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Brian Pillman

OnlineHost: Good evening!!! And Welcome to the WWF on America Online!!!

OnlineHost: Tonight's guest is the walking "Time Bomb". . .BRIAN PILLMAN!!!

OnlineHost: Tick...Tick...Tick...He could go off at any moment!!!

OnlineHost: So..send your questions in for Mr. Brian Pillman

OnlineHost: Get ready because Pillman will be exploding into this auditorium at 8pm ET!!

OnlineHost: We would also like to thank all of the WWF Fans for playing the Trivia game on Sunday. It was FUN!!

OnlineHost: Ok....Ladies and gentlemen..The walking TIME BOMB has entered the auditorium..

OnlineHost: Welcome Brian Pillman!!

WWFLive1: Brian: I'd like to say it's nice to be here, but it's not. This is another example of the WWF exploiting my popularity and due to contractual obligations I have to be here.

Question: Why did you leave WCW?

WWFLive1: Brian: I got tired of playing with the big boys and decided to find out if the proclaimed men of the WWF were tougher competition.

Question: What do you hope to accomplish in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Brian: I will certainly continue the legacy of greatness that has been my hallmark for my entire career. I look to have world championship reign that will bring the highest ratings and ppv buy rates that the sport has ever seen.

Question: Brian, who will be your first opponent in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Brian: I'm targeting the world champion Shawn Michaels but I can imagine the WWF brass attempting to saddle me with pointless matches in an attempt to make me work my way up the ladder.

Question: Will we see a reunion of the Hollywood Blondes?

WWFLive1: Brian: You never know...the Hollywood Blondes were the greatest tag team in the history of the sport. Their reign was cut short due to creative differences between the two. But through greater maturity, even I may once again seize control of the tag team division.

Question: Mr. Pillman I have one question when will you get in the ring and kick some ass !

WWFLive1: Brian: I don't have to get in the ring to kick any (bleep) I am quite capable on crutches! However the WWF quack doctors will not give me a medical release until I meet the average everyday standards of your typical non-athlete.

Question: Brian, what are your thoughts on the way the WCW treated your departure from their organization.

WWFLive1: Brian: I think I got too hot to handle. They did the only thing they could. It's obvious they couldn't control me. I ran roughshod over the entire promotion. It wasn't good business for them to have me continuously harassing and humiliating their top stars.

WWFLive2: Send your question in for Brian Pillman!!!

Question: Do you have any plans on choosing a manager?

WWFLive1: Brian: Brian Pillman doesn't need a manager. I can take care of myself better than anyone else in the sport. A manager for me would be simply a giant ball and chain. I don't need anyone impeding my progress.

WWFLive2: THEKO wants to know...

Question: Mr. Pillman, How do you respond to the belief that you are a "Time Bomb"? WFLive1: Brian: People are obviously afraid of me. I guess it makes them feel good to cast dispersions upon my character by calling me these neurotic terms. Of course no one has the guts to say it to my face. I am always addressed by everyone as Mr. Pillman or Sir.

WWFLive2: JoeManiac --hmmm..maybe a friend of Mr. Pillman.;)..wants to know...

Question: How do you feel Vince McMahon is as a federation leader? -JoeManiac

WWFLive1: Brian: He is obviously the best. His family has been the leader in this industry for over 50 yrs. That's a proven track record second to none. That's one of the main reasons I've come to this federation.

Question: Why did you leave the 4 horsemen, and what do you think of the current situation in the WCW?

WWFLive1: Brian: The 4 horsemen are a great unit. However they weren't aggressive enough for my future plans. I tried to maintain the status quo that I felt had become antiquated. Our personal difference would not allow me to continue. My growth as a performer and an athlete was going to be limited. I think the 4 horsemen will continue to be one of the elite establishment in the sport and be a top attraction for WCW.

Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

WWFLive1: Brian: Sitting on an island with an umbrella in my drink.

Question: Sunny mentioned that she was bringing a singles wrestler to competition. Could that wrestler be you?

WWFLive1: Brian: No. I would never let a weaker gender like a woman dictate my next meal plan let alone my career. Sunny is cute, but let's face it, she's a member of a weaker gender.

WWFLive2: Kamoa wants to know...

Question: What exactly happened to you in your automobile accident?

WWFLive1: Brian:I was run off the road in my Hummer. I hit a tree stump at 70 mph I was ejected from the vehicle when it flipped end over end and I was taken by the air rescue unit to University Hospital in Cincinnati.

Question: What are your personal feelings toward Eric Bishoff?

WWFLive1: Brian: I feel sorry for him. It's obvious he had never dealt with anybody on my level. He was completely unarmed. But now that I am gone, I'm sure he can return to the tranquil mild mannered environment of WCW.

Question: What is your opinion of NEW Generation leader and WWF Champion Shawn Michaels?

WWFLive1: Brian: Shawn Michaels is a world-class athlete. He is a great champion but he has one fatal flaw...he cares about the fans and he will think twice about doing what needs to be done in a critical situation.

Question: Brian, what are your opinions on "smart marks"?

