinental Champion!!!

WWFLive1: Ahmed Johnson used a Pearl River Plunge and PINNED Goldust!! The movie is over..the credits have rolled ....Ahmed is the NEW Champion!!

WWFLive1: And..wait one minute...Brian Pillman walking down to the ring!

WWFLive1: Pillman is being interviewed by Jim Ross!

WWFLive1: Pillman is telling everyone..Nobody can stop him!! He is going to rape and pillage the entire WWF!! Yes..the walking time bomb is out of Control!!!

WWFLive1: The FINALS of the King of the Ring Tournament is about to start! Stone Cold vs. Jake Roberts!!!

WWFLive1: Who will be the KING???? It will be settled in a few minutes!

WWFLive1: Steve Austin , who suffered 16 stitches in his mouth when he battled Mero, AND Jake , who has Rib damage thanks to Vader, are going at it right NOW!

WWFLive1: Winners thus far: Body Donnas, Austin, Jake, Gunns, Warrior, Mankind!!!

WWFLive1: Ok...UPDATE at King of the RING....

WWFLive1: Gorilla Monsoon has just entered the Ring...and wanted to stop the match. because the Snake's ribs are broken. However, Jake wants to continue!!!!

OnlineHost: Brian Pillman is here!! Please send in your questions for him!!

WWFLive2: Brian: I'm here, take advantage of an opportunity to talk with the hottest property, the greatest marquee performer in the history of wrestling..consider this your 15 mins of fame. Take advantage of it now or go back to the quagmire of self doubt that you languish in each and every day of your sorry lives.

Question: Pillman, who is your first target here in the WWF?

WWFLive2: Brian: Whoever crosses my path.

Question: What do you expect to accomplish in the WWF?

WWFLive2: Brian: I expect to take whatever I want the victor go the spoils.

Question: When shall we see you in action?

WWFLive2: Brian: If I could get a medical release from the quack doctors that have become the biggest ball and chain I've ever encountered in my life.

WWFLive1: Ok..Brian Pillman thanks for joining us on AOL.

WWFLive2: Brian: Now that you have had your brush with greatness, you can return to your pathetic existence. Hopefully I will never be imposed upon by this reprehensible forum again.

WWFLive1: Ok..Mr. Pillman ....thanks again..

WWFLive1: We will now Have a word from King of the Ring Champion STEVE AUSTIN!

WWFLive1: Congratulations Steve Austin. . .

WWFLive2: Steve: The King of the Ring is here...It's long overdue, Steve Austin is now the KOTR.

WWFLive1: Ok..the WARRIOR is here LIVE!!!

WWFLive1: Warrior . . .great match!

Question: How did it feel to beat the King?

WWFLive2: Warrior: It feels great anytime you beat someone who challenges the power of the Warrior!

Question: When will you seek a title shot?

WWFLive2: Warrior: Unfortunately the big business that sports entertainment is, chances are a fan favorite vs. fan favorite match will not take place for some time. Until then, we will deal with what is.

Question: How do you get information to attend Warrior University?

WWFLive2: Warrior: There is an information package that answers all of your questions. By sending $9.95 to Warrior University 10320 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale Arizona, our first class with 30 students is July 7th. Things are happening.

Question: Warrior, what about the WWF Title?

WWFLive2: Warrior: As warriors, remember we claimed our right, our title to be labeled champions long ago. Even with the birth of the new generation, the warriors, those of you who believe will always be champions as will the Ultimate Warrior in the WWF.

Question: Will we see another comic book? and when?

WWFLive2: Warrior: Warrior number 2 is going to press at this time. The Warrior Comic book series will be put out on a monthly basis. Pick up the phone and call your local comic book retailer and say "Has Warrior arrived?"

Question: Warrior, who is your next target? Have you chosen an opponent? Will you get in the ring with the "Hitman" if given a chance?

WWFLive2: Warrior: Once again, TitanSports chooses a competitors opponent unless someone chooses to stick their nose in the business of the Ultimate Warrior. Let's hope someone gets curious and sticks their nose where it doesn't belong.

Question: Warrior, are you all set to wrestle Vader tomorrow night?

WWFLive2: Warrior: No, I believe I will wrestle Owen Hart. Although,all the WWF talent will be on hand for a night of excitement and entertainment.

WWFLive1: Thanks for joining us WARRIOR!!!

WWFLive2: Warrior: Thanks for having me...always believe!

WWFLive1: an update on the matches thusfar:

OnlineHost: Winners: The Body Donnas defeated the Rockers....Steve Austin defeated Wildman in the semi's...Jake defeated Vader in the semi's... The Gunns defeated the Godwinns to keep the WWF Tag Team title...The Warrior defeated Lawler...Folks, stay tuned, we are trying to get Ahmed Johnson!

OnlineHost: Mankind defeated Undertaker...Mankind defeated Undertaker...Steve Austin WON the King of the Ring..with a victory over Jake...Shawn and the Bulldog are still fighting for the WWF Title.......

OnlineHost: We will keep you posted on the Title match!!

