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SummerSlam '96 Chats

OnlineHost: WELCOME to the WWF on AOL!!!!

OnlineHost: AND....WELCOME to SUMMERSLAM!!!!

WWFBBANKS: Our first guest will be WWF President Gorilla Monsoon!!!!!

WWFBBANKS: Gorilla will be here in a few minutes!!

WWFBBANKS: Get ready for the HOTTEST Event of the Summer..SUMMERSLAM!!

OnlineHost: LADIES and GENTLEMEN ..please welcome WWF President Gorilla Monsoon!!!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Welcome everyone to the south shore of lake Erie and to the beautiful city of Cleveland which is celebrating its 200th anniversary and what better way to do that than to host SummerSlam 1996.

Question: Gorilla, do you feel this will be the greatest Summerslam ever?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: There is a good possibility that that statement can be true, because there is very good possibilty that not only the WWF tag team Championship but the WWF title itself could change here tonight in the Gund Arena. The only title that is safe is the vacated Intercontinental.

Question: Gorilla..How is Ahmed Johnson?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Ahmed is currently back in the hospital with his kidney once again bleeding. Unfortunalty Ahmed would not heed the advice of his doctor and obviously left the hospital pre maturely. We will definatly keep you abreast of his condition.


WWFLive1: Gorilla: Well, The tournament is going to start tomorrow night one Raw it will be an 8 man single elimination tournament. Some of the pairing are very unusual as you will see tomorrow night. I am not going to give it away...I am not going to spoil the surprise for you!


WWFLive1: Gorilla: You will not see any tonight and The amount of wrestlers longing to be part of the WWF is longer the macarana line in Monterey so, you can assume that there are going to many new faces in the very near future here in the WWF

Question: Gorilla..what about the Hit Man....will he be back?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: If I knew I certainly can tell you, the last conversation I had with the Hitman not only would he not tell me when he would be back but, if in fact he would be back. It appeared that Bret was searching for some kind of motive to return to the WWF and when you consider that he is a three time WWF champ, 2 time Inter, and 2 time co-holder of the tag team title, what is there left for him to accomplish, if in fact Bret decides to return I am assuming it will not be before Oct. of this year and he will be searching, purely in my opinion, for a few individuals.

WWFLive2: Kevin Kelly has joined us folks!

WWFLive2: But Gorilla is still with us!

Question: When will the Undertaker get another title shot?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: The Undertaker with his current record is definately a title contender, however at this particular point in time, that is the farthest thing from his mind, This boiler Room Brawl that he is involved min tonight with Mankind could easily terminate the careers of both individuals. So, if in fact the grim reaper survives tonights altercation he defintely will be in line for a title shot with whomever is the WWF Champ.

Question: Lets talk about Faarooq...How did he get a title shot so quickly?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Farooq is very unhappy ;about not being handed the inter championship when Ahmed was unable to defend, the answer is quite simple I was not about to reward the purpitrator in this instance by naming him the IC Champion...He will have to earn that right.

Question: is Skip..We heard he is injured..Will he be here tonight?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Skip has a hair line fracture of the 3rd cervical vertibrae. And aside from all of pain being involved with the injury he and his doctor feel that no further damage could be done by him competeing tonight, so, I am assuming he is going to be out there.

Question: How could you let CRUSH back in the WWF with the background he has, are you crazy! You didn't set a good example what so ever!

WWFLive1: Gorilla: You might have to be a little crazy to be President of the WWF, never in the history of the WWF have we ever violated anyones civil or constitutional rights. and being that Crush is not a convicted felon and with the anti-trust laws that are enforced today it really left me no choice. However his actions as well as Clarence Mason will be very closely scrutinized by my office.


WWFLive1: Gorilla: Well first of all it is not a contest and in my humble opinion out of that threesome they are all winners.

Question: Gorilla, Do you feel some action should be taken to keep Mankind under control?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Well, by taking him out of his own environment I thought was controlling him hopefully the vandetta between he and Undertaker will be settled once and for all here tonight. Lets be realistic there are a lot of people walking around out there who are indeed as strange.

