OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome SUNNY!!!

WWFLive2: Hi Sunny..welcome!

WWFLive1: Sunny: Hey yall, Sunny is in the room!!

Question: What would you do if The BodyDonnas won the belts from the Smoking Gunns? Would you ever go back to them?-Sk8rGal

WWFLive1: Sunny: If history proves what I'm out to get...there's your answer right there! I go where the gold is. And men our so easy to control, that anybody will take me.

WWFLive2: ok..Sunny next one is from TMcma9531..

Question: What kind of music do you like?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I just went to the Kiss concert Sunday night which totally Rocked!! I also listen to a little bit of country, Shania Twain, Aerosmith

Question: Are you glad that Kloudi is gone?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Sure am...I don't have to look at that ugly mug anymore.

Question: Sunny..How does it feel to be the first person the reach half Million downloads?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Pretty cool...I just wish the worldwide media would give me the credit for it! Instead, every time a publication does an article on any female that has pix on the internet, they always name her as the number 1 downloaded superstar...they're NOT, and I AM!

Question: Sunny...will you be posing for Playboy???

WWFLive1: Sunny: The subject has come up, but there is no way anyone is going to see me in there until the numbers are higher, and right now the numbers are not high enough. So, you will all just have to live with downloaded pictures from AOL a little bit longer.

Question: Sunny..where did you and Skip meet?

WWFLive1: Sunny: None of your business. My personal life has nothing to do with the WWF!

Question: Where did you find Faarooq? Will he become a champion?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I have already snagged a title shot for SummerSlam, so, if I have that gold too if have anything to do with it on August 19th!

WWFLive2: Honey8020 wants to know..

Question: Sunny, why were You so mean to PIG...he loves you so much??

WWFLive1: Sunny: Look at him!! That should be reason enough

Question: What other wrestlers are you planning to manage in the near future?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Yes, I'm in negotiations with a few other single wrestlers, but you'll have to be watching the tv shows to find out who.

Question: You rule! WIll you ever manage the "New" Rockers to get back at Michaels?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Not a bad idea :) I have plenty of retro clothing in my wardrobe...and as long as they don't touch me. But, then again, I don't know if I want to get that close to Michaels...I may catch something. I am just over the rash from last Monday.

Question: Sunny, what are your thoughts on Marlena & Sable?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Marlena is a sweetheart... and upclose, Sable has more wrinkles than a Sharpei puppy. Not to mention the attitude and disposition of a frog.

Question: Do you feel like your being exploted because of your looks?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Sure am!! But, if that will double my salary, so be it!

Question: you have any secret talents no one knows about?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I played piano for 12 years. And, I was going to medical school before the WWF. Not to mention, I am a really great cook!

Question: Sunny, you are the greatest manager in the WWF as of right now by far. What if things don't work out in the WWF though-would you go to WCW?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Well, my loyalty is with Vince. And, as far as I'm concerned, as long as he wants me I will be here. But, everybody has to make a living and you can never say never.

Question: Sunny..How did your family feel about you entering a generally all male sport?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I was raised a tom-boy...climbing trees and hunting with my father. I was on the wrestling team in high school and I never owned a barbie doll. So, as far as being surrounded by boys...that was just normal.

Question: Sunny..who do you travel with when you are on the road?

WWFLive1: Sunny: It varies...myself...I like my privacy...sometimes the Gunns...sometimes it's just some hot guy that I pick up in town somewhere. There is hope for all of you!

Question: If Vader were to win the WWF Title at SummerSlam, how do you think that would upset the balance of power in the World Wrestling Federation?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I think that would be a major improvement if Vader wins the title.

Question: Is there a downside to being famous?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Yes. Over 40 prank phone calls a day...obscene letters sent to my home address. And...beware, I have caller ID!

Question: Sunny..who did you look up to while coming up in the sport?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Jim Cornette...he taught me everything I know.

Question: Are you going to break up the Gunns and concentrate on singles competition?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Why? When I can dominate singles and tag-team. I might as well have the best of both worlds if I can.

Question: Sunny..what does your workout routine consist off?

