Sycho Sid

OnlineHost: Tonight's guest will be SYCHO SID!!!!

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OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome..SYCHO SID!!!

WWFLive1: Sid: It feels good to be back!

WWFLive1: Sid: Sorry I couldn't make it last week...

Question: Sid, where have you ben?What did you do when you were out?

WWFLive1: Sid: I have been taking some time off. i had a fractured vertebrae in my neck and ruptured 3 discs and caused 80 % paralysis in my left arm.

Question: Sid, are you looking forward to going against Brian Pillman in the near future? :)

WWFLive1: Sid: Sure.

Question: Do you stil lplay softball?

WWFLive1: Sid: Very Little because the last 2 summers I have been so busy. No time for it.

Question: What are your thought on Shawn Michaels?

WWFLive1: Sid: I think he's matured alot..the responsibilites of being a WWF champion have made him very professional.

Question: Sid how do you feel about the turnaround in crowd reaction towards you now?

WWFLive1: Sid: It's good...I'm not quite used to it yet but I think its something the people have been wanting to say for a long time and now they have a chance to.

Question: Do you think you will finally get the respect you are looking for?

WWFLive1: Sid: Yes. I believe I will because I think for anyone who works hard enough, long enough that they will get what is coming to them.

Question: Will you be in the IC tournament?

WWFLive1: Sid: I don't know.

Question: Sid, Do you feel you could be the leader of the NEW Generation?

WWFLive1: Sid: I think if I could win that title I would be the leader of the WWF. I think it's something the fans have wanted for a long time. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a strong work ethic...I think I would be a good champ.

Question: Sid, is it true that you were actually considered retired from wrestling?

WWFLive1: Sid: Yes.

Question: What are your thoughts on the Warrior's suspension?

WWFLive1: Sid: Honestly, I wasn't here when it was going on and I don't know that much about it. I don't have a comment because I really try not to get involved in other peoples affairs.

Question: What has changed between you and Vince McMahon?

WWFLive1: Sid: I think the thing that has changed that Vince sees more of what I have to offer the business and I have gained respect...that makes things better also.

Question: Sid - what are you long term goals in wrestling?

WWFLive1: Sid: Honestly Id like to finish my career in the WWF. I'd like to be a part of a big WrestleMania and see the business cycle back up again. If I could be a part of that, that would be enough for me.

Question: What makes you so intense?

WWFLive1: Sid: I'm like that in everything I do. I want to be the best at everything I do.

Question: What wrestler have you the most respect for?

WWFLive1: Sid: The Undertaker.

Question: Sid, what does your workouts's daily consist of?

WWFLive1: Sid: About an hour and 45 mins of weights, 15 mins abs, at least an hour. Sometimes when I'm on the road I work out twice a home, always twice a day.

Question: What are your thoughts on Bret Hart?And do you think he will be bacK?

WWFLive1: Sid: I don't know what the situation is, but I would like to see him come back. Bret is a big part of the would be nice to have him back.

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WWFLive1: Sid; I don't know really...there is one guy I have in mind but I don't know if circumstances will allow it but I would like to get into the ring with the Undertaker. Question Will you ever consider getting back in to Tag Team action?

WWFLive1: Sid: No, I wouldn't

Question: What are your thoughts on Camp Cornette?

WWFLive1: Sid: No, I don't believe they can be trusted. I think no matter how they do things, they are underhanded.

Question: At Summerslam..when you face Bulldog? Whatwill be your Stategy?

WWFLive1: Sid: Just size and power.

Question: How did your career start? who trained you?

WWFLive1: Sid: Tojo Yamamoto trained me.

Question: What other Federations have you been involed with?

WWFLive1: Sid: I don't consider going back to any other federation...I hope I can stay with the WWF for the rest of my career.

Question: Sid, will you challenge Shanw for the WWF Title?

WWFLive1: :) Due to the process and to be a contender there are steps and procedures for ranking. Now I start those tests.

Question: Sid..what are your feelings about A. Johnsons injury?

WWFLive1: Sid: Personally knowing Ahmed...this was a big dream come true for him...I have alot of feeling for him. Knowing how good he felt about everything, for that to have happened I am really sad for him.

Question: Sid, what are your opinions of sssssssssssss Goldust???

WWFLive1: Sid: That is the great thing about the wrestling world...there is room for every walk of life because it is without a doubt, the greatest sports entertainment that money can buy. Dealing with sports ent. there is going to be continuous change and change is good.

Question: Sid - what besides softball are your interests outside of wrestling?

WWFLive1: Sid: Hunting and fishing. I love animals, pets, old people, kids and that's about it.

Question: What will you be doing when your wrestling career is over?

WWFLive1: Sid: I hope I'm in the creative part of the wrestling world.

Question: Now that Crush is back, are you concerned?

WWFLive1: Sid: No, I'm not concerned...of course you never take anyone lightly. I have to channel my way to the top does he so I'm not too worried about him. at

WWFLive2: Here is agood question from taech407..

Question: Is it difficult to go places without being recognized? Does it sometimes bother you?

WWFLive1: Sid: 99% of the time it doesn't bother me...most people are really courteous. It's just that 1%...

Question: Being a role model for kids..what is the one important thing you tell to kids?

WWFLive1: Sid: The one thing that a kid should know is to use common sense. If something tells you that something is wrong...go with your first feeling. Always.

Question: Sid - what quality do you feel you possess that other WWF stars in the past haven't had?

WWFLive1: Sid: The wrestling fan today can feel something about a wrestler today...credibility. That is the one thing that 99% of the people tell me...they see the intesity of Sid. I think that's what gives me the edge.

Question: What would you consider to be a high moment in your career? And lowest point in your wrestling career?

WWFLive1: Sid: My highest point was the release from the Dr. to come back to the business that I have lived so long for...the lowest was 8 months ago when the Dr. told me that I should never wrestle again.

Question: Do you like the long hours traveling on the road?

WWFLive1: Sid:What happens is that after you have done it for so long, you just get used to it. I work out alot and read. Some people go out and see the get used to it. But, some people dont...they can't take it.

Question: Who is the one legend of wrestling you admire most?

WWFLive1: Sid:I think I admire Harley Race the most. He made everything look so effortless. Everything was precision...I enjoyed that the most.

Question: Will you be on the world tour? Africa Tour?

WWFLive1: Sid: No, I won't

OnlineHost: Thanks Sycho Sid.....Good Luck at SummerSlam!!!

WWFLive1: Sid: Watch SummerSlam for the British Bulldog...he has to face reality and reality is me...the Master...the Ruler of the World!!

OnlineHost: Thanks again Sycho Sid!!!...See ya on Sunday!!

WWFLive2: Well...For Callen ..this is the Matrat saying GOODNIGHT!!