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Paul Bearer

OnlineHost: Welcome ALL!!!

WWFLive1: Get ready to talk to the former manager of the with MANKIND!!


OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen.....Please welcome PAUL BEARER!!!

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, what a pleasant evening...oh yesssss! I have just settled my Mankind down for a nice evening nap! And now I have some time alone to answer all these questions I'm sure you all have! Anytrhing you want to know...ASK! And you will receive!

Question: Paul, why did you turn on the Undertaker? Do you think he will eventually back at you?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, everybody saw the UT crawling on his knees, begging for the urn! Step by step, inch by inch,...that big dead man crawled up and look me in the eyes and asked me why. And I showed him why! I took the urn and smashed it over his head and it was the THUD that was heard around the world! And oooohhhh what a great feeling it was! And I did it for one reason...and it was for my MANKIND! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was tired of seeing Mankind being treated in such a cruel way! Here we have a human being that has been locked away for years! And he has been mistreated by society! And I feel it is my duty to come to his rescue! And as far as the UT getting back at me, I'm sure he's going to try! But you must remember, I've been with him for 6 years and I know ALL his secrets!

Question: Paul, WHY do you still call him your Undertaker?

WWFLive1: Paul:'re very mistaken there! I don't call him MY Undertaker...he's YOUR Undertaker! And if you've been listeing closely to the WWF you would have known that DUMMY!! OOhhhhhhYesssss!!

Question: What does Mankind possess that Undertaker doesn't that made you side with him?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, it is obvious that over the last 6 months, Mankind has put YOUR Undertaker down one time after another! And he is one of the few that has been able to do that! So Mankind is going to rid the WWF of YOUR Undertaker FOREVER!!

Question: Paul..what weaknesses does the Undertaker have that we dont know about?

WWFLive1: Paul: SURE!! I dare to devulge any of my secrets! But I'll say once again that I am aware of all the UT's past secrets...all of his haunts...and I will use EACH and every one of them to destroy him!! Ohhh yessssss!!

Question: Paul..what surprises do you have for UT at In Your House?

WWFLive1: You know, I can't believe that you people would ask me such stupid questions! If I tell you the UT is going tofind out......and what kind of strategist would I be you dummy?

Question: Paul ...If Mankind wins the title..will UT get a shot?

WWFLive1: Paul: Oh Mankind is GOING to win the title! And if YOUR Undertaker ever gets over his EXCEDRIN headaches, we just might consider giving that corpse a shot at the title. That way...we can beat him some more!! OOOhghhhh yessss!

Question: What do you say to the fans that used to cheer you?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, the cheers felt good! But the boos, the snears, all the names, OOhhh I just love it! I'vew always been from the darkside...and now I am at peace with the darkside Ohhhh yesssss!!!

WWFLive2: Here is good one...

Question: Will you be managing anyone else besided Mankind? (MRESPN)

WWFLive1: Paul: There you go again!! I am a premiere manager in the WWF! I am number one! No other manager in the Federation can hold a candle to Paul Bearer! I refuse to answer your stupid question DUMMY!!!

WWFLive2: Here is one from JohnsonCDN....


WWFLive1: Paul: Well, you see it in my hands, don't you? You think that Lurch can get it away from me? The power of the urn now belongs to my Mankind!!

Question: Paul..why does Mankind consider the bizarre Goldust a friend?

WWFLive1: Paul: Mankind has been locked up for many years! He is really one brick shy of a load as far as a mental capacity! But that's why the great Paul Bearer is here! I will take over all of his thinking for him! And I will lead him down the path to the top of the WWF!

Question: Paul you are such scum...I hope the Undertaker buries you!

WWFLive1: Paul: Well you will never get your wish! The UT is the one who will get buried alive!!!

Question: will you train Mankind to beat HBK?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, everyone has seen Mankind in action many times! Have you ever seen him lose? All Shawn is is a premadonna.A showboat! He thinks he's SO pretty! Just look at Mankind and look at myself! We are NOT pretty at all! And it's not gonna be a pretty sight at In Your House:Mindgames! Mankind WILL BE the new champion! And Shawn will need plastic surgery!! Ohhhg yessss!!!

Question: Paul Bearer..Do you feel you are an Underrated manager in the WWF? After all you have led the UT to the title...AND Mankind now has a shot?

WWFLive1: Paul: Absolutely! I have been very underated during the past five years! Foe example, they gave that Sunny the slammy for manager of the year when it should be at my mantle piece on my funeral parlor! I am the best and I will put the UT to rest!! Ohhhh yessss!!

Question: Paul..what are your memories of WCCW out of Texas? What do you miss most?

WWFLive1: Paul: WCCW was a nightmare! And unfortunatly, a dear friend of mine past away when WCCW died. His name was Percey Pringle III. And Percy is resting in peace for eternity!!!!! Ohhhhh yessss!

Question: Paul.............Do you realize that if it had not been for the Undertaker, you would of had gotten your butt kicked by Mr Hughes, Giant Gonzalaz, Kamala, and so many other superstars from the past the Undretaker has fueded with over the years.

WWFLive1: Paul: You're incorrect! Not only am I a great manager! I am a mortician of excellence! I pocess martial arts skills! I can take each and every one of you down by myself! But I let the UT do it instead!! Ohhh yessss!!

Question: Paul..getting back to your early years..were you close to the Von Erichs?

WWFLive1: Paul: All the Von Erichs are gone...just like the Undertaker!!!!

