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Mark Mero

OnlineHost: Welcome everyone to the WWF on AOL!

OnlineHost: Tonight's WWF Superstar is WILDMAN MARC MERO!!

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Wildman Marc Mero!!

OnlineHost: Welcome Marc!!!

WWFLive1: Marc: Hello, how's everybody doing tonight? I'm doing great!

Question: Tell us about South Africa ..How was it?

WWFLive1: Marc: South Africa was the best tour I have ever been on. I had tag team matches with Bret against Bulldog and Owen...and we won both of them.

Question: Were the Fans different in South africa?

WWFLive1: Marc: The fans don't get much live prof. wrestling, they were just on fire!

Question: How did the other WWF Superstars enjoy the trip?

WWFLive1: Marc: I think the whole tour was fantastic. Everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Question: You teamed with Bret..Will he return to the WWF?

WWFLive1: Marc: When I looked into Bret's eyes during the match, I could see how much he loves what he does. I believe he is going to come back.

Question: We all saw you beat Owen. What kind of wrestler is he?

WWFLive1: Marc: I give Owen alot of credit. He has been in Bret's shadow for a long time. He is a little bitter, but Owen is a great wrestler.

Question: The WWF IC Titla match next week on Raw. What is your strategy against Faarooq?

WWFLive1: Marc: Obviously Faarooq is much bigger than me...I am going to use my quickness and agility. Basically, I am going to use my body as a lethal weapon.

Question: Marc.What is Sunny interferes? Will she be able to distract you?

WWFLive1: Marc: I don;t even bother to look at Sunny...when you have someone as beautiful to look at as Sable, it makes it alot easier.

Question: Marc.tell us about your new move at Summerslam. Will we see more?

WWFLive1: Marc: The move is called the Wild Thing...if I ever have Faarooq in a laying down position, I will climb to the top rope and use it!

Question: With all your high risk manuevers. Do you feel you are risking your career as a wrestler?

WWFLive1: Marc: That's the chance that Wildman takes. I love what I entertains the fans and it gives me a rush.

Question: Marc Mero in the next few years Do you think all the high-flyers will dominate wrestling?

WWFLive1: Marc: I dont think they will dominate wrestling...I think you are going to see more and more better athletes.

Question: If you capture IC Gold, who is next to challenge you? And will you go after Fed Gold?

WWFLive1: Marc: I guess it's not who I challenge, it's who will challenge me...Steve Austin, Hunter, Goldust, and the list goes on and on.

Question: Wildman, your outfits have become a little more stylish. Can you tell us why?

WWFLive1: Marc: I was getting a little bored with plain black and brown. I have always been a little outrageous...I think it's just an extension of my character.

Question: Wildman, rumors have been circulating that Big Daddy Cool and Razor are returning? Care to comment?

WWFLive1: Marc: As far as I know, Kevin Nash ans Scott Hall are signed with WCW...I don't expect them back anytime soon. But, who knows, this is prof. wrestling.

Question: How would you feel if WCW had a NEw Johnny B Badd?

WWFLive1: Marc: I think it would be funny.

Question: There is a new show starting this Saturday.Called Live wire? Would you like to do it and interact Live with the fans?

WWFLive1: Marc: I would really be interested in doing that, I think it would be alot of fun.

Question: Mark,What do you think of the NWO?

WWFLive1: Marc: I think it's going out a little to long. It's sad to see Nash and Hall in Hogan's shadow.

Question: Being online and answering your message Boards. What is the one question you get asked most?

WWFLive1: Marc: Why I left WCW

Question: If someone wanted to get started in Prof. wrestling. What advice would you give them?

WWFLive1: Marc: Be prepared to take the ups and downs. It's a long road.

Question: Marc, tell us about your boxing career?

WWFLive1: Marc: I had 60 fights, I was 58 in 2...37 knock outs...16 in the first round. I won the NY state Golden Glove. I was a member of the US boxing team.

Question: Marc, Do you plan on paying back Goldust for what he did to Sable?

WWFLive1: Marc: I look forward to getting in the ring again with Goldust. We're not through yet.

Question: Marc, Has Sable done any Modeling? And why the name change from Johnny BBadd?

WWFLive1: Marc: Yes, Sable was the Guess Jeans model. She has done many print ads in magazines and many comercials, she also did the Guess Jeans commercial.

WWFLive2: Here is one from...MSCHERIN...

Question: Mark, did you ever use steroids early in your career?

WWFLive1: My name changed Because I am using my real name now.

WWFLive1: Marc: I have done drugs before...I won't lie. I have not touched drugs in 3 years. I talk at schools and churches all over the country about the importance of staying away from drugs.