WWFLive2: O.K., time to vote for the name of the newsletter!

WWFLive1: The 3 names are: #1. WWF In your mailbox..2. FullBody Press 3. WWF In your Face newsletter


WWFLive1: ok..send in 1, 2, or 3.

WWFLive1: Ok..lets get the results....


OnlineHost: **** Poll Results From the Auditorium ****

OnlineHost: : Total Votes Cast:30 : 1) 12 votes or 40% 2) 18 votes or 60%

WWFLive1: ok..WE will have the results at the END of King of the Ring!!!

OnlineHost: Shawn and the Bulldog...Its a war! Can the Bulldog win the Federation Title? We will find out!!!

OnlineHost: Marlena is here to talk to her fans!

WWFLive1: Please send some questions in for Marlena!

WWFLive1: Can you comment on the Match?

WWFLive2: Marlena: I have no comment on what that ignorant monster from Mississippi did to Goldust.

WWFLive2: Marlena: When you have directed as many Hollywood masterpieces as I have those skills are second nature.

Question: Why did u pose for RAW Marlena?

WWFLive2: Marlena: Raw was fortunate enough to get the exclusive photo's of Marlena. I'm not sure that there are any left on newsstands at this point. If you see one grab it while you can.

Question: Now that you have lost Gold! What is next for Marlena and Goldust?

WWFLive2: Marlena: Recapturing some form of gold in the very near future.


WWFLive1: A melee has broken out in the Ring...after Shawn has defeated Bulldog.. Owen , & Vader attacked Shawn... Ahmed came out..followed by....WARRIOR!!!!!

WWFLive1: Warrior cleaned House!!

WWFLive1: Its Over....Shawn Michaels is still the CHAMP!!!!

WWFLive1: Update on the MATCHES AT King of the Ring..

WWFLive1: Body Donnas defeated Rockers...Steve Austin defeated Wildman in Semi's

WWFLive1: Jake defeated Vader in Semi's...The Gunns defeated Godwinns for WWF Tag Team title...Warrior defeated Lawler...Mankind defeated Undertaker!... Austin was King of Ring Champ!... AND Shawn kept his WWF Title!!

WWFLive2: Still to come...we will have more superstars for you here on AOL...please stay tuned!!

OnlineHost: Ahmed Johnson will join us in a moment!

WWFLive2: Please send in your questions for Ahmed!

OnlineHost: Hello Ahmed..can you comment on winning the WWF Intercontinental Title!!!

WWFLive2: Ahmed: First of all, it's not my championship. I feel very happy to defend that belt for the people...but it's not my belt, it's theirs.

Question: How do you like your new 3 man tag team?

WWFLive2: Ahmed: I feel very happy with Shawn and Warrior watching my back....finally I have two men I can depend on.

Question: Who is next for the NEW IC Champion?

WWFLive2: Ahmed: Whoever steps up :)

Question: How does it feel being the first African-American to hold a singles title in the World Wrestling Federation?

WWFLive2: Ahmed: Once again, I am very happy with the title, but I don't want to focus on that...I want it clear that I am defending this title for anyone who cant defend themselves whether they be African-American, Caucasian etc.

Question: Ahmed, Does your win satisfy your need for revenge?

WWFLive2: Ahmed: I don't want it to look like it was an issue of revenge. I think it was an issue about respecting the people.

WWFLive1: Thanks for joining us AHMED...Congratulations on winning the IC Title!

OnlineHost: Gorilla Monsoon has joined us to give a comment about tonight's event!

WWFLive2: Gorilla: I certainly hope everyone enjoyed tonightís KOTR. As far as I'm concerned, it far exceeded anyone's expectations.

WWFLive2: The signing of the six man tag team match for our next IYH will certainly be a war to remember. Once again, thank you all and have a good night.

WWFLive1: WOW..A six man tag team match at NEXT month's INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!!! Warrior, Ahmed, & Shawn Michaels vs. Bulldog, Owen & Vader!!!


WWFLive1: The Body Donnas defeated the Rockers. . .

WWFLive1: Steve Austin defeated Wildman in Semifinal action

WWFLive1: Jake Roberts defeated Vader in Semifinal action

WWFLive1: The Smoking Gunns defeated the Godwinns to retain their gold!

WWFLive1: Warrior defeated Lawler

WWFLive1: Mankind defeated Undertaker...

WWFLive1: Steve Austin WON the King of the Ring tournament!

WWFLive1: And Shawn Michaels defeated the Bulldog to retain his WWF Title!!

WWFLive2: Thanks for joining us...don't forget about the Trivia Championship next Sunday at 9pm ET...anyone can join!!! You can win a trip to Summerslam!!

OnlineHost: the WWF Online team thanks you for joining us...GOODNIGHT!!!

OnlineHost: Later...and a special thanks to WWFMazz....:)

WWFLive1: He is the Silly Boy!!!

OnlineHost: King of the Ring 96 rocked Milwaukee!!!

OnlineHost: Thanks to all WWF talent..This is the Matrat saying later..and see ya tomorrow night in the WWF Chat Room at 6pm ET!!!

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