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Larry Zybsko Interview

from Extreme Sports Network

Larry Zybsko was one of the true superstars in the sport of professional wrestling for many years. Here is the transcript of a radio interview with the "Living Legend" which was broadcast three weeks ago (before the Bischoff heel turn). The radio show airs every Saturday from 11AM - 12 Eastern time on the Extreme Sports Network

Larry Zybsko interviewed by Hitman and the Coach

Hitman and The Coach : Want to welcome everyone back to "The Cheap Seats" on the Extreme Sports Network.. joining us right now on the show is former Heavyweight Champion of the World and current WCW Broadcaster The Living Legend Larry Zybsko. Larry nice to have you on the show from Atlanta, how are you doing?...

Larry: I'm doing great...It's too damn cold to go golfing here though.

Hitman and coach: I know what you mean we love to golf!!!

Larry: I'd kill both of you in golf.( mild laugh)

Hitman: Larry you've had an illustrious career, you've held about every belt in the 80's haven't you?

Larry: Just about... I've had tag team belts with Tony Garea, Western States belts, Tag Team belts and of course the Heavyweight champion belt, you know it's been easy; now I sit home and broadcast and play golf because I've run out of opponets. All the top guys are afraid of me.

Coach: Could you take on Hulk Hogan?

Larry: You mean Edwood Hulk Hogan....(laugh) yea, Hogan, Ric Flair, Savage and Piper.... Those are 4 guys I've never wrestled in my Illustrious 20 year career. All four of them never had the guts!!

Hitman: Hey, Larry, last week I'm watching Nitro and I see Scott Hall come up to you and throw a toothpick in your face.. What's up with that?

Larry: Well, Scott Hall, broke in the AWA, and I had his first match in Winnepeg, Canada, and the guy didn't know didely and I mopped up the floor with him. We had a series of matches because he was a good looking guy at the time...and I think he hates his guts because I stretched him everytime we got in the ring!!

Hitman: Is it possible because of this incident we might see The Living Legend back in the ring?

Larry: You know Hitman, I honestly don't know.. at this stage of the game the only people worth wrestling to me would be Flair, or Edwood Hogan, or somebody with a big reputation. I feel too good right now to get in the ring with these young punks that are trying to get a name. The NWO situation basically is not something to get involved with because I don't like the guys in the NWO and the WCW guys are so caught up in parionoia and not trusting each other and going bezerk.....Look at Sting now, no one knows what this idiot is doing now... Arn is stubborn he doesn't like anybody but Flair anyway...

Hitman: The WCW has bought a lot of high priced free agents especially recently... Is the WCW is trying to put the WWF out of business?

Larry: No, I don't think the WWF is on their mind (WCW) in terms of putting them out of business... I think Eric Bishoff is trying to make the WCW the best... it's a pride thing. It's nothing to do with putting Vince out of business. The WCW is trying to be the best wrestling company they can make it.

Hitman: Larry we see you on the Nitro and PRO broadcasts... are you involved with upper management or what do you do with the company?

Larry: I don't do anything..I golf a lot!!

Coach: What's your handicap?

Larry: What's a handicap? I play the gold tees...I'm scratch.

Hitman: I'm definitely not going to play'll take my money!

Larry: I'm living the life of a legend.. I lift weights everyday, I had my elbow and knee scoped... I haven't felt this good since I was 25. I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 30.

Coach: What ever happened to Nick Bockwinkel?

Larry: I have no idea!! He was the commisioner....

Coach: Do you care?

Larry: No I really don't care (laughs), He was a pain in the butt!!! Nick and I never really did get along since the AWA days...He was a pain in the butt commisioner, I guess that's why they got rid of him.

Hitman: Larry, you talked about all the old guys you used to wrestle,,, Who was the toughest guys you wrestled?

Larry: The AWA days, Bockwinkle was pretty shrewed, but back then they brought guys from all over the place... I wrestled Nikita Koloff, Harley Race, Matsi Saito, who was a tough son of a gun...some of the younger guys that got a show at me who were pretty tough were Scott Hall who came in.....they kept getting bigger...but thank God they didn't know much. I've been stretching geeks when Shamrock and Gracie were in diapers!!

Coach: Could you win the UFC?

Larry: I caught a couple of those guys who won those things, you look at the Gracies and Shamrocks..there wrestlers, there mad hookers.. I find it kind of boring. If they took out all of the street fighters it would be more interesting to me to see all of the mat techniques instead of all the head butts and crap like that. It's pretty boring to me.

Hitman: Who are the best wrestlers today? Mysterio?

Larry: Some of these guys come out Mexico and Japan and are great in terms of what they do....Mysterio is unbelieveable but he weighs 160 pounds. It's easier to do that stuff. I think Malenko is one of the better guys.. too bad he's not a heavyweight....

Coach: What about Glacier? I hate that guy!

Larry: I don't know much about the guy. They put him with opponets that aren't that good. He's interesting, I don't know what he's got though.

Hitman: Larry what's the status of Curt Henning?

Larry: You know I don't know... I've heard the same rumor that he's coming to WCW, but I also heard the rumor that Craig Pittman was dead last week. Of course Pittman is still living. Rumors are just rumors and you have these internet nit-wits, that have nothing better to do and sit around like slobs and make up rumors.

Coach: Talk about my man Mean Gene Okerland.

Larry: Uh..People think I know these guys but I really don't deal with anybody... I show up people say "Hi Legend" and do my thing. I don't really deal with Okerland, he does interviews and stuff, and I really don't see him, I really don't know what kind of guy he is.

Hitman: Larry, it's been a pleasure and we appreciate you joining us here on the Cheap Seats, maybe if you come out west to Salt Lake City we will go golfing?

Larry: Well if it's the celebrity rate, I'll think about it.

Hitman: Checks in the mail Larry. Thanks again.

Larry: Okay, Dokie, guys.

End of Interview

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