Question: The WWF Title Match..Shawn vs. Vader....Cornette seems to always be involved in the outcome...What steps have been made to try and keep him in place?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Referee's have been given strict instructions about how to handle outside interference and I am sure with the golden opportunity that has been given James E. Cornette, the last thing they would want to do is possibly get disqualified and blow any chance of becoming WWF Champ. In addition I feel that this will be Shawn Michaels toughest title defense since becoming WWF Champion and wee will need every bit of encouragement from the 21,000+ that are here tonight, to walk out of the Gund Arena still the champ.

OnlineHost: Thanks Gorilla...We will talk to you after SummerSlam!!

WWFLive2: The Free For All is on..BIKINI STYLE!!!

WWFLive2: Update on the Free for All....

WWFBBANKS: Unbelievable....Yokozuna attempted to Banzai..Stone Cold..

WWFBBANKS: However..The ring post was busted off...Yoko missed the Banzai.

WWFBBANKS: And Stone Cold pinned him for the 1-2-3!!!

WWFBBANKS: SummerSlam is off to a great start..Stone Cold is the winner of the Free For All!!

OnlineHost: We will try to get a word from Stone Cold about the match! This just in....

OnlineHost: Tuesday August 27, we will have Mark Henry on AOL LIVE!!!

WWFBBANKS: Update at Summerslam......The Undertaker is getting interviewed in the ring by Ross!!! Paul Bearer has also joined him!! They are talking about the Boiler Room Brawl against Mankind!

OnlineHost: Get ready ..also WWF Announcer Kevin Kelly will be here at 7pm ET!!

OnlineHost: Kevin..will give us Play by Play and talk with WWF Superstars!

WWFBBANKS: Shawn Michaels is being interviewed at the moment....

WWFBBANKS: Shawn looks concerned.....

WWFBBANKS: It will be a great match tonight LIVE from Cleveland!!

OnlineHost: Get ready For SummerSlam LIVE from CLEVELAND!!!!

OnlineHost: Todd` Pettengil just entered the Arena!

WWFBBANKS: The first match tonight will be.....Savio vs. Owen Hart!!

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen ...It is my pleasure to introduce WWF Announcer Kevin Kelly!!!

OnlineHost: Welcome Kevin Kelly..Glad you can join us tonight LIVE from Cleveland!!!

WWFLive2: Kevin Kelly: Hello and welcome to Summerslam 1996 Happy to be here and looking forward to hearing from all of you I'll be getting superstars throughout the night to come here and answer questions Don't be shy shoot from the hip and ask whatever you like The big event is getting ready to happen and lets enjoy all the action together

Question: So Kevin, any predictions ?

WWFLive2: Kevin: I think that the Gunns are in major trouble tonight

WWFLive2: Everyone thinks the Godwinns can do it and many

WWFLive2: would like to see the Body Donnas win, but

WWFLive2: the team to watch for are the New Rockers and they

WWFLive2: can sneak in and steal the titles tonight.

WWFLive2: In the WWF championship match, if Shawn can stay away from

WWFLive2: the Vader bomb I think HBK can retain the title.

WWFBBANKS: Kevin Kelly is Here LIVE answering questions under screen Name


Question: Kevin, what has been your biggest interview yet? Thanks, WRESTLINFO

WWFLive2: kevin: i began as a child growing up watching the wwf

WWFLive2: and always dreamed of being a wrestling announcer

WWFLive2: most kids dream of being a wrestler or baseball player

WWFLive2: but I wanted to be an announcer.

WWFLive2: my biggest was going to ahmed johnson's house and interviewing the fallen champion

OnlineHost: send your questions in for Mark Henry!!

OnlineHost: Welcome Mark to the wwf !!...welcome to SummerSlam

WWFLive2: kevin: everyone I want to welcome our first guest no other than the

WWFLive2: strongest man -- mark henry. my first question is how does it feel to be at summerslam

WWFLive1: Mark Henry: It is very exciting there is alot going on , can't wait to do it again.

