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The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

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Newspaper Articles/Photos

The photo above of Joe, himself advertises his upcoming match against Charlie Keene, while this article, headlined Classy Bout talks about Joe's scheduled meeting with another local favorite, a very young Pat Riley.

Many of the images found in the scrapbook are newspaper reprints of publicity photos, such as this shot of Antone Leone.

Here brothers Aliba and Nenoff posed on a bicycle built for two, while the "Utah Comet", Earl Malone affected a more traditional pose.

Here is a publicity shot of a much younger Gorgeous George circa 1944. This later newspaper ad of the "Toast of the Coast", actually advertises one of his bouts with Joe - who was the local favorite at the time.

A very menacing looking King Kong posed at Madison Square Garden for this publicity shot, as does Martina Angelo in this one.

As far as can be told from the scrapbook, Joe never faced the legendary, seven time NWA World Champion, Lou Thesz - but apparently he was a fan.

The headline on this article is a play on words. The photo pictures Yvon Robert, who was famous for speaking with a lisp. "Matha Muthle" would properly translate as "Mass of Muscle". Joe's name also appears in the copy below the photo, which names his opponent as Red Shadow.

Orville Brown, who is most famous for being the very first NWA World Heavyweight Champion, appears to break right out of the frame in this dramatic news photo.

The legendary Prince Iliaki is pictured here above the copy that mentions Joe's bout with the "Terrible Turk", Ali pasha.

Red Roberts is described in this caption as "an uncouth sort of character" - probably just the image he was going for...

Tex Riley, another member of the Riley clan (older brother of Pat, mentioned above), and another local favorite, is shown here. The caption hypes his match with Joe.

This gang of articles shows Joe, in what must have been his favorite pose, along with photos of Jules LaRance, Whitley Walberg, Johnny Demchuck, and Irish McGee.

For this "Torrid Team match", Joe is referred to as "Joe (the) Wolfe". The picture features the ugly mug of the Masked Demon.

This photo purports to show the many sides of Wild Bill Zimovich. He is pictured alternatively as an indian, a prairie scout, ala Buffalo Bill Cody, and a refined artiste..?

These last three articles don't have photos, but tell the stories of: Joe's injury at the hands of Buddy (Ox) Knox and the Mad masked Demon (this would appear to be a report on the results of the "Torrid Team match" mentioned above), and two different accounts his dramatic April 7, 1950 comeback to win the National Light Heavyweight title from former champ, "Pretty Boy" Balk Estes, here and here.

Other Items