WWFLive1: Sunny: 5 days a week...a very strict body building routine. Very heavy weights, 10 minutes of cardio a day and a high protein, medium fat, low carb diet.

Question: Sunny....are you sorry that Faarooq injured Ahmed Johnson?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Am I sorry??? No, it gives me the advantage at SummerSlam. That's what Faroog is there hurt people! I needed a monster and I definitely got one. And besides, I think Ahmed is faking because he doesn't want to face Faarooq

Question: Sunny..Now that the WWF has gone a little hardcore. Has it changed for the better?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Absolutely, there was only so long that the WWF could run just by selling t-shirts and tickets to children. Children don't have the high salary that their parents do. Therefore if we target a broader audience, we keep the childer and gain the adults as well.

Question: Sunny..what do you do when you are not touring on the road?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I unpack my some laundry, and repack my bags. Then I find a few hours to eat, sleep, and go to the gym. That's the extent of my life...pretty boring.

Question: Sunny..Is there one message you can give to children what message would that be? federation?

WWFLive1: Sunny: You don't have to do anything you don't want to... just because a friend tells you to. For example, I hung out with the in crowd, was captain of the chearleaders, had a different boyfriend every single week, and to this day I have never smoked, drank, or did a drug just to fit in. Because, by being myself...I was fitting in. If you feel like you have to do something that you don't want to do just to make someone happy, thier not your friends and you can do without them. Because in 10 yrs when you go to a high school reunion and everyone there is fat, bald, and working in can laugh that they were the ones that conformes.

Question: Sunny..Do you miss the old Smokey Mountain Days? Did you ever think you would be where you are today?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I miss Smokey Mtn, yes, because Jim Cornette let me have alot of creative input in just about everything I did. And, I always hoped that I would be here, but I never imagined it would be...I am only 23 years old and I am living a wonderful life!

Question: Summerslam, Is it fair the WWF TagTeam Title will be up for grab in a four team match-up? Do you a stategy going in to the match?

WWFLive1: Sunny: No, it's not fair. The first time in WWF history that this is being allowed. But, when it comes to staying on top, I will think of any strategy I need to.

WWFLive2: Sirdotson wants to know...

Question: Sunny how did you like it when the HBK licked the cake off your face?

WWFLive1: Sunny: He had bad breath and it just proves that I am the real Heartbreak kid, because I didn't go to him.

Question: Hi Sunny, My name is Bambi and I'm your #1 female fan. Any plans for a wedding in your future?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Not as long as I can help it! No....really...not anytime soon! I am single and loving it. Besides, getting a man to sign a man to sign a pre-nuptual agreement is like pulling teeth!

Question: Have you reached your goals in the WWF? Are you satisfied?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Hardly!! I've got a long way to go baby! I will be here to annoy everyone as long as I can!

Question: Sunny..if Farooq beats Ahmed.will you bring someone in to beat Shawn?

WWFLive1: Sunny: It's already in the plans....If I can have someone beat Ahmed...I can certainly find someone to beat Shawn.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

WWFLive1: Sunny: Sitting in a nice comfortable office with a nice brass nameplate on the door at 1241 East Main in CT...contemplating my next on-camera roll in the WWF!

Question: Sunny...what is yor opinion of the tag teams in the WWF?

WWFLive1: Sunny: I don't think its given enough should be the third most important match on every card. It constantly gets overloooked. And, if you look at the talent on each individual tag team, there is a higher caliber of talent in tags than in singles...with the exception of the Bushwhackers!

WWFLive2: Sunny..thanks for joining us tonight and BEING number 1 on the download list!!

WWFLive1: Sunny: Friday, at 3:30pm I will be at Astral Home Entertainment in Montreal and I will definitely be live at SummerSlam! Keep your eyes open for the RAW magazine in 3 months with a photo spread to top my bikini layout! And to all my adoring fans, out there on AOL, I have to say those 3 little words that mean so much...Download, download, download!!!

WWFLive2: Sunny..good luck at SummerSlam!!

WWFLive2: And WWF Fans .....Sunny has some NEW photos that will be up in her photo gallery!!

OnlineHost: Thanks again to the Golden Haired Fox!