WWFLive2: kevin: fans feel free to ask any questions you want from

WWFLive2: the world's strongest man

Question: Mark Henry, do you think you could capture the IC belt in the tourney?

WWFLive2: kevin: where not sure who are going to be in and will be

WWFLive2: announced tomorrow night on raw

WWFLive1: Mark: Well, I don't know if I am in but, it will be announced tomorrow night on RAW I would love to be included.

Question: Are you going to kick Lawlers ass?

WWFLive1: Mark: If Lawler presents it then maybe I will.

Question: Mr. Henry, Who do you think is going to win the Shawn v. Vader match?

WWFLive1: Mark: I think Vader because of the phycological advantage of the last time they met he has the momentum.

WWFLive2: kevin: thanks for joining us mark

WWFLive1: Mark: I am now going to watch the Show, thanks for having me.

WWFBBANKS: Hey Kevin ..who do you have for the fans on AOL.....

WWFBBANKS: It loooks like the King of the Ring Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

WWFBBANKS: Update on the match..

WWFBBANKS: Kevin ..what just happened with Owen

WWFLive2: kevin: i think owen hart committed the crime of the century and he

WWFLive2: may need clarence mason to get him off easy.

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen..welcome Steve Austin!!

WWFLive2: kevin: our next guest is stone cold steve austin

WWFLive2: who was victorious tonight over yokozuna.

WWFLive2: first question to stone cold do you feel

WWFLive2: you were fortunate to gain a victory over yoko?

WWFLive1: Steve: Of course not...As King of the Ring I feel that it is only natural for me to whip anybody and everybody's ass that gets in the ring with me.

WWFLive2: kevin: do you feel like you should have received the title

WWFLive2: shot against shawn tonight based on being crowned king of the ring.

WWFLive1: Steve: Of course I do, it just goes to show that the beurocratic red tape otherwise known as BS has already started to get into Stone Colds Path.

WWFLive2: kevin: now, let's hear from you -- the fans.

Question: Stone Cold .whats next..winning the IC tourney? And how acbout really kicking Todd Pettengills As@?

WWFLive1: Steve:I don't really know what's ahead for Stone COld, I have already proved that I am the best there is in the WWF I don't really care what is next or who is next.

WWFLive2: kevin: steve, last question -- any comments regarding bret hart's possible return to the ring.

WWFLive1: Steve: Yea, I would love to see him come back, because I am an equal opportunity ass kicker, and he is high on the list.

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you very much stone cold steve austin.

WWFLive2: kevin: more guests upcoming in case anyone want's to know

WWFLive2: skip fractured his fourth cervical vertibra 8/9 at msg when

WWFLive2: the Gunns hit him with the Sidewinder.

WWFLive2: billy gunn severly dislocated his thumb earlier this week and

WWFLive2: had two pins surgically placed in it

WWFLive2: the cast is for protection and hopefully, ha ha, won't be used in

WWFLive2: the match.


WWFBBANKS: Free For All Match.....

WWFBBANKS: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated pinfall

WWFBBANKS: Owen Hart defeated Savio Vega..

WWFBBANKS: The 4 tag team ellimination match..

WWFBBANKS: Folks, please welcome CRUSH!!

WWFLive2: kevin: your return to the wwf is at the very least

WWFLive2: contraversial what are your plans now in the wwf

WWFLive1: Crush: Let me make it perfectly clear right up front it is none of your damn business. Alls you and all the other wrestlers in the WWF need to know is that I am back and I am on a mission.

Question: Crush: where have you been..were you chicken to come back?

WWFLive1: Crush: You must not know crush very well you stinking idiot or you would know that I am not chicken of you or anybody.

Question: Why did you pick Clarence Mason for your manager?

WWFLive1: Crush: Clarence Mason simply helped me get the justice I deserved which was being reinstated at the WWF. Whether or not he will become my manager is still up in the air.

Question: What does the tattoo on your forehead mean?

WWFLive1: Crush: That simply a tribal sign from the islands which means I am at war.

WWFLive2: kevin: we want to thank crush for joining us -- i have a feeling this

WWFLive2: man will be causing havoc in the wwf.