WWFLive1: Brian: They are not very smart...these fans think they know everything about my sport. But in fact, they are some of the most ignorant people I know. Thinking their opinions on dirt sheet writers who have never had on a jock strap let alone laced up a pair of wrestling boots.

Question: BRIAN, Are you finished with ECW now?

WWFLive1: Brian: No. There will be a rebuttal to the harsh attacks made on a recent show on myself. They once again assailed my character...this time will be no different. Brian Pillman always returns the favor.

Question: Why is Brian Pillman restricted by "contractual obligations"?

WWFLive1: Brian: Any prof. athlete or performer has certain limitations in the text of his contract...that's true in every walk of life, not just prof. sports.

Question: You still a stunt pilot?

WWFLive1: Brian: I never was a stunt pilot. But, it might be a good idea for the WWF to send out stunt men for their superstars place of their superstars anytime they are in a fight with me.

Question: Growing up. Who did you look up to growing up?

WWFLive1: Brian: Pete Rose, Charlie Hustle...he embodied the true spirit of athleticism and competition. He should be in the Hall of Fame all by himself.

Question: What wrestler do you respect most?

WWFLive1: Brian: Stone Cold Steve...because he was man enough to tell it like it is when the Blondes split up. He's a stand-up guy in a society filled with spineless losers.

Question: Hey, Pillman, how do you feel about the ULTIMATE WARRIOR? Do you think you could beat him?

WWFLive1: Brian: Of course! Because I am the ultimate bad (bleep)

Question: Tell us about your football career.

WWFLive1: Brian: I was two time all-American middle guard at Miami of Ohio. I played in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills...also played a year for the Calgary Stampeders...where I met Bret and Owen Hart to start my wrestling career in Calgary.

WWFLive2: TrippEwer wants to know..

Question: Are you aware of the fact that Ahmed Johnson could whoop your tail at any given moment?

WWFLive1: Brian: No, I am not aware of that. Ahmed Johnson is another mediocre athlete that won't have a chance against my superior ability and cold-blooded tenacity. In fact, I think I could beat him right now on my crutches.


WWFLive1: Brian: Everyone has to remember...I am a finely tuned machine. Great care must go into the evaluation of my ankle before I burst upon the scene and seize my destiny.

Question: What are your thoughts on Kevin Sullivan?

WWFLive1: Brian: He tried to match the talents of the 4 Horsemen with the Dungeon of Doom and failed miserably with his creation, which would have been more appropriately named The Island of Misfit Toys. He is at the end of his career, and I am just entering my prime. It is easy to see why a washed up bum like him would resent my success.

Question: Do you have any respect towards the Hart family considering you wrestled in Stampede Wrestling with Stu Hart

WWFLive1: Brian: I have a great deal of respect for the Hart family...they gave me my break in the sport. They are like family to me, and I will always be indebted for all the nice things they did for me in order to launch my career.

Question: Did you only come here because your afraid of Ric flair and Arn Anderson?

WWFLive1: Brian: I came to the WWF because I had surpassed Rick Flair and Arn Anderson. I didn't want to be held back by the modest goals that had been set for the Horsemen. Neither one of them really posed a serious threat to me in the ring. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. They are on their last legs and I am coming out of the starting blocks full speed.

Question: Who has been your toughest opponent in wrestling so far?

WWFLive1: Brian: I would have to say Owen Hart when I fought him back in Calgary in the Stampede wrestling days. Fighting him was the start of my career made everyone else seem easy.

WWFLive2: Y100Brad wants to know..

Question: Brian, What do you think of the Horsemen replacing you with McMicheals??

WWFLive1: Brian: I think its a joke. McMichaels can't lace my boots. Not only can he not wrestle, but he is nowhere near as mean as me. I expect him to severely tarnish the prestigious image of the Horsemen.

Question: What has been the big difference between WWF and WCW?

WWFLive1: Brian: Organization. The WWF has a lucid game plan...firing on all cylinders. The WCW has too many generals without a succinct plan of attack.

Question: Being called the walking Time Bomb....Do you think you will regret anything in and out of the ring?

WWFLive1: Brian: I don't regret anything..I take whatever means necessary for each and every situation I do and say what I want and challenge anybody to stop me. The only regret I could possibly have is not beating up more people along the way.

OnlineHost: Brian..thanks for joining us tonight. Welcome to the WWF and good luck down the road!

WWFLive1: Brian: I know this closes the latest chapter in the life and times of Brian Pillman, but as soon as I get off AOL, I will open up the next chapter of greatness. Because each and every morning I put myself on trial...and each and every night I pass judgment. That's the legacy of Brian Pillman. Good night!

OnlineHost: Man, I was a little nervous that the "Time Bomb" was going to go OFF!!....phew...:)

OnlineHost: Thanks again..Brian Pillman!!!

OnlineHost: I guess we haven't herd the last from HIM!!!

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us tonight!!!!!

OnlineHost: Make sure you check the ONLINE calendar tomorrow..We hope to have a VERY special GUEST!!! Coming online real soon!!

OnlineHost: I would also like to wish everyone a HAPPY 4th of July!!!

OnlineHost: For the WWF..this is the MATRAT saying goodnight!!!..later..