Question: What other skills do you have beside wrestling?

WWFLive1: Marc: I can balance a broom stick...LOL :)

Question: What wrestler do you respect most?And why?

WWFLive1: Marc: I would say Bret Hart because of his work ethic. He has done it all.

Question: If you faced a high flying wrestler like Sabu, would you also do some of the top manuevers or would you try to keep him on the mat?

WWFLive1: Marc: I would go high would be more entertaining for the fans.

Question: Wildman, How long do you train everyday???? Slovsky..

WWFLive1: Marc: I train an hour and a half with weights, 30 mins. cardio. Sable is my workout partner and she trains harder than any guy I've ever trained with.

Question: What is the biggest difference, between wrestling in WCW and the WWF?

WWFLive1: Marc: WWF is much more professional. There is no buddy system here.

Question: Wildman, where and when did you and Sable meet?

WWFLive1: Marc: We met in a restaurant.

Question: How did you start your career in wrestling?

WWFLive1: Marc: I was working out in a gym and I met a prof. wrestler. He told me about a prof. wrestling school in Tampa...the rest is history.

Question: Marc, you said in your message Boards that you enjoy Japanese wrestling? Why?

WWFLive1: Marc: I like the quick paced matches, the high risk manuevers.

Question: What is your opinion of Teddy Long?

WWFLive1: Marc: Teddy is a real nice guy. I have always liked Teddy, we still keep in touch.

Question: What are you WWF Title predictions at In Your House?

WWFLive1: Marc: Shawn always finds a way to win. I wrestled against Bulldog and Owen and they are really starting to come into their own...I think they will win the titles.


WWFLive1: Marc: Being with Sable Full-time :)


WWFLive1: Marc: Bret and I did great together in South Africa, I would stick with Bret.

Question: Marc, you have known Mankind for a while, What is your opinion of him?

WWFLive1: Marc: I would call him more of brawler. He;s vicious and he's a top ranked superstar.

WWFLive2: Here is agood one from..SpookeyHE...

Question: Marc, do you feel that you and Sable are being portrayed as the Randy Savage and Elizabeth of the 90's? Do you consider good or bad?

WWFLive1: Marc: I can't control what people portray us as. We are just being ourselves and having alot of fun.

Question: Who do you miss from the other Federations you have been in?

WWFLive1: Marc: I think the guy I miss the most from WCW is Alex Wright...Sting, Marcus Bagwell and my old nemesis Diamond Dallas Page.

Question: MARC, Who has been your toughest opponent so far in your career?

WWFLive1: Marc: Probably Stone Cold Steve Austin. I have had wars with him!

Question: Hey Marc...Will you give Ahmed a shot at the IC Title if you win?

WWFLive1: Marc: I would be glad to. I'm not going to dodge anybody.

Question: Are you upset you are not going to be on the card at In Your House?

WWFLive1: Marc: I will be wrestling there in one of the dark matches. I look forward to being there.

Question: Marc, what is your feelings towards the Ultimate Warrior???

WWFLive1: Marc: I think it's a sad situation, but we have a great bunch of guys here at the WWF willing to pick up the slack.

Question: What is your favorite food?

WWFLive1: Marc: I love Pizza..I can't eat it much but when I do, you can expect a couple pies gone!

Question: Have you been talking with Steve Borden, possibly trying to get him to come to the WWF?

WWFLive1: Marc: Yes, I still talk to Steve, and no, he won't be coming to the WWF.

Question: What do you think of Pillman's claims that Bret and Owen have reconciled?

WWFLive1: Marc: Why do you think we call him the loose cannon???

Question: MARC, Have you changed your style at since you have been in the WWF compared to your days in WCW?

WWFLive1: Marc: I think I am improving as a wrestler because I can do it so much more now.

Question: Do you think Sycho Sid will be the next WWF Champion?

WWFLive1: Marc: No, I don't think Sid will be the next champ, if anyone is going to beat Shawn, I think it will be Bret....which is yet to be seen.

Question: MARC, Who were your heros growing up?

WWFLive1: Marc: My biggest hero in my life is Jesus Christ...always has been and always will be.

Question: How does Marc Mero wanted to be remembered in Prof Wrestling?

WWFLive1: Marc: As someone that really cared, about the fans and about the sport of professional wrestling.

OnlineHost: Well, that will do it Marc..Good luck next week on Raw!! We hope you get the IC TitlE!

WWFLive1: Marc: Thank you and God Bless!

OnlineHost: He sure is a great guy!!!!....We know he was tired from his 30 hour trip back to the United States!

WWFLive2: Thanks again WILDMAN!!

OnlineHost: Kick Faarooq's Butt!!!