WWFLive2: kevin: fresh off of his hinious attack on savio vega earlier

WWFLive2: tonight is justin hawk bradshaw. My first question for mr. Bradshaw is what were you thinking in pearlharboring savio from behind.

WWFLive1: Justin: Savio Vega has been a thorn in my flesh ever since I have been in the WWF and I plan to beat him like a Puerto Rician dog that he is. And send him back to...

WWFLive2: kevin: i want to appologize for any remaks that mr. bradshaw is making. that stickin 3rd world island and have him crawl back under that sticken rock that especialy to our latin friends who would be offended by he crawled out from.

Question: Do you find it's harder for you than other wrestlers because your a hick?

WWFLive1: Justin: I was raised in a honky tonk fighting till closing time, I have no problem with these pretty boy wrestlers and these illegal aliens and if a pencil neck like you had any guts you would say something like that to my face.

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you very much mr. bradshaw and we'll work

WWFLive2: on building that fence.

WWFLive2: kevin: what we have seen so far tonight is what the wwf is all about.

WWFLive2: kevin: non-stop action the only way that the wwf knows how

WWFLive2: to do it. so far savio vega, who i understand will be joining us

WWFLive2: momentarily, lost a hard fought match to owen hart courtesy of

WWFLive2: owen's cast. the smoking gunns suprised everyone by retaining

WWFLive2: the wwf tag team title -- more suprisingly were some very choice comments made by sunny regarding the girth of the other women in attendance. In the free for all, yoko proved what goes up must come down as stone cold earned a rope-breaking victory.

WWFLive2: first of all, savio, it's obvious that owen hart only beat you because of that cast on his arm, but what about the attack from justin hawk bradshaw.

WWFLive1: Savio: first owen hart is a coward, that is the only was he could beat savio vega is with a cast. I am going to get him later on concerning about Justin Hawk. I didn't even know who hit me from behind. When I got in the back the Referee told me.

WWFLive2: kevin: that's a pretty nasty knott on your head is that from

WWFLive2: owen's cast or from justin hawk's attack.

WWFLive1: Savio: I blame both, Owen because he is a cheating @#@!!#@!!!

WWFLive2: kevin: what the language

WWFLive1: Savio: Justin Hawk your going to pay for cause you got in my way. It is easy to hit a man from behind...i am already knocked down! Lets see if your enough competition or enough man to get Savio face to face.

Question: Savio, do you feel satified with your career in the WWF thus far, It seems as if when you are about to become a Federation Champion or become atop contender. Can you give us your comments?

WWFLive1: Savio: When everybody is watching Savio closely, I got a good shot for the title, or for a good position in the WWF, Every time I am about to win a title or get close to being a top contender something seems to happen. but, this carribean legend will never give up.

WWFLive2: kevin: savio thank you very much for joining us don't be suprised if savio vega doesn't have a belt around his waist soon.

WWFLive1: Savio: Thank you everybody, keep watching the best wrestling in the new generation of the WWF and the LAtino power Savio Vega. Gracia Amigos, God Bless everybody!!!!!

Question: Kevin, What do you think of SummerSlam thus far?

WWFLive2: kevin: just like all of you, i can't wait for the shawn/ vader match but i

WWFLive2: think we have seen some amazing athletic performances, but i have

WWFLive2: a feeling the best is yet to come.

WWFLive2: kevin: i understand that sycho sid will be making his way

WWFLive2: into the auditorium momentarily. but first, who do you think had the best looking bathing suit at the bikini beach blast off?

WWFLive2: kevin: wait a minute!!!! hear comes mankind!!!

WWFLive2: kevin: get him away from her!

WWFLive2: kevin: this is worse than a horror movie.

WWFLive2: kevin: i think the only thing that sunny won was the

WWFLive2: "least material" award -- she showed a little too much to be called a lady.

WWFBBANKS: SYCHO SID..has joined us LIVE!!

WWFLive2: kevin: unbelievable move from marc mero.

WWFBBANKS: SID..will be LIVE on the Pay per View with the AOL Team!!!