Question: Does Mankind still think Sable is his "mommy?" How are you approaching Goldust's interference in Mankind's career and mentality?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well ,I'm handling Mankind with kids I said before he is very unstable. But I will correct that! But it's going to take some time! If I have to, I will be his mommy, his daddy, his aunt or his uncle! What do you think about that!! Ohhhh yessss!!!

Question: Paul Bearer..when you are outside of wrestling. What do you do in your off-time?

WWFLive1: Paul: I spend all my off time in my funeral parlor! We are busier than ever! In fact...I have three bodies on my table waiting for my professional touch!

Question: What do you think of Bret Hart? Will he retire?

WWFLive1: Paul: I don't care about Bret Hart!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, he is a LOSER!!! He should retire, and move into the basement of his daddy's old house with all those damn kids he has!!

Question: Paul, why don't you wrestle the UT yourself?

WWFLive1: Paul: Because I HAVE A DUMMY!!! And I use my brain to the best of my ability! And my bank account is OVERFLOWING!! I pay people to do my dirty work!!

Question: Paul.What match over your career has been the greatest?

WWFLive1: Paul: The last match, of course! When the UT was carried OUT!! Ohhh yesssss!!!!! I still have goosebumps!!

Question: How long ago did you decide to turn against the Undertaker?

WWFLive1: Paul: I'll tell you the truth, believe it or not...when I stepped into the ring in Cleveland to watch the Boiler Room Brawl..I had no idea that 20 minutes later I would turn on the Undertaker! It was a complete spur of the moment thing! I felt pity for Mankind and I could feel MONEY in my bank account! If I had to do it over I would do it the SAME WAY!!!

Question: Paul Bearer...what do YOU think of Jose Lothario? Will you have any surprise for him at In Your House?

WWFLive1: Paul: Jose Lothario needs to set up a Taco Stand in front of the Alamo! And he need s to put up a sign apologizing for getting Shawn into the Federation! He is an illegal alien and I have proof of that! I can't wait until they built that fence between Texas and Mexico!!! Ohhhhhh yesssssss!!!!

Question: What's in the urn?

WWFLive1: Paul: Here we go AGAIN!!! For six years I have heard that quesation, and I'm sick of it!! And I'm sick of YOU too!! All you Creatures of the Night that think YOUR Undertaker is a phenom!! He's NOTHING! I made him what he was!!! Ohhhh yesssssss!!!!

Question: Paul..If you weren't managing or working as a mortician what would you do?

WWFLive1: Paul: I would be counting my money right now!! Ohhh yesssssss!!!!! Yessss!! Yessss!!!

Question: How will your Mankind react to a little Sweet Chin Music on September 22

WWFLive1: Paul: I don't think that Ms. Shawn will be able to get the chance to even start the music!! Because he's gonna be flat on hs back!! And my Mankind will walk away with the gold!!

Question: Paul is Mankind and yourself interested in GOLD or just destruction? By the way you are a loser!

WWFLive1: Paul: How can you say I am a loser you idiot? Just look at my record! It speaks for itself Of course the gold is nice, but destruction is better!! Ohhh yesssss!!!!

Question: Are you playing mind games with Mankind?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, you never know do you!!!!

Question: Paul..Do you think UT will get another Mgr?

WWFLive1: Paul: Well he needs something!!! Somebody needs to carry his dead butt around, because I'm tired of doing it! Maybe he will get someone to come back and manage him!! I don't care!! Ohhh yessss!!

Question: Paul..How about getting a NEW Tag Team? Build an army!

WWFLive1: Paul: Don't you think I have my hands full already? Give me a little time! And I will have Vince McMahon's job!! And I will change the WWF into my own personal funeral parlor!!!

Question: Paul..How could do this! When your career is over ..How could you live with yourself?

WWFLive1: Paul: Oh, I'm going to live in a BIG nice home with five tables for bodies, no waiting! And I will be ale to buy anything and anyone that my heart desires! I may have my own McDonalds in a house!! Ohhh yesssss!!!!

Question: Paul Bearer..How about getting Brian Pillman under your wing? He is just as crazy as Mankind!

WWFLive1: Paul: Well, I don't think so! That's one thing I don't need is Pillman! I like to be in control! At this moment, Paul Bearer is in control of the WWF!!

Question: Hello, Paul Bearer, I think you made the right decision to turn on the Undertaker at SummerSlam, I hope Mankind wins the Title at In Your House, and shoves his fingers down Michaels Throat and keeps it there!

WWFLive1: Paul: Oh god bless you son!!!! Ohh yess! I have a position for you in my parlor! Just keep in touch!!

Question: Paul..when your WWF career is Over..How does Paul Bearer want to be remembered?

WWFLive1: Paul: Paul ill be remembvered as the BEST manager in the history of the WWF! You will be able to tell you grandkids about me!! I'M PAUL BEARER AND YOU'RE NOT!!!!!!!!!

Question: Paul..Over the years in the WWF Do you have any regrets?

WWFLive1: Paul: No, I don't have any regrets! The WWF has been great to me! But on the other hand, I've been good for the WWF!

OnlineHost: Well,....Paul Bearer thanks for joining us..Even though we dont like what you did! Good Luck with Mankind

WWFLive1: Paul: Well I'm so glad we had this time together!! I hope you understand my actions a little better..if you don't..I DON'T CARE!!!! Just wait until In Your House:Mindgames........My Mankind WILL be the NEW champion!! And whenever the Undertaker wants to come down, he has a place on my funeral stand!! Ohhh yesssss!!! I hope you all have a HORRIBLE NIGHT!! May you all not rest in peace!! GOODBYE!!!!

WWFLive1: Folks...there goes Paul Bearer!! He's going to get his soon!!!

WWFLive1: Thanks for joining us tonight!!!