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Sister Sherri Interview

from Extreme Sports Network

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter I had the pleasure of being present at and participating in a live broadcast of the "Cheap Seats" program on the Extreme Sports Network this past weekend in Sanfrancisco. This program was hosted and produced respectively by Readers' Forum regulars Hitman and J-BYRD. During the broadcast I was interviewed as well as Jimmy Hart, Sister Sherri and Harlem Heat. What follows as a transcript from one of those interviews. I will be running the rest of them in future issues of the Newletter.

Interview with Sister Sherri conducted by Hitman

Hitman: Sister Sherri from Harlem Heat joining us live here on the Cheap Seats, Sister how are ya?

Sherri: I'm just fine, how are you doing?

Hitman: Sensational! Ba dum dum!

Sherri: (She smiles and laughs)

Hitman: It's the first time we have had you on the big show, so it's our pleausre.......

SS: I'm glad to be hear.

Hitman: You guys have dominated the tag team situation for the last two or three years in WCW, now you have the biggest match of Harlem Heats careers with the Triangle Match vs Public Enemy and Faces of Fear....

SS: That is going to be a very rough match for everyone involved, however, considering this match is insignficant to us, because this should be for the #1 contenders, knowing we are the the #1 contenders. Its not our fault the Steiners have bad driving habits. I think Harlem Heat should put these guys out of their misery, and we should be going for the belts. This match is a waste of time and talent for us. Eric Bischoff from the NWO has come around and changed all the rules and done everything for himself.

Hitman: Sherri you've been a dominant manager in wrestling. Are you pleased to see all of the women in WCW over the past few months?

SS: I'm very pleased with it. I like the women breaking the sterotype of being homemakers, taking care of the kids, etc......It shows women can do more than that.....By the way I'm NOT knocking the housewife routine, that's tough in itself, but there are women like myself that want more than just being the housewife. I have my career and I believe women can have their cake and eat it too.

Hitman: Alright another camera man taking out picture, Sherri come over here and hug me.......

SS: O.K.

Hitman: Make sure you make me a copy...We are doing it live from Planet Hollywood in beautiful San Francisco talking with Sister Sherri from Harlem Heat. Sherri I think a lot of our fans remember the 80's. It was a magical time for wrestling fans. I remember you working with Macho Man Randy Savage off and on in WWF....How did Sister Sherri get to the WWF in the 80's?

SS: AWA was my first orgainzation, and no I never managed Rick Martel! (laughs) Everyone always asks me that because of our name, but there's no relation.

Hit: Who did you managed in the AWA?

SS: Playboy Buddy Rose and Pretty Boy Doug Summer. The Hollywood Blondes. They taught me a lot. They were phenominal. Between their combine knowledge of the wrestling biz, and at the time I was coming in new and everything. They gave me a strong firm foundation which was very good for me.

Hit: Talk about your days with the WWF with Savage and your feud at that time with Elizabeth.

SS: Unfortunately, I got the raw end of the deal with Liz at that time, but Love prevailed. I've worked with Randy for two years and he is still the most colorful person that I've ever met....Still to this day, in my life. Still the most colorful person in and out of wrestling.

Hit: Who are some of the guys you like to hang out with in wrestling?

SS: Let me see, I really like Glacier. He used to be a school teacher. This guy is phenominal. He can't play pool at all, but he's a good guy. I like Johnny Grunge because he plays a lot of pool......

Hit: So it's safe to say you love playing pool?

SS: Oh yes, I love the game....Maybe if your lucky I'll play you a game.

Hit: I'd love that.

Hitman: Where does Harlem Heat go from hear? Tag Team Champs again?

SS: Holding the tag team belts has a lot of perks. The boys love the perks that go with being champs. They like the limos, the hotels, being in first class, etc..Holding the titles gives you those perks. Not to mention, the immaterial things, they want to be champions. They've worked all their lives to make sure they are championship material. Which I'm sure everyone in this business knows how hard they work. It's guys like Eric Bischoff and the NWO, that exploit there power to be self serving. I think Harlem Heat are being shafted right now, this is my personal opinion, I don't care whose toes I step on because the truth can't hurt me. Harlem Heat is the only #1 contenders for the title. They eat, drink, sleep, being champions and no one deserves it more than them......

Hit: Sherri, your a pleasure to be with...When I see you on TV your beating up on people, giving everyone a hard time, but I know now what your really like....

Sherri: Don't tell anybody...(laughs)

Hit: We'll take a quick break and come back with Harlem Heat next on The Extreme Sports Network..........


(Note from the Hitman) Let me say this about the interview with Sherri. I mean this in all sincerity....I have never met any wrestler or manager as sweet as Sherri. She was so nice to us, always asking how we are doing....we played pool for a couple of hours with her, and fellas without all of the make up, she really is cute. She dresses into character by caking on the makeup and wearing outlandish outfits. I really almost didn't recognize her without all the make up. She's much better looking in person, but more importantly she was so damn cool it was unbelivable. I became a big fan after the trip.

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