WWFBBANKS: WOW Sycho Sid is one Big Dude!!!

WWFBBANKS: Sid is here and is just pacing back and forth giving us his thoughts on his victory over the Bulldog!

WWFBBANKS: What he is talking or shall I say yelling about is anyones guess!

WWFLive2: kevin: i don't think we have seen the last of goldust and mark mero.

OnlineHost: OK..we have a special guset with us Claarence Mason has just joined us!!!!!

WWFLive2: kevin: our next guest will have alot of answering to do for his latest actions. the now manager, clarence mason.

WWFLive2: kevin: my first question to mr. mason -- you represent

WWFLive2: camp cornette in legal matters. do you now have designs on

WWFLive2: managing members of camp cornette?

WWFLive1: Clarence: I have no intentions of causing any problems, any conflicts in camp Cornette. The British Bulldog asked me to write up a will for him and that is the only reason that I went to the ring during his summerSlam match with Sid. There were a couple of matters I had to bring to his attention which I had to bring to his which had nothing to do with managing him.

WWFLive2: kevin: jim cornette appeared to be less than thrilled

WWFLive2: with your appearence during the british bulldog/sycho sid match.

WWFLive1: Clarence: I was explaining to Jim Correnette that he had the situation all mixed up and there are people in the WWF who are planting bad seeds to cause friction chaos, and termoil in camp Cornette and I was merely trying to tell him that every thing was fine. I swear that is the truth.

Question: Mr. Mason. As a lawyer could you tell me if it is slander to call you a slimebucket?

WWFLive1: Clarence: If I knew who you were I would sue you for slander you slime bucket.

Question: Who will you manage next?

WWFLive1: Clarence: I am legal counsil to Crush but, I am a business man and I have hopes of broadening my horizons. I have intension to possibly in the future adding more superstars to what I hope will become the dream team of the WWF.

Question: Tell Clarence he doesn't have the qualifications to manage! It's pathetic!

WWFLive1: Clarence: The only joke here is you and I can promise many suprises and by the way you are really a big man insulting me on line you would never ever do it to my face. Or else Crush would "Crush" you

WWFLive2: kevin: while the jury may still be out on mr. mason as a manager,

WWFLive2: there is no doubt that mason will continue to stir the legal pot in the wwf -- thank you very much.

WWFLive1: Clarence: And just so that you will note in the future Mr. Kevin Kelly there is a fine line between slander and opinion your teetering on that line because I will sue.

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you very much mr. mason you may step down.

WWFLive2: watching jake vs. jerry the king lawler is jake's protegee, aldo montoya.

WWFLive2: kevin: aldo will be answering questions immediately following

WWFLive2: this great match.

OnlineHost: Welcome Aldo Montoya!!

WWFLive2: kevin: aldo, seeing the king abuse jake in this manner must be revolting to you. .

WWFLive1: Aldo: I think it is disgusting but if I know Jake he will get his revenge sooner than the King thinks.

Question: When Lawler poured that whisky down your throat, did you get drunk?

WWFLive1: Aldo: I didn't get drunk but, I thought it was gross.

Question: Did Jake teach you any moves besides the DDT?

WWFLive1: Aldo: The short arm close-line, there will be more moves to come.

WWFLive2: kevin: keep in mind that aldo montoya had never tasted liquor before the king's vicious attack.

WWFLive2: kevin: aldo has to leave because he has to check on

WWFLive2: the condition of jake -- thank you aldo and we will try to get

WWFLive2: word on jake's condition later tonight. .

WWFLive2: kevin: the boiler room brawl is about to begin. i cannot wait to see what happens.

WWFLive: kevin: we are trying to get a few words from jerry the king lawler

WWFLive2: stay tuned, hopefully he will be here in a few minutes.

WWFLive2: kevin: we saw mankind get involved in goldust's match earlier, could the bazzare one appear in the boiler room.

WWFLive2: kevin: mankind is systematically destroying the undertaker.

OnlineHost: OK fans..we have special guest......The KING!!

