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The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

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Joe Wolfe, who was known by many names during his career, began wrestling around 1940. The photo above shows Joe in one of his earliest publicity shots. The full size shot can be seen here.

There are only a few actual photographs in the scrapbook. Here is an action shot of Joe taking on Billy Fox.

This publicity shot of Billy Varga was personally inscribed to Joe.

This photo shows Gorgeous George in his prime - probably about the time of his series of matches with Joe.

Jimmy Lott was another famous grappler who personally inscribed a photo for the scrapbook, as did the "Polish Apollo, Karol Krauser.

Lady wrestlers were not unheard of in Joe's day, as this photo of Mae Weston attests.

This two shot shows the legendary announcer Neil Van Ells interviewing C.F. Honenmaker.

Another lady wrestler, Ann Lavern, is shown here in a program bio. On the same page, here is the bio and photo of Billy Hickson

This wrestler is unidentified - but what a mug!

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