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Owen Hart

BILL BANKS: We're here with the Slammy Award-Winning OWEN HART, folks! Now, Owen, you faced the BRITISH BULLDOG this past Monday night on RAW...did the Federation officials force you into this match with your own relative?

OWEN HART: I only take part in the matches that are given to me and I gladly took part in it--after all, it was for the Intercontinental Title! It doesn't matter if it's my mother, father, have to go for number one! I faced the Bulldog before, and we had the same kind of competition at King of the Ring. Even though he is my partner and a brother-in-law, I had to look out for number one! I will fight anyone it takes to become Intercontinental Champ. I beat him by countout...unfortunately Sunny had to be involved, poking her nose in our business. She threw a drink in Bulldog's face! I wasn't aware that she did that until I won the contest, but I was still happy to win it.

BILL BANKS: Did the Bulldog discuss the match with you before you both entered the ring in opposite corners?

OWEN HART: No, we stayed in separate locker rooms and kept our distance from each other. Being the true professionals we are, we shook hands before the bell..."best man wins" if you will. That's the way we choose to do it! Two warriors entering the ring and staying professional about it.

BILL BANKS: Is there any professional jealousy between you and Bulldog now?

OWEN HART: Not at all, just sorrow for the Bulldog! He was clearly upset about how he got gypped by Sunny!

BILL BANKS: How did Jim Cornette feel about this match? Did he have any objections?

OWEN HART: Well, Jim being the true outspoken manager that he is was upset that two of his top superstars in Camp Cornette had to be pitted against each other. He felt that we would have had better chances obviously if we were in different singles matches where we didn't have to face each other. I think it would have been very likely that both myself and the Bulldog would have easily beaten our first round opponents. Unfortunatly, when two of the best in the World Wrestling Federation are pitted against each other, only one man can win! I don't think it was a very fair shake for Federation officials to do that. I think that Bulldog and I could have been fighting for the Intercontinental Title in the finals very easily.

BILL BANKS: Do you think it's possible that you could actually beat the winner of Steve Austin/Marc Mero without using your cast?

OWEN HART: Of course! I would NEVER use my cast! I think you should rephrase the question! I think I can do it without getting injured anymore with my wounded arm! How can I continue to wrestle with such a wounded courageous can I be? How can anyone say my cast is a weapon? I clean and disinfect it on a strict weekly schedule! Well, I am a true fighter, and I will go on to fight, and hopefully my injured arm won't hinder me at all. I think Steve Austin is a remarkable talent in the Federation...a great wrestler! The Wildman Marc Mero, despite the fact that he has a woman around him, you gotta give him credit for being a good wrestler!

BILL BANKS: Good luck with the rest of the tournament, Owen!

OWEN HART: It was all your pleasure...just don't touch my arm!