WWFLive2: kevin: joining us now is a man who insulted nearly everyone tonight. jerry the king lawler, my first question is i hope you're proud of yourself mr. lawler for ruining jakes subriety.

WWFLive1: The King:That's not called falling off the wagon that's called getting knocked off, lol he brought himself up from the gutter but, I could tell he was getting home sick so, I sent him back there were he belongs. There was ;no way that I was going to let a washed up alcoholic beat me.

WWFLive2: kevin: that's quite enough king, perhaps an audience member

WWFLive2: has a question for the king.

Question: what do you expect to accomplish by humiliating jake roberts and aldo montoya

WWFLive1: The King: Say you must be one of Jakees drinking buddies, I can tell by the slurred spelling.

WWFLive1: All I did was prove to the world once again that I am the King

WWFLive2: kevin: for those of you who don't know that was a baltimore ravens

WWFLive2: jersey that the king wore to ring side. needless to say, mr. lawler, you angered everyone here in cleveland.

WWFLive1: The King: Well, let me just say that that jersey was given to my by my close personal friend Art Modell and if the people of Clveland didn't want the Browns to leave they should have painted a gold line around the city everybody knows that the Browns could not have crossed that.

Question: You are the greatest King!....Was it easy beating Jake Roberts? Maybe you should take on Shawn Michaels and add gold to your kingdom?

WWFLive1: The King: That is a royal idea but after what i did to Jake Roberts, SHawn Michaels would never agree to risk his title against the King.

WWFBBANKS: Hey question ..How does Kevin Kellly stack-up as an announcer?

WWFBBANKS: And Is your job in jeopardy?

WWFLive1: The King: Let me just say that since Kevin Kelly has been on the air people have threatened to quit breating it. We need to find out if the term second bannana means anything to kEVIN kELLY

WWFLive2: kevin: that's quite enough king -- i'm sure you enjoyed the presence of the world's stongest man mark henry.

WWFLive1: The King: Speaking of Mark Henry my pesonal physician told me I should start exercising with dumbells, maybe Mark will go for a walk with me.

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you very much king, nice job.

WWFBBANKS: Fans....the WWF walls are shaking....The Taker and Mankind are battling outside our room!!

WWFLive2: kevin: this is the most intense battle i have ever seen in the wwf.

WWFLive2: kevin: these two have gotta be exhausted.

WWFLive2: kevin: it's a good thing the undertaker will have safe haven in the ring with the urn and paul bearer.

WWFBBANKS: The Undertaker and Mankind...have battled into the ring

Question: Kevin..Do you think Mankind will win this brutal match? .

WWFLive2: kevin: mankind seemingly has had the advantage in every situation and this match is no different.

Question: Kevin...Do you feel that these two Superstars have gone to far....Injuries could cost them their careers?

WWFLive2: kevin: neither man cares about tomorrow -- only tonight

WWFLive2: hold on...what has paul bearer done?

WWFLive2: kevin: paul bearer turned away from his undertaker -- i don't believe what i'm seeing!

WWFLive2: kevin: paul bearer has turned on the dark side -- he's on the side of Mankind -- paul bearer has just cracked the grim reaper with the urn -- unbelievable.

WWFLive2: kevin: i don't think the undertaker is going to get up this time.

OnlineHost: The New Rockers have just decided to join us ..and comment on the match!!

WWFLive2: kevin: the new rockers have joined us, but i first have to ask

WWFLive2: can you believe what we have seen in the boiler room brawler.

WWFLive1: Leif: It is unbelievable but, anything can happen here in the WWF. This reminds me of the death of Jerry Garcia.

WWFLive1: Marty: One brutal match, i am totally confused, I do not know what is going on, I might have to go ask Paul Bearer what the low down is on his behavior

WWFLive2: kevin: the match you gentlemen had tonight was wild to say the least i picked you as a dark horse favorite

WWFLive2: were you surprised at the outcome?

WWFLive1: Leif: Surprised, I would say stunned, but no matter what we keep rock'in because we are still the Rockers.


WWFLive1: Leif: even better than Barry Manilow and Donny Osmand combined.

WWFLive2: kevin: leif...jim cornette just made a reference to peter frampton -- has he been picking through your tape collection lately?

WWFLive1: Lief: Jimmy and I trade 8 tracks all the time, he in one grooving and happening dude.

WWFLive2: kevin: are strangely silent -- do you feel it was a mistake to align yourself with the smoking gunns.

WWFLive1: Marty: I feel like the odds were stacked against us as the other 3 teams were working 'together to make sure we were eliminated. Because we know we are by far the best tag team in the WWF.

WWFLive2: kevin: marty...will you be part of the ic tournament?

WWFLive1: Marty: Know ones knows yet I guess I am going to have to watch Raw tomorrow night

WWFLive1: Lief: If I could tear myself away from Nick at night.

Question: Since you guys can't seem to win a match(losers)....why not take jobs up selling 8-tracks? Wake-up Dudes it's the 90's!!!!!

WWFLive1: Leif: I do not come to your job at the 711 and tell you how to make big gulp, slurpees and change for a 20 or how to tell the difference between Parlimant lights and cool milds

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you new rockers.

WWFLive1: The Rockers: New and improved rockers!!

WWFLive2: kevin: thanks to the new and improved rockers for joining us. Now let's turn to the match.

OnlineHost: Thanks again ROCKERS..Rock On!!!

OnlineHost: Update on the Federation Title Match!!!

WWFBBANKS: Shawn Michaels and Vader are battling in the ring!

WWFBBANKS: Shawn seems to be in control..

WWFBBANKS: Well..check that...Vader just crushed the Champ!

WWFLive2: kevin: salvatore sincere has joined us and has comments, i understand, about the boiler room brawler.

WWFLive1: Sal: I likea toa tella alla ofa da people ofa the worlda wrestling federation that i lova alla so mucha. I lovea also a so mucha i really meana thata from the bottom of mya hearta you seea i comea froma the olda country of italy anda whata ia seea tonighta is unbelieveablea. i can no believea howa two crazy people cana destroya such a beautifula buildinga sincerely.

Question: Mr Sincere. Who are you going to feud with in the WWF?

WWFLive1: salvatore: wella my pison i lika to challenge the topa mana mr. shawna michaelsa.

WWFLive2: Kevin: What if Vader wins?

WWFLive1: salvatore: i saya salvatorea sincera i a businessa man i don'ta starta ! at the bottoma i starta at the topa.

Question: Sal..shut up!! You make me sick! Go make some anti-pasta! Who have you beaten in the WWF?

WWFLive1: salvatore: i lika to tella this nica mana i love him alla so mucha.

WWFLive1: and...i wanta no how he knowsa thata antiposta i a salvatore's favoritea.



WWFLive2: Kevin:Vader wins hold on...

WWFLive2: Thank you Salvaote any last comments?

WWFBBANKS: Vader won by DQ....wait....

WWFLive1: salvatore: makea surea youa watcha salvatore tomorrowa nighta on rawa.

WWFLive2: Kevin: I don't believe it they are going to restart the match.

OnlineHost: Thats Right Folks!!!.....The match has just continued!!!

WWFLive2: kevin: alex the pug pourteau has joined us and what are your

WWFLive2: impressions of this awesome match?

WWFLive1: Pug: Very surprised that they restarted this match after being counted out...

WWFLive2: kevin: the match appears to have ended

WWFLive2: kevin: vader has won by disqualification.

WWFLive2: kevin: wait...president monsoon has come down to the ring

WWFLive1: Pug: I feel that it was a trick up Cornettes sleeve the whole time

WWFLive2: kevin: wait a's not over yet

WWFLive2: this is incredible!

WWFLive2: kevin: i don't believe it vader kicked out of the sweat chin music -- that this a first.

WWFLive2: kevin: no referee!

WWFLive2: kevin: here comes the vader bomb

WWFLive1: Pug: I took this on Superstars and believe me there is not kicking out Oh no!! vader's gonna hit the moonsalt..WAIT!..1, 2...yes shawn michaels wins!

WWFLive1: Pug: He went for the moonsault, If Shawn hits you with a moonsault he could take you with a 123...I knew he could do it


OnlineHost: Yes Fans.....WWF Champion is still Shawn Michaels!!

WWFLive2: kevin: and does anyone have any thoughts about what may go down in

WWFLive2: history as one of the most exciting victories of all time?

OnlineHost: Send your comments or questions in for Announcer Kevin Kelly on this Title Match!!

WWFLive2: kevin: shawn landed an incredible maneuver -- climbed to the top

WWFLive2: rope and did a back-flip, bodypress.

Question: Boiler room brawl- best match of 1996 out of all wrestling matches!!!

WWFLive2: kevin: it certainly was the most violent and disturbing match i have ever seen. i was afraid watching it and i was completely shocked at the tragic ending.

WWFLive2: kevin: let's quickly recap -- stone cold pinned yoko, owen hart pinned savio vega, smoking gunns pinned the godwinns to retain the wwf tag team titles, sycho sid pinned the british bulldog, goldust pinned wild man mark mero, jerry lawler pinned jake the snake with the aid of a whiskey bottle, mankind won the boiler room brawl over the undertaker with help from paul bearer, and shawn michaels pinned vader to retain the wwf championship.

OnlineHost: Welcome President Monsoon!!!

WWFLive2: let's welcome the president of the wwf gorilla monsoon -- president monsoon, what was your opinion of summerslam?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: All things taken into consideration another fantastic event from the WWF!

WWFLive1: Once again far surpassing any bodies expectations. Hope you all enjoyed it as

WWFLive1: much as I did

WWFLive2: kevin: what was your thinking in restarting the championship match

WWFLive2: between vader and shawn michaels?

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Weel Shawn was originally counted out by the ref James E. Correnette and Vader obviously very unhappy as the title an only change hands on a pinfall or submission. The referee taken matters into his own hands which he has a right to do and with the consent of Shawn allowed the match to continue Where upon Shawn was disqualified another was in which you cannot loose' the title that's when I stepped in and decided that the record breaking crowd tonight

WWFLive2: kevin: thank you for joining us gorilla.

WWFLive1: Gorilla: Hope to hear from you as well as see you all in Philidelphia..Good night every

WWFLive2: kevin: we are now joined by james e cornette, give us your

WWFLive2: comments on the federation title match?

WWFLive1: Correnette: I will tell you what happened the worst crime since the Brinks robbery Shawn michels must have paid off every official in the WWF and every person in Ohio!


WWFLive1: Cornette:Clarence Mason was sneaking in the back door on my talent!

WWFLive1: If he knows whats good for him, he'll stick to his own men and or the courtroom, cause if he messes with Camp Cornteete, I'm gonna stick his peanut head in a planters can!

Question: Jim -- What are your thoughts about Paul Bearer now being manager for Mankind?

WWFLive1: Jim: I think it's great! It's about time that PAul Bearer finally saw the dark! I'm anxious to find out what broke the camels back for Paul!

Question: Cornette, What took the backup referee so long to get in the ring and count Shawn's shoulders down?

WWFLive1: Jim: Maybe Shawn only paid that guy a $1000, instead of a $2000!

WWFLive1: You can bet I will ask for a re-match at the fastest possible moment!And this time, the WWF is going to have to assure me, that Vader will get a fair deal or I'll sue everyone but I won't use Clarence Mason!

Question: Why didnt you join Bulldog or Owen for their match? have you given up on them?

WWFLive1: Jim: Of course not, you ignorant nut! I haven't given up on anyone in Camp Cornette. I was concentrating on the championship match little did I know that that scallywag Clarence Mason would try to make whoopie with my boys behind my back!

WWFLive2: kevin: Well, Jim.we have heard enough...thanks for joining us!!

WWFLive2: kevin: Well, WWF Fans ..I had a great time...I hope to be back next time to help out on AOL I think SummerSlam was great..and I look forward to tomorrow nights RAW!

WWFLive2: kevin: Thanks again ..and Have agreat NIGHT!

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